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Cen Elezi
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Born Hysen Elez Ndreu
Lisvalle (Sllove), Dibër, Ottoman Empire
Died May 9, 1949(1949-05-09) (aged 65)
Nationality Albanian
Other names Cen Elez Ndreu
Occupation Guerrilla fighter
Known for Uprising of Dibra, 1912, Battle of Dibra, 1920

Cen Elezi was an Albanian bayraktar, Colonel and nationalist.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Cen Elez Ndreu was born in Lisvalle (Sllove), Debre, Ottoman Empire (in modern Albania).[1] Ndreu was bayraktar of Dibra and Kolonel,he was son of Albanian well known patriot Elez Isuf Ndreu. He is considered as a nationalist figure of Albania.[2] Ndreu fought against Ottoman Empire alongside his father Isuf and people or Reç and liberated Peshkopi and The Greater Dibra.[3]

On 16 April he took part in Albanian Delegation that went in Rome.[4] In 1916 Elezi was selected to be part of Liberation Committee of Kosovo in Shkodër.

References[edit | edit source]

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