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The Chola-Chalukya wars were a series of wars fought from 992 C.E. to 1120 C.E. between the Chola and the Chalukya kingdoms.

Chola conquests in the Chalukyan kingdom[edit | edit source]

All the Chola-Chalukya battles took place in Southern (early battles) and Central (later battles) Chalukyan country and a few in Vengi which the Cholas dominated till the rise of Ganapati of Kakatiya dynasty.

To read as :

Year of the battle (C.E.) Battle Present location and district Chalukyan commander Chola commander Results
992 Rattepadi 7 1/2 Chitradurga district Sathyashraya Rajaraja Chola Chola annexes the region
1008 Rattepadi 7 1/2 Chitradurga, Bellary dt's Sathyashraya Prince Rajendra Chola "Vidyadharar" (Hottur stone inscription)
1008 Banavasi 12,000 near Hampi-Bellary district Sathyashraya Rajendra Chola
1008 Raichur 2,000 Raichur dt Sathyashraya Rajendra Chola
1008 Gulbarga 7,000 Gulbarga dt Sathyashraya Rajendra Chola
1008 Manyakheth(Malgate) -near Mahagaon-Bidar district Sathyashraya Rajendra Chola "Rajendra with his nine lakh soldiers demolished Manyaketh "(Hoattur inscriptions). Chola win all these battles and rule these areas over the next seven years.
1008 Toanur on River Krishna near Bijapur-Bijapur Sathyashraya Rajendra Chola Chalukyan king killed in this remote battlefield; the Chalukyas move their capital, further away from the overwhelming Chola borders, to Kalyani (in Bidar dt) 48 km NE of the destroyed Manyaketh
1015 Chalukya reclaim Raichur after the Chola army leave for Rajaraja Chola's funeral at Thanjavur. River Tungabhadra become almost a permanent border between the two kingdoms.
1019 Balagaon Bijapur dt King Vikramaditya V and Prince Jayasimha Chola Governor of Malprabha Region Chalukya win
1019 Belgaum Belgaum dt Vikramaditya V Chola Governor of Malprabha Region Chalukya kill the Chola governor
1020 Musangi Raichur dt Vikramaditya V King Rajendra Chola Chola on a rampage over all of South Chalukya. Raichur annexed to Chola empire.
1042 Gulbarga Gulbarga dt Someswara I, Princes Vikramaditya and Vijayaditya Prince Rajathiraja Chola Chalukya defeated and Gulbarga annexed.
1045 Someswara I reclaims Gulbarga and Raichur when the Chola prince is away to visit his ailing father.
1046 Gambili Gambili, near Hospet -Bellary dt Someswara I Rajathiraja Chola Chola again conquer Raichur.
1048 Poondoor on Rver Krishna Gulbarga dt Someswara I Rajathiraja Chola Chola again conquer Gulbarga.
1048 Mannathi on River Krishna Gulburga dt Someswara I Rajathiraja Chola
1048 Kalyani Bidar dt Someswara I Rajathiraja Chola Chola conquer Kalyani. Chalukyas driven back to their Kunthala hinterland behind the eastern corner of Balaghat Range
1050 Chalukyan Someswara I reclaims the lost up to Kalyani.
1054 KoppaThirtham on River Malprabha 30 km south-east of Kolhapur - Bijapur dt Someswara I Rajathiraja Chola Someswara I advances in a bid to reclaim Gulbarga and Bijapur. Rajathiraja, 54 years old, dies on his elephant ; brother Rajendra II is crowned in the battlefield and leads Cholas to victory ; Chalukyan crown prince Jayasimha killed on the battlefield
1054 Kolapur Kolhapur -South Maharashtra Someswara I King Rajendra Chola II 51 year old new Chola king conquers Kalyani and Kolhapur, which remain under Chola domination for the next three years.
1059 Mudakoor on River Krishna Mudakoor- Gulbarga dt Someswara I invading Gulbarga, and is driven back
1063 Gulbarga Gulbarga dt Prince Vikramaditya King VeeraRajendra Chola Chola king visits Gulburga after putting down revolts in Gangapadi - in Raichur and Bellary dt's. Chalukya prince invade Gulburga, but is routed.
1064 Kollur on River Krishna West Kurnool dt Prince Vikramaditya invades on Vengi blocked and driven back by Narendra II and VeeraRajendra Chola. The Chalukya had invaded using the confusion over king RajaNarendra I's sudden demise.
1064 Koodal Sangama on River Krishna meeting the PanchGanga tributaries near Kidnapur - Bijapur dt King Someswara I VeeraRajendra Chola Chalukyan army destroyed completely.
1066 - on River Krishna, near Gulbarga Gulbarga dt Someswara I VeeraRajendra Chola Chalukyan attempt to conquer Gulbarga thwarted.
1067 Karandhai, north of Kalyani Karanji River valley -Bidar dt Chalukyan generals and Kadamba prince VeeraRajendra Chola King Someswara I does not turn up for the battle. Enraged Cholas devastate the towns of Kalyani and Karanji. Later it is learnt that Someswara had drowned himself in the River Manjira 15 km northeast of Kalyani.
1067 Meanwhile, Prince Vikramaditya invades and conquers Vengi and also Chakrakottam (in Bastar dt, MadhyaPradesh)
1068 Vijayawada Krishna dt the first and the only Later East Chalukya king Vikramaditya VI VeeraRajendra,58 yrs
1068 Chakrakottam Bastar dt (Madhya Pradesh) Vikramaditya VI VeraRajendra Chalukya is defeated and driven back to his Kalyani. VeeraRajendra Chola crowns Vijayaditya VII as the new Vengi king.
1068 After Someswara I's death Vikramaditya's elder brother Someswara II takes to the Chalukyan throne. Vikramaditya and the princes of Kadamba, Nulamba and Gangapadi make truce with VeeraRajendra, and ask for his help to dethrone Someswara II, the tyrant. Chola agrees to help.
1070 Kuththi Anantapur dt Someswara II VeeraRajendra Chola and Vikramaditya
1070 Gambili near Hospet-Bellary dt Someswara II VeeraRajendra Chola
1070 Raichur Raichur dt Someswara II VeeraRajendra Chola VeeraRajendra wins all battles and crowns Vikramaditya as Chalukyan king
1075 Nangili Kolar dt Vikramaditya VI Kulotunga I
1075 Mańali Tumkur dt Vikramaditya VI Kulotunga I
1075 Halatthi ChitraDurga Vikramaditya VI Kulotunga I
1076 Navila Bellary dt. Vikramaditya VI Kulotunga I
1076 --on Tungabhadra River Raichur dt. Vikramaditya VI Kulotunga I Kulotunga wins all battles, and reclaim up to Raichur. Vikramaditya move north into the North Chalukyan territory of Someswara II, drives him away, and crowns himself king again.
1088 Chalukya reclaim Raichur and Bellary back.
1098 Chola conquer Bellary (Gambili) back
1118 Vikramaditya captures Vengi and Gangapadi after Kulothunga had granted autonomous power to Telugu Chola prince Kanikoen makana Bhima Chola, over these areas
1120 Vijayawada Krishna district Vikramaditya VI Vikrama Chola Vikrama Chola reclaims the Vengi kingdom. In the mid 12th century and mid 13th century, the Chalukyas and the Cholas, respectively diminish in power, while the Hoysalas, Kakatiyas and the Later Pandyas encroached upon them

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