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Charles Augustus Zollinger, (December 9, 1838 in Wiesbaden, German Confederation - December 27, 1893),[1] was an American Civil War hero on the Union side, and later served six terms as Mayor of Fort Wayne, Indiana. As a Colonel in the US Army, he led troops into battle at Murfreesboro, Shiloh, Franklin and Nashville. Born in Wiesbaden in the German Confederation to German parents of Swiss heritage, he emigrated along with his family in 1848, arriving in New York before settling in Sandusky, Ohio and soon after moving to Marion, near Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Zollinger, a Democrat, was first elected Mayor of Fort Wayne in 1873, with his fifth term being completed by Charles F. Muhler from 1885, with Muhler eventually being elected as Mayor in his own right. Zollinger returned for a sixth and final term in 1893, but died later that year.

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