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Charles-François de Mondion (1681–1733) was a French military engineer who first arrived in Malta in 1715 during the principate of Grand Master Ramon Perellos y Roccaful of the Knights of Malta. His early work was as deputy to the Military Engineer Rene Jacob de Tigne. One of his early works was the second Marsalforn Tower, which however no longer exists. Grand Master Antonio Manoel de Vilhena’s accession in June 1722 created a significant opportunity for Mondion, as the new Prince of Malta decided to unleash an ambitious building programme. This included extensive works in the fortified Mediaeval city of Mdina, such as the design of the majestic City Gate, the building of Fort Manoel and the development of Floriana, projects for which Mondion, now a Cavaliere di Grazia, was directly responsible.

His unexpected death in 1733 cut short a promising career. Mondion was buried in the crypt of the Fort Manoel chapel dedicated to St. Anthony of Padova.

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