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Charles St Leger Barter, (1857–1931), KCB, KCMG, CVO, was a career British Army officer.

Charles Barter was the son of the Rev J T Barter of Bercham, Co Cork. A graduate of Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, he began his military career with a commission in the 105th Foot in 1875. Later attending staff college in 1883, he served in several military campaigns including the Ashanti Expedition (1895–1896), the Tirah Campaign and the South African War. He completed a tour as GOC of a British Indian Army brigade in 1913.

With his experience and training, Barter was appointed GOC for the 47th (2nd London) Division TF in August 1914 at the outset of the First World War. He led the division to France in March 1915 and by May 1915 the division was fighting at Aubers Ridge.

Major General Barter and the 47th Division continued fighting on the Western Front and participated in the Battle of the Somme in 1916. It was during action at the Somme that the 47th Division and General Barter were involved in the battle for High Wood. Shortly after the capture of High Wood, General Barter was relieved of his command.

Charles Barter was awarded the KCG (1916) and KCMG (1918) for his service and retired from the Army in 1918.

For the remainder of his life, Major General Barter attempted to have an enquiry into his dismissal but was unsuccessful.

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