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Charlie Aldrich (born June 3, 1918)[1] is an American country musician.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Born in Agawam, Oklahoma, he bought his first guitar during the Great Depression and worked in cotton fields. He served in the Navy in World War II and was discharged in 1946; following this, he worked in a grocery store.

Aldrich started a band in Oklahoma and got a spot on CBS radio performing on a show called Oklahoma Roundup. After moving to California, he started playing with Spade Cooley, T. Texas Tyler, and Tony Martin, and eventually signed on to Cliffie Stone's Hometown Jamboree.

In 1951, he released his best-known song, "Walkin' the Guitar Strings". In the wake of its popularity, he was offered his own show on television station KTTV. He also wrote songs which were published by Acuff-Rose and the Tannen Music Company, and ran a recording studio in Burbank, California. Alongside this, he graduated from the Los Angeles Conservatory of Music with a degree in classical guitar.

References[edit | edit source]

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