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Chiappa Firearms
Type Family-owned
Industry Arms industry
Predecessor(s) Armi Sport
Founded 1958
Founder(s) Ezechiele Chiappa
Headquarters Brescia, Italy
Key people Rino Chiappa (CEO), Ronald J. Norton (head of U.S. division)
Products replica Firearms
Employees 50
Parent Chiappa Group
Divisions Chiappa Firearms, Ltd., Armi Sport, Kimar
Website www.chiappafirearms.com

Chiappa Firearms is an Italian firearms manufacturing company based in Brescia, Italy. It was founded in 1958 by Ezechiele Chiappa as Armi Sport. Total unit production is around 60,000 per year.[1] Its U.S. headquarters are in Dayton, Ohio.

Armi Sport[edit | edit source]

Armi Sport is the firearms manufacturing branch. Its target markets are target shooting, Cowboy Action Shooting, reenacting, collecting, and hunting.[1] To this end, most of its firearms are reproductions of older, muzzle-loading guns and other classic arms (such as Winchester rifles), though it manufactures other designs, such as .22 LR versions of the M1911 pistol and a .22 upper receiver for the AR-15. It also produces an original revolver, the Chiappa Rhino.

Kimar[edit | edit source]

Kimar manufactures replica firearms, air guns and non-lethal weapons. Its focus is on producing blank-firing guns for training purposes, flare guns, starter pistols, and theater and movie prop guns. It also provides training for hunting and working dogs.[1]

Costa srl.[edit | edit source]

A division of the group that specializes in the surface treatment of metal parts, an important consideration in the manufacture of firearms.[1]

Shotguns[edit | edit source]

Chiappa also makes shotguns, including lever-action and triple-barrelled varieties.[2]

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