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Chief of Air Force (New Zealand)
Incumbent Andrew Clark

Chief of Air Force (CAF) is the most senior appointment in the Royal New Zealand Air Force, responsible to the Chief of Defence Force. The post was originally known as the Chief of the Air Staff.

Appointees[edit | edit source]

Air Vice Marshal Sir Leonard Isitt, representing New Zealand, accepts the Japanese surrender on 2 September 1945.

      This along with the * (asterisk) indicates that the individual was subsequently promoted to air marshal and appointed Chief of Defence Force.

The following list chronologically records those who have held the post of Chief of Air Force or its preceding positions, with rank and honours as at the completion of the individual's term.

Rank Name Postnominals Service Term began Term ended
Chief of the Air Staff
Group Captain Ralph Cochrane CBE AFC RAF 1 April 1937[1] 24 February 1939
Group Captain Hugh Saunders CBE MC DFC & Bar, MM RAF 25 February 1939[2] 28 September 1941
Air Commodore Victor Goddard CB CBE RAF 29 September 1941[3] 18 July 1943
Air Vice Marshal Sir Leonard Isitt KBE RNZAF 19 July 1943[4] May 1946
Air Vice Marshal Sir Arthur Nevill KBE CB RNZAF May 1946 January 1951
Air Vice Marshal David Carnegie CB CBE AFC RAF January 1951[5] 22 February 1954
Air Vice Marshal Walter Merton CB OBE RAF 23 February 1954[6] 4 June 1956
Air Vice Marshal Cyril Kay CB CBE DFC RNZAF 5 June 1956 30 June 1958
Air Vice Marshal Malcolm Calder CB CBE RNZAF 1 July 1958 November 1962
Air Vice Marshal Ian Morrison CB CBE RNZAF November 1962 July 1966
Air Vice Marshal Cameron Turner CB CBE RNZAF July 1966 July 1969
Air Vice Marshal William Stratton CB CBE DFC & Bar RNZAF July 1969 July 1971
Air Vice Marshal Douglas St George CB CBE DFC AFC RNZAF July 1971 September 1974
Air Vice Marshal Richard Bolt* CB CBE DFC AFC RNZAF September 1974 October 1976
Air Vice Marshal Larry Siegert CB CBE MVO DFC AFC RNZAF October 1976 October 1979
Air Vice Marshal Ewan Jamieson* CB OBE RNZAF October 1979 April 1983
Air Vice Marshal David Crooks* CB OBE RNZAF April 1983 October 1986
Air Vice Marshal Patrick Neville CB CBE AFC RNZAF October 1986 1988
Air Vice Marshal Peter Adamson CB OBE RNZAF 1988 1992
Air Vice Marshal John Hosie CB OBE RNZAF 1992 September 1995
Air Vice Marshal Carey Adamson* CNZM AFC RNZAF September 1995[7] 24 February 1999
Air Vice Marshal Don Hamilton OBE RNZAF 25 February 1999[8] 24 February 2002
Chief of Air Force
Air Vice Marshal John Hamilton ONZM MVO RNZAF 25 February 2002[9] 30 April 2006
Air Vice Marshal Graham Lintott ONZM RNZAF 1 May 2006[10] 30 April 2011
Air Vice Marshal Peter Stockwell ONZM AFC RNZAF 1 May 2011 30 April 2014
Air Vice Marshal Mike Yardley DSD RNZAF 1 May 2014[11] 22 March 2016
Air Vice Marshal Tony Davies MNZM RNZAF 23 March 2016[12] 9 September 2018
Air Vice Marshal Andrew Clark RNZAF 10 September 2018[13] Incumbent

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