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Chief of Air Force
Kommandotecken Flygvapenchefen.svg
Command flag of the Chief of Air Force.
2018-11-28, Swedish Air Force pilots receive USAF Air Medal, Major General Mats Helgesson (45203706625).jpg
Major general Mats Helgesson

since 1 October 2015
Swedish Air Force
Reports to The Chief of Swedish Armed Forces Training and Development[1]
Seat Lidingövägen 24, Stockholm, Sweden
Nominator Minister for Defence
Appointer The Government
Formation 1 July 1926
First holder Karl Amundson

Chief of Air Force (Swedish language: Flygvapenchef , FVC) is the most senior appointment in the Swedish Air Force. The position Chief of Air Force was introduced in 1926 and the current form in 2014.

History[edit | edit source]

The position and the staff agency "Chief of the Air Force" (Swedish language: Chefen för flygvapnet , CFA) was created for a central leadership of the Air Force in peacetime[2][3] through the formation of the Swedish Air Force as an independent military branch which took place on 1 July 1926.[4] Following a larger reorganization of the Swedish Armed Forces in 1994, the staff agency Chief of the Air Force ceased to exist as an independent agency. Instead, the post Chief of Air Force Staff (Swedish language: Chefen för flygvapenledningen ) was created at the then newly instituted Swedish Armed Forces Headquarters. In 1998, the Swedish Armed Forces was again reorganized. Most of the duties of the Chief of Air Force Staff were transferred to the newly instituted post of "Inspector General of the Air Force" (Swedish language: Generalinspektören för flygvapnet ). The post is similar to that of the "Inspector General of the Army" (Swedish language: Generalinspektören för armén ) and the "Inspector General of the Navy" (Swedish language: Generalinspektören för marinen ).[5] It was later renamed to "Inspector of the Air Force" (Swedish language: Flygvapeninspektören ).[3]

On 1 January 2014, the "Chief of Air Force" (Swedish language: Flygvapenchefen , FVC) position was reinstated in the Swedish Armed Forces. The position has not the same duties as before.[6]

Tasks[edit | edit source]

Tasks of the Chief of Air Force:[7]

  • Lead the units which the Chief of Swedish Armed Forces Training and Development has distributed
  • To the Chief of Swedish Armed Forces Training and Development propose the development of the units' abilities
  • Being the foremost representative of the units
  • Represent the units and the area of ability in international contacts

Heraldry[edit | edit source]

The command flag of the Chief of Air Force is drawn by Brita Grep and embroidered by hand by the company Libraria. Blazon: "Fessed in yellow and blue; on yellow two blue batons of command with sets of open yellow crowns placed two and one in saltire, on blue a winged two-bladed yellow propeller."[8]

List of chiefs[edit | edit source]

Chiefs of Air Force[edit | edit source]

Chief of the Air Force
Chefen för flygvapnet
Took office Left office Time in office Ref
Karl Amundson
Amundson, KarlMajor general Karl Amundson
1 July 192625 February 19314 years, 239 days-
Eric Virgin
Virgin, EricMajor general Eric Virgin
26 Februari 193130 June 19343 years, 124 days-
Torsten Friis
Friis, TorstenMajor general Torsten Friis
1 July 193430 June 19427 years, 364 days-
Bengt Nordenskiöld
Nordenskiöld, BengtLieutenant general Bengt Nordenskiöld
1 July 194230 June 195411 years, 364 days[9]
Axel Ljungdahl
Ljungdahl, AxelLieutenant general Axel Ljungdahl
1 July 195430 June 19605 years, 365 days-
Torsten Rapp
Rapp, TorstenLieutenant general Torsten Rapp
1 July 1960[note 1]30 September 19611 year, 91 days-
Lage Thunberg
Thunberg, LageLieutenant general Lage Thunberg
1 October 196130 June 19686 years, 273 days-
-Nordenskiöld, Claës-HenrikMajor general Claës-Henrik Nordenskiöld (Acting)
1 July 196830 September 196891 days-
Stig Norén
Norén, StigLieutenant general Stig Norén
1 October 196830 September 19734 years, 364 days-
9Stenberg, DickLieutenant general Dick Stenberg
1 October 197330 September 19828 years, 364 days[11]
Sven-Olof Olson
Olson, Sven-OlofLieutenant general Sven-Olof Olson
(born 1926)
1 October 198230 September 19885 years, 365 days-
Lars-Erik Englund
Englund, Lars-ErikLieutenant general Lars-Erik Englund
1 October 198830 June 19945 years, 272 days[12][13]

Chiefs of Air Force Staff[edit | edit source]

Chief of Air Force Staff
Chef för flygvapenledningen
Took office Left office Time in office Ref
Lars-Erik Englund
Englund, Lars-ErikLieutenant general Lars-Erik Englund
1 July 199430 September 199491 days[13]
12Harrskog, KentLieutenant general Kent Harrskog
(born 1944)
1 October 199430 June 19983 years, 364 days[13][14]

Inspectors General of the Air Force[edit | edit source]

Inspector General of the Air Force
Generalinspektör för flygvapnet
Took office Left office Time in office Ref
13Jonsson, JanMajor general Jan Jonsson
(born 1952)
1 July 199830 June 20001 year, 365 days[14][15]
14Nilsson, MatsMajor general Mats Nilsson
(born 1956)
1 July 20001 December 20022 years, 153 days[15][16]
15Andersson, JanMajor general Jan Andersson
(born 1955)
1 January 2003[16]20030 years-

Inspectors of the Air Force[edit | edit source]

Inspector of the Air Force
Took office Left office Time in office Ref
15Andersson, JanMajor general Jan Andersson
(born 1955)
200329 February 20084–5 years-
Anders Silwer
Silwer, AndersMajor general Anders Silwer
(born 1959)
1 March 200831 December 20113 years, 305 days[17]
Micael Bydén
Bydén, MicaelMajor general Micael Bydén
(born 1964)
1 January 201220141–2 years[18]

Chiefs of Air Force[edit | edit source]

Chief of Air Force
Took office Left office Time in office Ref
Micael Bydén
Bydén, MicaelMajor general Micael Bydén
(born 1964)
201430 September 20150–1 years-
Mats Helgesson
Helgesson, MatsMajor general Mats Helgesson
(born 1964)
1 October 2015Incumbent5 years, 282 days[19]

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Footnotes[edit | edit source]

  1. Appointed on 15 January 1960 but didn't take office until 1 July 1960.[10]

References[edit | edit source]

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