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Chief of Army (Swedish language: Arméchef, AC ) is the most senior appointment in the Swedish Army.


Until 1975 the Swedish monarch was the formal head of the army. In 1937, the staff agency "Chief of the Army" (Swedish language: chefen för armén , CA) was created to lead the army in peace time. The CA would under the King in Council exercise the highest military leadership of the Land-defense Ministry (Swedish language: Lantförsvaret ). At his side, the CA had an army staff to assist the CA in his duties.[1]

Following a larger reorganization of the Swedish Armed Forces in 1994, CA ceased to exist as an independent agency. Instead, the post Chief of Army Staff (Swedish language: chefen för arméledningen ) was created at the then newly instituted Swedish Armed Forces Headquarters (Swedish language: Högkvarteret , HKV). In 1998, the Swedish Armed Forces was again reorganized. Most of the duties of the Chief of Army Staff were transferred to the newly instituted post of "Inspector General of the Army" (Swedish language: generalinspektören för armén ). The post is similar to that of the "Inspector General of the Swedish Navy" (Swedish language: generalinspektören för marinen ) and the "Inspector General of the Swedish Air Force" (Swedish language: generalinspektören för flygvapnet ).

On 1 January 2014, the "Chief of Army" (Swedish language: arméchefen , AC) position was reinstated in the Swedish Armed Forces. The position has not the same duties as before 1994, but has the duties to lead troops in the army, and to be their principal representative by taking care of the traditions of the Swedish Armed Forces.[2][3]

Chiefs of Army[]

No Image Name Took office Left office
1 General Oscar E Nygren by Svenskt biografiskt lexikon.jpg Oscar Nygren
1 July 1936 1 October 1937
2 Per Sylvan 1937 1940
3 Lieutenant General Ivar Holmquist by Svenskt biografiskt lexikon.jpg Ivar Holmquist 1 October 1940 31 March 1944
4 Douglas, Archibald 1919.JPG Archibald Douglas 1944 1948
5 C.A. Ehrensvärd dy SvD.JPG Carl August Ehrensvärd 1948 1957
6 Swedish Major General Thord Bonde.jpg Thord Bonde 1957 1963
7 Curt Göransson.jpg Curt Göransson 1963 1969
8 Carl Eric Almgren.jpg Carl Eric Almgren 1969 1976
9 Nils Sköld 1976 1984
10 Erik Bengtsson 1984 1990
11 Åke Sagrén.jpg Åke Sagrén 1990 1994

Chiefs of Army Staff[]

No Image Name Took office Left office
12 Åke Sagrén.jpg Åke Sagrén 1994 1996
13 Mertil Melin 2011.jpg Mertil Melin 1996 1998

Inspectors General of the Army[]

No Image Name Took office Left office
14 Paul Degerlund 1998 2000
15 Alf Sandqvist.jpg Alf Sandqvist 2000 2003

Inspectors of the Army[]

No Image Name Took office Left office
16 Alf Sandqvist.jpg Alf Sandqvist 2003 2005
17 U.S. Navy Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Gen. Sverker Goranson.jpg Sverker Göranson 2005 2007
18 Berndt Grundevik87.jpg Berndt Grundevik 13 December 2007 13 September 2012
19 BrännströmWIK.jpg Anders Brännström 13 September 2012 ]20 December 2013

Chiefs of Army[]

No Image Chief of Army (Arméchef) Took office Left office
20 BrännströmWIK.jpg Anders Brännström 20 December 2013 2016
21 Karl Engelbrektson.jpg Karl Engelbrektson 1 June 2016 Incumbent


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