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Chief of Defence Force
Taliyaha Xooga Qalabka Somaaliyeed
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Ministry of Defense and Somali Armed Forces
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Brigadier General Odowaa Yusuf Rageh

since 22 August 2019
Ministry of Defense and Somali Armed Forces
Style Jaale
Abbreviation CXDS
Member of Ministry of Defense
Reports to Minister of Defence
Appointer Prime Minister of Somalia
Term length 2 years
Formation 1960
First holder Mohamed Siad Barre

The Chief of Defence Force is the professional head of the Somali Armed Forces. He is responsible for the administration and the operational control of all branches of the Somali military (Army, Navy and Air Force). The post has however usually been held by Army officers and the term limit is 2 years,[citation needed] typically the rank held by the Chiefs is the highest rank in the Somali Armed Forces, that of Major General although there are chiefs that have held the rank of Brigadier General.

List of Chiefs[]

Transitional Federal Republic (2004-2012)[]

Chief of Army Took office Left office Time in office Ref
1Naji, Ismail QasimMajor general Ismail Qasim Naji15 April 200510 February 20071 year, 301 days[1]
2Omar, Abdullahi AliMajor general Abdullahi Ali Omar
(born 1947)
10 February 200721 July 2007161 days[2][3]
3Jama, Salah HassanBrigadier general Salah Hassan Jama21 July 200711 June 2008326 days[5]
4Jama, Said DheereMajor general Said Dheere Mohamed11 June 200814 May 2009337 days[6]
5Dhumal, Yusuf OsmanMajor general Yusuf Osman Dhumal15 May 20096 December 2009205 days[7]
6Kahiye, Mohamed GelleMajor general Mohamed Gelle Kahiye6 December 20096 September 2010274 days[8]
7Gedi, Ahmed JimaleMajor general Ahmed Jimale Gedi6 September 201029 March 2011204 days
Abdulkadir Sheikh Dini
Dini, Abdulkadir Sh.Major general Abdulkadir Sheikh Dini29 March 201113 March 20131 year, 349 days[9]

Federal Republic (2012-present)[]

Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces Took office Left office Time in office Ref
Dahir Adan Elmi
Elmi, Dahir AdanBrigadier general Dahir Adan Elmi13 March 201325 June 20141 year, 104 days
2Anod, AbdullahiMajor general Abdullahi Anod25 June 201424 September 20151 year, 91 days[10]
Mohamed Adam Ahmed
Ahmed, Mohamed AdamMajor general Mohamed Adam Ahmed
(born 1950)
24 September 20155 April 20171 year, 193 days
4Jimale, Ahmed MMajor general Ahmed Mohamed Jimale5 April 201712 October 2017190 days[11]
Abdiweli Jama Hussein Gorod
Hussein, Abdiweli JMajor general Abdiweli Jama Hussein Gorod12 October 201716 August 2018308 days[12]
Dahir Adan Elmi
Elmi, Dahir AdanMajor general Dahir Adan Elmi16 August 201827 August 20191 year, 11 days[13]
Odowaa Yusuf Rageh
Rageh, Odowa YusufBrigadier general Odowaa Yusuf Rageh
(born 1987)
27 August 2019Incumbent2 years, 12 days[14]


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