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Chief of Navy
Panglima Tentera Laut
ڤڠليما تنترا لاوت
Bendera Laksamana TLDM.png
Admiral Tan Sri Ahmad Kamarulzaman Ahmad Badaruddin

since 7 May 2016
Royal Malaysian Navy
Style Yang Berbahagia (The Honorable)
Member of Malaysian Armed Forces Council
Reports to Chief of Defence Forces
Term length Not fixed
Formation 15 May 1957
First holder Commodore Edward Dudley Norman
Website www.navy.mil.my/.../panglima-tentera-laut

The Chief of Navy (Malay language: Panglima Tentera Laut) is the most senior appointment in the Royal Malaysian Navy and has been held by a four-star officer in the rank of Admiral since 2002. The Chief of Navy is a member of the Malaysian Armed Forces Council and directly reports to the Chief of Defence Forces.

The current Chief of Navy is Laksamana Tan Sri Ahmad Kamarulzaman Hj Ahmad Badaruddin who succeeded Laksamana Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Hj Jaafar on 18 November 2015.

Appointees[edit | edit source]

Rank and honorific Name Service Image Term began Term ended
Senior Officer, Royal Malayan Navy
Commodore Edward Dudley Norman  Royal Navy May 15, 1957 February 7, 1960
Captain of the Navy, Malaya
Captain William John Dovers  Royal Australian Navy February 8, 1960 July 13, 1962
Chief of Navy
Commodore Anthony Monckton Synnot  Royal Australian Navy July 14, 1962 March 1965
Commodore Allen Nelson Dollard  Royal Australian Navy March 1965 November 30, 1968
Rear Admiral Tan Sri Dato' Seri K. Thanabalasingam  Royal Malaysian Navy December 1, 1968 December 31, 1976
Vice Admiral Dato' Mohammad Zain Mohammad Salleh  Royal Malaysian Navy January 1, 1977 December 31, 1985
Vice Admiral Tan Sri Abdul Wahab Nawi  Royal Malaysian Navy January 1, 1986 October 31, 1991
Vice Admiral Tan Sri Mohd Shariff Ishak  Royal Malaysian Navy November 1, 1991 October 12, 1996
Vice Admiral Tan Sri Ahmad Ramli Mohd Nor  Royal Malaysian Navy October 13, 1996 October 14, 1998
Vice Admiral Tan Sri Dato' Seri Abu Bakar Abdul Jamal  Royal Malaysian Navy October 15, 1998 August 12, 2001
Admiral Tan Sri Mohd Ramly Abu Bakar  Royal Malaysian Navy August 13, 2001 October 13, 2003
Admiral Tan Sri Dato' Seri Mohammad Anwar Mohammad Nor  Royal Malaysian Navy October 13, 2003 April 28, 2005
Admiral Tan Sri Ilyas Din  Royal Malaysian Navy April 29, 2005 November 13, 2006
Admiral Tan Sri Ramlan Mohamed Ali  Royal Malaysian Navy November 15, 2006 March 31, 2008
Admiral Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Jaafar  Royal Malaysian Navy April 1, 2008 May 6, 2016
Admiral Tan Sri Ahmad Kamarulzaman Ahmad Badaruddin  Royal Malaysian Navy May 7, 2016 29 November 2018
Admiral Tan Sri Dato' Mohd Reza Mohd Sany  Royal Malaysian Navy November 30, 2018 Incumbent

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