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Chief of the Defence Staff (Spain)
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The Chief of the Defence Staff (Spanish language: Jefe del Estado Mayor de la Defensa, JEMAD ) is the chief of defence equivalent of the Spanish Armed Forces. The position is currently held by Admiral Fernando García Sánchez.

History[edit | edit source]

The position was introduced by the first government of Felipe Gonzalez in 1984 [1] and replaced the position of Chief of Joint Chiefs of Staff (JUJEM) which replaced the Chief of the defence high command (jefe del Alto Estado Mayor) in 1979.

The last officer to occupy the post of Chief of Defence high command was Lieutenant General Felipe Galarza. (from July to september 1977.

The last Officer to occupy the position of Chief of Joint Chiefs of Staff was Lieutenant General Alvaro Lacalle Leloup from 1982 to 1984.

The AEM was replaced by the JUJEM in May 1980 before the creation of the position of JEMAD in early 1984 which took over many of the functions previously under the responsibility of the JUJEM.

Functions[edit | edit source]

The Chief of the Defence has two roles:

  • Conduct strategic military operations under the authority of the Minister of Defence and the President of the Government.
  • Prepare and propose the integrated strategic plan
  • Establish operating structures of the Armed Forces.
  • Assign missions
  • Coordination with Military Chiefs of other allied countries and international organizations in joint missions
  • Communicate general instructions to the Army, Navy and Air Force Chiefs of Staff
  • Manage the joint command and control, intelligence, telecommunications and electronic warfare

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