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Chief of the General Staff
Russian: Начальник Генерального штаба Вооружённых Сил
Major general ru (Vasily Lunev)

since 2 August 2018
Abkhazian Armed Forces
Member of General Staff
Reports to Minister for Defence
Appointer President of Abkhazia
Term length No fixed length
Precursor Chief of the General Staff Soviet Armed Forces
Formation 11 October 1992

The Chief of the General Staff of Armed Forces (Russian: Начальник Генерального штаба Вооружённых Сил) is the highest-ranking military officer of in the Abkhazian Armed Forces, who is responsible for maintaining the operational command of the military.

List of Chiefs[]

Chief of the General Staff Took office Left office Time in office President Ref
Sultan Sosnaliyev
Sosnaliyev, SultanLieutenant general Sultan Sosnaliyev
11 October 1992May 19936 monthsParliamentary republic.
Sergei Dbar
Dbar, SergeiMajor general Sergei Dbar
21 May 1993June 19963 yearsParliamentary republic[1]
ru (Vladimir Arshba)
Arshba, VladimirLieutenant general ru (Vladimir Arshba)
June 199620043 yearsArdzinba, VladislavVladislav Ardzinba.
ru (Anatoli Zaitsev)
Zaitsev, AnatoliLieutenant general ru (Anatoli Zaitsev)
(born 1947)
<May 200514 April 20104 years, 11 monthsBagapsh, SergeiSergei Bagapsh[2]
Alexander Ankvab
Ankvab, AlexanderAlexander Ankvab (Acting)
(born 1952)
April 201029 March 201111 monthsBagapsh, SergeiSergei Bagapsh.
Vladimir Vasilchenko
Vasilchenko, VladimirVladimir Vasilchenko29 March 2011May 20154 years, 1 monthBagapsh, SergeiSergei Bagapsh[3]
Anatoly Khrulyov
Khrulyov, AnatolyColonel general Anatoly Khrulyov
(born 1955)
18 May 20152 August 20183 years, 2 monthsKhajimba, RaulRaul Khajimba[4]
ru (Vasily Lunev)
Lunev, VasilyMajor general ru (Vasily Lunev)
(born 1956)
2 August 2018Incumbent3 years, 2 monthsKhajimba, RaulRaul Khajimba[5]

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