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Chief of the General Staff of the Moldovan National Army
Marelui Stat Major al Armatei Republicii Moldova
Standard of the Armed Forces
Emblem of National Army
Ministry of Defense
Brigader General Igor Cutie

since March 18, 2016
Ministry of Defense
Status Active
Member of General Staff of Armed Forces of the Moldovan National Army
Reports to Minister of Defense
Residence Chisinau
Appointer President of Moldova
Term length No fixed term
Constituting instrument Constitution of Moldova
Precursor Chief of Staff of the Kishinev Garrison
Formation April 26, 1994
First holder Pavel Chirău
Unofficial names Commander of National Army

The Chief of the General Staff of the Moldovan National Army (Marelui Stat Major al Armatei Republicii Moldova) also known as the Commander of National Army is the professional head of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Moldova. The position was established on 26 April 1994, two days after the general staff of the national army was established.

The purpose of the Chief of the General Staff is to assist the Minister of Moldova and the President of Moldova in commanding the Moldovan National Army. The Chief of the General Staff is also the superior to the Commander of the Moldovan Ground Forces and the Commander of the Moldovan Air Force.[1]

List of Chiefs[edit | edit source]

Name Took office Left office Time in office Ref
ro (Pavel Chirău)
Chirău, PavelColonel ro (Pavel Chirău)
26 April 199420 March 19972 years, 328 days.
ro (Vladimir Donțul)
Donțul, VladimirColonel ro (Vladimir Donțul)20 March 199724 December 1997279 days.
ro (Ion Coropcean)
Coropcean, IonBrigadier General ro (Ion Coropcean)
(born 1960)
16 June 199825 September 200911 years, 101 days.
Vitalie Marinuța
Marinuța, VitalieVitalie Marinuța
(born 1970)
(while serving as defense minister)
25 September 200920111–2 years.
Vitalie Stoian
Stoian, VitalieBrigadier General Vitalie Stoian201120131–2 years[2]
Igor Gorgan
Gorgan, IgorBrigadier General Igor Gorgan201318 March 20162–3 years[3][4]
Igor Cutie
Cutie, IgorBrigadier General Igor Cutie18 March 2016Incumbent5 years, 135 days[5]

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