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Chief of the General Staff
Началник на Генералштабот
Načalnik na Generalštabot
General staff of North Macedonia.svg
Maj. General Vasko Gjurchinovski

since 18 August 2018
Ministry of Defence
Member of General Staff
Reports to Minister of Defence
Appointer President of North Macedonia
Formation 19 March 1992
First holder Maj. General Mitre Arsovski

The Chief of the General Staff of the Army of the Republic of North Macedonia (Macedonian language: Началник на Генералштабот на Армија на Република северна Македонија) is the Chief of the General Staff of the Army of the Republic of North Macedonia.


Nine people served as the Chiefs of the General Staff since the independence of the Republic of North Macedonia from Yugoslavia. The first Chief was Major General Mitre Arsovski (appointed on 16 March 1992), and the current Chief is Lieutenant General Metodija Velichkovski (appointed on 18 August 2015).

The shortest-serving Chief of the General Staff was General Pande Petrovski (about 3 months), and the longest-serving was Lieutenant General Miroslav Stojanovski (over 6 years)

List of chiefs of the general staff[]

Chiefs of the General Staff have been:[1]

Chief of the General Staff Took office Left office Time in office
1Arsovski, MitreMajor General Mitre Arsovski
(born 1936)
16 March 19923 March 1993352 days
2Bocinov, DragoljubColonel General Dragoljub Bocinov
3 March 199322 January 19962 years, 325 days
3Krstevski, TrajčeGeneral mk (Trajče Krstevski)
22 January 199611 February 20004 years, 20 days
4Andrevski, JovanColonel General Jovan Andrevski
(born 1938)
[lower-alpha 1]
11 February 200012 June 20011 year, 121 days
5Petrovski, PandeGeneral Pande Petrovski
12 June 200119 September 200199 days
6Stamboliski, MetodiGeneral Metodi Stamboliski
(born 1947)
19 September 200112 March 20042 years, 175 days
7Bojadžiev, GjorgjiMajor General Gjorgji Bojadžiev
(born 1950)
12 March 20046 July 20051 year, 116 days
Miroslav Stojanovski
Stojanovski, MiroslavLieutenant General Miroslav Stojanovski
(born 1959)
6 July 200518 August 20116 years, 43 days
Gorančo Koteski
Koteski, GorančoMajor General Gorančo Koteski
(born 1965)
18 August 201118 August 20154 years, 0 days
10Velichkovski, MetodijaLieutenant General Metodija Velichkovski
(born 1966)
18 August 201518 August 20183 years, 0 days
11Gjurchinovski, VaskoMajor General Vasko Gjurchinovski
(born 1970)
18 August 2018Incumbent3 years, 29 days

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  1. Resigned during the 2001 insurgency.


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