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Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Uzbekistan
O'zbekiston Mudofaa vazirligining Bosh shtabi boshlig'i
Flag of the Ministry of defence of Uzbekistan.jpg
Flag of the Ministry of Defence
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Major General Pavel Ergashev[1]

since 4 September 2017
Ministry of Defence
Style Comrade
Type Senior position
Status Active
Member of General Staff of Armed Forces of Uzbekistan
National Security Council
Reports to Minister of Defense
Seat Tashkent
Nominator Prime Minister of Uzbekistan
Appointer President of Uzbekistan
Term length No fixed length
Constituting instrument Constitution of Uzbekistan
Precursor Chief of the General Staff of the Soviet Armed Forces
Formation September 2000
Unofficial names Chief of the Joint Staff
Deputy Deputy Chief of the General Staff
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The Chief of the General Staff of the Ministry of Defense of Uzbekistan (Uzbek language: O'zbekiston Mudofaa vazirligining Bosh shtabi boshlig'i) is the highest-ranking military officer of in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan, who is responsible for maintaining the operational command of the military and control over three of the five service branches (Uzbek Ground Forces, Uzbek Air Forces and the Uzbek Naval Forces). Unlike the Minister of Defence, the Chief of the General Staff is required to be a commissioned officer who at least holds the rank of Colonel (Polkovnik). Another differentiator between the two positions is that the Chief of the General Staff is not political position while the defense minister can be an active member of the political discourse.

The chief performs the following duties in their role:

  • Administrative and operational leadership of the military operations of troops
  • Implementation of combat training of troops and adaptation of combat methods to fit modern times.
  • Give orders/directives regarding units of the armed forces

List of Chiefs[]

Chief of the General Staff Took office Left office Time in office Ref
Tulkun Kasimov
Kasimov, TulkunColonel General Tulkun KasimovSeptember 2000July 20032–3 years[2]
Ismail Ergashev
Ergashev, IsmailMajor General Ismail Ergashev200420050–1 years[3][4]
?Tashmatov, BakhodirMajor General Bakhodir Tashmatov26 December 201121 September 20131 years[5][6][7][8]
Shavkat Normatov
Normatov, ShavkatLieutenant General Shavkat Normatov21 September 20134 September 20173 years[9][10][11]
Pavel Ergashev
Ergashev, PavelMajor General Pavel Ergashev4 September 2017Incumbent4 year[12]


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