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Chief of the National Guard General Staff
Αρχηγός του Γενικού Επιτελείου Εθνικής Φρουράς
Flag of the Cypriot National Guard General Staff.svg
Flag of the Cypriot National Guard General Staff
Lt. General Demokritos Zervakis

since 18 March 2020
Ministry of Defence
Reports to Minister of Defence
Formation 1964
First holder Georgios Karagiannis
Website Official website

The Chief of the National Guard General Staff (Greek: Αρχηγός του Γενικού Επιτελείου Εθνικής Φρουράς, abbrev. Α/ΓΕΕΦ) is the professional head of the Cypriot National Guard. He is responsible for the administration and the operational control of the Cypriot military. Due to the close links between the Republic of Cyprus and Greece, the office is always filled by a retired lieutenant general of the Hellenic Army. The current Chief of the National Guard is Lieutenant General Ilias Leontaris.

List of Chiefs[]

Since its creation in 1964, these people have served as Chief of the National Guard:[1]

Chief of the National Guard Took office Left office Time in office
1Karagiannis, GeorgiosLieutenant general Georgios Karagiannis196419640 years
2Prokos, IliasLieutenant general Ilias Prokos196419672–3 years
3Moronis, GeorgiosLieutenant general Georgios Moronis196719691–2 years
4Gerakinis, IliasLieutenant general Ilias Gerakinis196919700–1 years
5Charalambopoulos, CharalambosLieutenant general Charalambos Charalambopoulos197019732–3 years
6Denisis, GeorgiosLieutenant general Georgios Denisis197319740–1 years
7Karagiannis, EfthymiosLieutenant general Efthymios Karagiannis197419750–1 years
8Komninos, IoannisLieutenant general Ioannis Komninos197519815–6 years
9Papanagiotou, NikolaosLieutenant general Nikolaos Papanagiotou198119853–4 years
10Matafias, DimitriosLieutenant general Dimitrios Matafias198519860–1 years
11Politis, GeorgiosLieutenant general el (Georgios Politis)
(born 1920)
198619881–2 years
12Markopoulos, PanagiotisLieutenant general Panagiotis Markopoulos
198819912–3 years
13Seiradakis, GeorgiosLieutenant general Georgios Seiradakis199119931–2 years
14Vorvolakos, NikolaosLieutenant general Nikolaos Vorvolakos
February 1993April 19985 years
15Dimou, DimitriosLieutenant general Dimitrios DimouApril 1998May 20002 years
16Florakis, EvangelosLieutenant general Evangelos Florakis
May 200010 July 2002 †2 years
17Nikolodimos, AthanasiosLieutenant general Athanasios NikolodimosJuly 200220063–4 years
18Bisbikas, KonstantinosLieutenant general Konstantinos Bisbikas200620092–3 years
19Tsalikidis, PetrosLieutenant general Petros Tsalikidis200920111–2 years
20Nasis, StylianosLieutenant general Stylianos Nasis201120142–3 years
21Basiakoulis, GeorgiosLieutenant general Georgios Basiakoulis2014March 20172–3 years
22Leontaris, IliasLieutenant general Ilias Leontaris31 March 201718 March 20204 years
23Zervakis, DemokritosLieutenant general Demokritos Zervakis18 March 2020Incumbent1 years


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