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This is a chronological overview of the dates at which the liberation by the Allies in World War II took place of a number of Dutch cities and towns. On "Mad Tuesday" (5 September 1944) Alllies forces reached the western border of the Netherlands. After the Allies crossed the Rhine in March 1945, Canadian forces entered the Netherlands from the east. The final liberation of remaining cities and towns came with capitulation of remaining German forces on May 5.

1944[edit | edit source]

The battle of Overloon started on 30 September

1945[edit | edit source]

1 March: Roermond, Venlo

1 April: Doetinchem, Borculo, Eibergen, Enschede

3 April: Hengelo

5 April: Almelo

12 April: Westerbork, Brummen, Deventer

13 April: Assen, Diepenveen, Olst

14 April: Arnhem, Zwolle

15 April: Zutphen, Leeuwarden, Zoutkamp

16 April: Groningen

17 April: Apeldoorn

Literature[edit | edit source]

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