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Clive Michael Law (born 1954) is a Canadian publisher and author, and founder and President of Service Publications. He has written and edited several books dealing with the Canadian military, including ground-breaking works on Canadian distinguishing patches worn since 1916, as well as the uniforms of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, and is the Canadian subject matter expert on the Canadian Inglis High-Power Pistol (Browning High-Power).

Law was an officer of the Governor General's Foot Guards and was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal for his contributions to society. The medal was awarded in early 2003, in recognition of his publishing accomplishments. The medal was presented by Dr. Serge Bernier, Director, History and Heritage at the Department of National Defence.

In May 2005 Mr. Law was elected a Fellow of the Company of Military Historians. This US-based organisation boasts over 1500 members and produces one of the best collector-oriented magazines. The Company concentrates on the uniforms of the armies of the Americas as well as those worn by other countries while in the Americas. He was also the recipient of the Loren Miller Medal for a display of concentrating on the uniforms of the Canadian Guards that he exhibited at the annual meeting in Providence, Rhode Island.

In 2009, as a Senior Public Servant, Mr. Law was deployed to Haiti in support of OP MINUSTAH. During his time on deployment, he was instrumental in being part of the establishment of the St John Ambulance First Aid, as the standard of the Haitian National Police.

In 2010 Mr. Law was inducted as a Serving Member into the Order of St John, and was also presented with the Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal by the Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. In 2012 he was presented the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal following nomination by the Organization of Military Museums of Canada. This was presented by Richard Pound, Honorary Colonel of the Canadian Grenadier Guards.

Mr. Law is active in many Canadian Military Research groups and organizations. Among them he's a member of the following:

President, Bytown Militaria Collectors Association (BMCA), Governor and Fellow, Company of Military Historians (CMH),, Director, Swords & Ploughshares Museum., Organisation of Military Museums of Canada (OMMC), National Automatic Pistol Collector's Association (NAPCA),, Lower Canada Arms Collectors Association (LCACA),, Military Collector's Club of Canada (MCCofC),

Published works[]

The following were personally authored, or edited, by Clive Law:

Distinguishing Patches, detailing over 400 formation patches worn in both World Wars and afterwards. (1996, ISBN 0-9699845-2-9)

Making Tracks, an overview of Canadian tank production in World War Two, including the Valentine, Ram, Sexton and Skink.

Khaki, the first detailed examination in print of the uniforms worn by the Canadian Expeditionary Force in both Canada and overseas in the First World War. (1997, ISBN 0-9699845-4-5)

Inglis Diamond, the story of the only military handgun ever produced in Canada.

Without Warning, an overview of all rifles, optics and other equipment used by Canadian snipers.

Tools of the Trade, an edited and compiled version of official wartime reports looking at major equipment of the Canadian Army in WWII, including small arms, vehicles and AFVs.

Canadian Military Handguns, 1855 to 1985 a detailed overview of the sidearms acquired by the Canadian military forces from the inception of the 1855 Militia Act to 1985.

The Military Motorcycle in Canada an illustrated history of the acquisition, use and disposal of motorcycles in the Canadian Army and Air Force, from 1908 to 2008.

Regimental Numbers a compilation of soldiers' service numbers, starting pre-Second World War to the late 1960s. Includes a history of identity discs, aka 'dog tags'.

Fuss and Fashion - 200 Years of Canadian Military Headdress a lavishly illustrated examination of Canadian military headdress from 1812 to 2012

The Canadian Field Service Cap co-authored with Dr. James J Boulton, a study of 'wedge caps'


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