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Conquest of Ha'il
Part of Unification of Saudi Arabia
Locational-Hasa, Arabia

Sultanate of Nejd (Saudi) victory

  • Incorporation of al-Hasa into Saudi Sultanate
 Ottoman Empire

Flag of the Third Saudi State-01.svg Sultanate of Nejd

Commanders and leaders
Ottoman Empire Flag of the Third Saudi State-01.svg Abdulaziz Ibn Saud
Ottoman garrison

Conquest of al-Hasa was performed by the Saudi forces with support of the Ikhwan on 1913.[1] The Oasis of al-Hasa was conquered from an Ottoman garrison, who had controlled the area from 1871.[2]

Although Shi‘i religious community leaders negotiated a quick surrender and recognition of Saudi political authority in 1913 in exchange for leniency, the Shi‘a communities in al-Hasa and Qatif were subjected to harsh oversight and cruelty.[1]

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