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A conscription system is employed in China (PRC). In practice, mandatory military service has not been implemented since 1949 as the People's Liberation Army has been able to recruit sufficient numbers voluntarily.[1] However, people who are proved to have avoided the draft are liable for punishment, and Beijing authorities criticize those youths who do not want to join the army.[2][3]

Registering for the draft[edit | edit source]

The Chinese system operates through a process of draft registration.[4][5] The process for registering for the draft is written in Part 13, Article II of the Military Service Law of the People's Republic of China (Chinese: 中华人民共和国兵役法). Men who reach the age of 18 by 31 December of the year should register for the draft before 30 June of the year.[6] In practice, registering does not mean that the person doing so must join the People's Liberation Army.[7]

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