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Swedish conscripts in 2008.

Sweden had mandatory military service (Swedish language: värnplikt ) for men between 1901 and 2010.[1] Peace-time conscription was mothballed in 2010, and the law on conscription was simultaneously made gender-neutral.[2]

In September 2016 the Swedish government announced that it plans to reintroduce gender-neutral conscription in 2018.[3] On March 2, 2017, the Swedish government decided to reintroduce military conscription, meaning 4,000 men and women will be called up for service from 1 January 2018. Those conscripts will be chosen from a pool of about 13,000 young people born in 1999, and will serve for 12 months.[4] The Swedish Armed Forces is reportedly planning for 4,000 recruits annually in basic military training in 2018 and 2019.[5] As the relevant age cohort is about 100,000 this means that roughly 4% will be enlisted.[6] During the height of the Cold War, about 85% of Swedish men were enlisted.[7]

Non-military service[edit | edit source]

Conscientious objectors in Sweden have the right to choose alternative service (called vapenfri tjänst). After completing the alternative service the conscript is in the civilian reserve.[8]

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