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Constantin Dumitrescu (February 25, 1868 – January 24, 1935) was a Romanian general.

Born in Morunglav, Romanați County, his parents were Dumitrache and Nicolița Ioan; the surname Dumitrescu was adopted later. His father was possibly of Greek origin. The future general was nicknamed “Turcu” (“the Turk”) because he was intransigent and did not accept to be contradicted.[1]

In 1887, he entered the school for soldiers’ sons in Craiova, entering the officers’ school in 1890. He graduated in 1892 as a second lieutenant. The same year, he was assigned to the Rovine Regiment, serving there until 1896, when he was promoted to lieutenant. In 1897, he married Elena Dăbuleanu. His regimental service was interrupted in 1900-1901, when he was assigned to the soldiers’ sons’ school. In 1904, he became a captain,48 and a major in 1911. Two promotions succeeded in 1916: lieutenant colonel prior to Romania's entry into World War I; and colonel afterward. In 1917, he was named brigadier general.[2]

In the summer of 1919, Dumitrescu participated in the Hungarian–Romanian War, teaching Budapest.[3] Named divisional general in 1924, he entered the reserves in 1929.[4]

His awards include the Order of the Crown (1910, 1919, 1924, the latter of the grand officer rank), the Order of the Star of Romania (1917, 1922, 1928, the latter of the grand officer rank) and the Czechoslovak War Cross 1918 (1928).[5]


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