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The Corpo de Fuzileiros Navais do Brasil (CFN or Brazilian Marine Corps) is a unit of Navy of Brazil.


Is present throughout the national territory, both on the coast, as well as in adjacent regions of Amazon and Pantanal, Acting in peacetime on the safety of the Navy and in helping the poor through social - civic actions regionally developed by Naval Districts . Abroad, ensures the security of the Brazilian embassies in Algeria, Paraguay, Haiti and Bolivia. Participated in every armed conflict of History of Brazil.

History[edit | edit source]

Background: The Brigade Royal Navy[edit | edit source]

The CFN is originally from the former Brigade Royal Navy, military unit established by Royal Charter of Maria I of Portugal in 1797. In the context of Peninsular War when the First French Invasion (1807), The unit moved to Royal Family for Brazil, Having landed in the city of Rio de Janeiro in March 7 of 1808.

Baptism of fire: the conquest of Cayenne[edit | edit source]

In retaliation for the invasion of mainland Portugal, the Prince Regent John ordered the invasion of French Guiana, Whose capital, Cayenne It was conquered by forces of detachment and Portuguese Army the January 12 of 1809. Two days later, 14, was flown to Portuguese Royal Flag, was solemnized this act with a salvo of twenty-one shots artillery.

Historical campaigns[edit | edit source]

Subsequently, the unit was involved in several campaigns, including:

  • the War against Artigas (1816), then being called as "Marine-Sailors"
  • the War of independence of Brazil (1822-1823 When it was called " Artillery Battalion of the Navy ;
  • the War of the Triple Alliance (1864-1870, Known as "Naval Battalion")

In the latter, distinguished himself in action in Battle of Riachuelo and in the episode known as passage Humaitá.

The performance at the UN[edit | edit source]

The CFN has distinguished itself in the participation in humanitarian actions promoted by United Nations (UN), in theaters of operation as diverse as El Salvador, Bosnia, Honduras, Mozambique, Rwanda, Angola, Peru, Ecuador, Timor-Leste And recently in Haiti (MINUSTAH).

The Marine Corps Today[edit | edit source]

Effective and mission[edit | edit source]

Trained as " Ready Force Performance ", the CFN has currently about 15 000 men, all volunteers and public employees . Professionals in combat on land, air and sea, having as the main unit The Special Operations Battalion of Marines The mission of the CFN is to ensure the projection of naval power ashore through the landings made in conjunction with Navy ships and troops . In Brazil, this is a complex task, since the country's territory comprises about 8.5 million km ², with a coastline of over 7400 km with dozens of oceanic islands, and a navigable river network of approximately 50,000 km extension. In the latter we understand the Brazilian Amazon. Cover climates and landscapes as varied as the pampas of Rio Grande do Sul, of the Pantanal in Mato

Commandos of Brazilian Marine Corps

Grosso do Sul, the caatinga in the Northeast and the Amazon jungle, requiring a higher standard of training, agility and versatility. Thus, there are units trained in demolition techniques, special actions, parachuting, combat in jungles, mountains and ice, and actions helitransportadas .

Means[edit | edit source]

To fulfill their missions, the Marines are landed by amphibious vehicles or helicopters. For this count with the support of naval fire and / or naval . Once on land, operate their own facilities, which include armored field artillery, anti-aircraft artillery, combat engineering, Communications and electronic warfare.

Training[edit | edit source]

To be able to fulfill their missions, the Marines go through a rigorous physical training, usually with racing all day, sleepless nights sleep, swimming, apnea, practical shooting with different weapons, especially rifles, Abseiling patrols by land, river patrols, first aid, wilderness survival, Rappel, Fast Hope, Dressage with radios and pitfalls of war, and martial arts.

Motto[edit | edit source]

The motto of the Marine Corps is "ADSUMUS" expression Latin that in Portuguese means "Aqui Estamos", meaning in English "Here we are!"

Armament[edit | edit source]

Weapon Type QTD Picture
M16A2 Assault Rifle 100px-M16a1m16a2m4m16a45wi.jpg
M4 Special forces weapon 100px-M4-Transparent.png
Beretta 92 Pistol 100px-Beretta 92 FS.gif
Parker Hale M85 Sniper PHALE M85.jpg
FN MAG Machine gun 100px-MAG-latrun-exhibition-1.jpg
FN MINIMI Assault Rifle 100px-M249 FN MINIMI DA-SC-85-11586 c1.jpg
AT4 Anti-tank weapon 100px-AT-4 live-fire.jpg
ALAC Anti-tank weapon 100px-ALAC2.jpg
BILL Anti-tank missile ImagesCAFAS3TR.jpg
MSS-1.2 Anti-tank missile 100px-Brazilian anti-tank missile system.png
SK 105 Light tank 17 100px-GuentherZ 2006-08 12 0891 Jagdpanzer Kuerassier OeBH.jpg
AAV-7A1 Armoured personnel carrier 26 100px-USMarines AAV Iraq apr 2004 116 hires.jpg
M113A1 Armoured personnel carrier 29 100px-USAF M113 APC at Camp Bucca, Iraq.jpg
Mowag Piranha III (8x8) Armoured personnel carrier 30 100px-Irish Army Mowag Piranha.jpg
M114 Howitzer 100px-USArmy M114 howitzer.jpg
L118 Howitzer 18 100px-One OClock Gun.jpg
M101 M101 howitzer 100px-M101-105mm-howitzer-camp-pendleton-20050326.jpg
Bofors 40 mm gun Autocannon 6 100px-Bofors-p004596.jpg
MANPADS Mistral Surface-to-air missil 6 100px-Mistral-2.jpg

Organization[edit | edit source]

580px-Brazil Naval Fusiliers Corps.png

References[edit | edit source]

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