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Corporal first class ("CFC") is the highest enlistee rank in the Singapore Armed Forces, ranking just above corporal and below third sergeant.[1] It is awarded to deserving corporals in the top 30% of their cohort who have held the rank for at least six months. A corporal first class is not a specialist (NCO-equivalent), and holds no command authority, although they may be given higher responsibilities such as appointment as a section 2IC.

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Singapore Armed Forces enlistee ranks
NATO rank code OR-1 OR-2 OR-3 OR-4
Insignia (No Insignia) (No Insignia) Army-SGP-OR-3.svg Army-SGP-OR-4a.svg Army-SGP-OR-4b.svg
Rank Recruit Private Lance corporal Corporal Corporal first class
Abbreviation REC PTE LCP CPL CFC

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