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Place of origin China
Service history
In service 1971-present
Used by Saudi Arabia
Warhead 1 Nuclear @ 3.3 Mt

Engine liquid fueled
2,810 km[1]
Speed ?

The DF-3A is a Chinese liquid-fueled, single-stage, medium-range nuclear ballistic missile that entered service in 1971. DF-3A is the oldest missile in China's inventory and is nearing retirement after four decades of service.[2]

It is currently being retired and was inaccurately predicted to have been removed from China's missile arsenal in 2002.[citation needed] In 1987 China sold several dozen (reportedly between 36 and 60) outmoded DF-3 missiles to Saudi Arabia, minus their nuclear warheads.[3]

History[edit | edit source]

Deployment of the missile began in 1971 reaching a peak of 110 by 1984, then shrinking to 50 in 1993.[citation needed] It is estimated by the U.S. DoD that there are 17 missiles and 10 launchers in operation as of 2010 under a single brigade.[2] The DF-21 will replace these missiles as they retire.

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