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The following deaths of notable individuals occurred in 2020. Names are reported under the date of death, in alphabetical order by surname or pseudonym.

A typical entry reports information in the following sequence:

  • Name, age, country of citizenship at birth, subsequent nationality (if applicable), what subject was noted for, cause of death (if known), and reference.




  • Alan S. Becker, 74, American politician, attorney and educator, member of the Florida House of Representatives (1972–1978), cancer.[1]
  • Richard J. Haskins, 55, American casino executive, president of Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa, watercraft accident.[2]
  • Bhakti Charu Swami, 74, Indian spiritual teacher (International Society for Krishna Consciousness), COVID-19.[3]
  • Mary Twala, 80, South African actress (Life, Above All, Beat the Drum, Sarafina!).[4]
  • Niels De Vriendt, 20, Belgian racing cyclist, heart attack.[5]


  • Protik Prakash Banerjee, 51, Indian jurist, Judge of the Calcutta High Court (since 2017), heart failure.[6]
  • J. Marvin Brown, 66, American soul singer (The Softones).[7]
  • Tyson Brummett, 35, American baseball player (Philadelphia Phillies), plane crash.[8]
  • Earl Cameron, 102, Bermudian-born British actor (Doctor Who, Pool of London, The Interpreter).[9]
  • Hermine de Clermont-Tonnerre, 54, French princess, writer and actress (La Ferme Célébrités), traffic collision.[10]
  • Scott Erskine, 57, American serial killer, COVID-19.[11]
  • Saroj Khan, 71, Indian choreographer (Mr. India, Nagina, Chandni), cardiac arrest.[12]
  • Lore Krainer, 89, Austrian composer.[13]
  • Ardico Magnini, 91, Italian footballer (Pistoiese, Fiorentina, national team).[14]
  • Aleksandr Petrov (Aleksandr Petrov (actor, born 1922)), 98, Russian actor (At Early Morning).[15]
  • Rubble, 31, British cat, world's oldest cat (since 2019).[16] (death announced on this date)
  • Charlie Slack, 89, American basketball player (Marshall University).[17]
  • Leonardo Villar, 96, Brazilian actor (O Pagador de Promessas, The Hour and Turn of Augusto Matraga, Juego peligroso), cardiac arrest.[18]


  • it (Paolo Cabras), 89, Italian politician.[19]
  • Chiu Chuang-huan, 94, Taiwanese politician, President of the Examination Yuan (1993–1996), Vice Premier (1981–1984) and Minister of Interior (1978–1981), complications from pneumonia.[20]
  • zh (Fan Yunruo), 24, Chinese professional Go player, suicide by jumping.[21]
  • Christian Garrison, 78, American author and filmmaker, cancer.[22]
  • Afroditi Grigoriadou, 88, Greek actress (Electra, I Agapi Argise mia Mera).[23]
  • Ángela Jeria, 93, Chilean archaeologist and human rights activist.[24]
  • Nikolai Kapustin, 81, Russian composer and pianist.[25]
  • Jiří T. Kotalík, 69, Czech art historian, rector of the Academy of Fine Arts, Prague (1997–2003, 2010–2014).[26]
  • Wanderley Mariz, 79, Brazilian politician, Deputy (1975–1987), COVID-19.[27]
  • Teodoro Enrique Pino Miranda, 73, Mexican Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Huajuapan de León (since 2000).[28]
  • Kevin Rafferty, 73, American film director (The Atomic Cafe, Blood in the Face) and cinematographer (Roger & Me), cancer.[29]
  • Reckful, 31, Israeli-American Twitch streamer, suicide.[30]
  • nl (Abraham Louis Schneiders), Dutch diplomat and writer.[31]
  • Mike Walling, 69, English comic actor and screenwriter.[32]
  • Xu Qifeng, 84, Chinese engineer.[33]
  • Yoon Sam-yook, 83, South Korean film director (I Will Survive) and screenwriter (Yalkae, a Joker in High School, Suddenly at Midnight).[34]


  • Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie, 61–62, Ghanaian politician, CEO of the Forestry Commission (since 2017), COVID-19.[35]
  • Stan Barré, 75, American restaurateur, complications from pancreatic surgery.[36]
  • Bill Black, 76, New Zealand pilot and deer hunter.[37]
  • Edward A. Burkhalter, 91, American navy officer, heart attack.[38]
  • Cao Zhi, 92, Chinese politician, Vice Chairman of the National People's Congress (1998–2003).[39]
  • Gyan Kumari Chantyal, 63, Nepali politician, member of the Constituent Assembly (since 2013), heart disease.[40]
  • Max Crook, 83, American keyboardist and songwriter ("Runaway").[41]
  • Gay Culverhouse, 73, American academic administrator and sports executive, President of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1991–1994) and Notre Dame College (1995–1996), myelofibrosis.[42]
  • Hugh Downs, 99, American broadcaster and television host (20/20, Today).[43]
  • Heinrich Fink, 85, German theologian and politician.[44]
  • David F. Gantt, 78, American politician, member of the New York State Assembly (since 1983).[45]
  • Beate Grimsrud, 57, Norwegian novelist and playwright, breast cancer.[46]
  • George Hallett, 78, South African photographer.[47]
  • Alfred Kotey, 52, Ghanaian boxer, WBO bantamweight champion (1993–1994), complications from a stroke.[48]
  • zh (Lin Moyu), 96, Chinese actress (A Dream of Red Mansions).[49]
  • Ian MacDougall, 82, Australian naval officer, Chief of the Naval Staff (1991–1994).[50]
  • es (Santiago Manuin Valera), 63, Peruvian Awajún leader and Indigenous rights activist, COVID-19.[51]
  • Eurídice Moreira, 81, Brazilian politician, Paraíba MLA (1995–1998), COVID-19.[52]
  • Willem Olsthoorn, 81, Dutch fashion executive, complications from shingles.[53]
  • Latifur Rahman, 75, Bangladeshi comprador (Transcom Group).[54]
  • Emmanuel Rakotovahiny, 81, Malagasy politician, Prime Minister (1995–1996), heart disease.[55]
  • Georg Ratzinger, 96, German Roman Catholic priest and musician, conductor of the Regensburger Domspatzen (1964–1994).[56]
  • Pedro Luis Ronchino, 92, Argentine Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Comodoro Rivadavia (1993–2005).[57]
  • Billy Tang, 69, Hong Kong film director (Dr. Lamb, Those Were the Days..., Dial D for Demons), nasopharyngeal carcinoma.[58]
  • Aleksejs Vidavskis, 76, Latvian politician, mayor of Daugavpils (1994–2001).[59]
  • Sir Everton Weekes, 95, Barbadian cricketer (West Indies, national team).[60]
  • Sybil Wettasinghe, 92, Sri Lankan children's author.[61]



  • id (Hilmi Aminuddin), 72, Indonesian politician, COVID-19.[62]
  • Joe Arenas, 94, American football player (San Francisco 49ers).[63][better source needed]
  • Ivo Banac, 73, Croatian historian and politician, president of the Liberal Party (2003–2004), MP (2003–2008).[64]
  • Tim Brooks, 72, American professional wrestler (BTW, GCW, SCW), cancer.[65]
  • ro (Andrei Burac), 81, Moldovan poet, writer and translator.[66]
  • Ludwig Finscher, 90, German musicologist (Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart).[67]
  • Ida Haendel, 91, Polish-born British violinist.[68]
  • Dan Hicks, 68, American actor (Evil Dead II, Darkman, Intruder), cancer.[69]
  • Aleksandr Kabanov, 72, Russian water polo player, Olympic champion (1972, 1980).[70]
  • Henry Martin, 94, American cartoonist.[71]
  • Walter Nita, 69, Dutch singer.[72]
  • Val Peter, 85, American Roman Catholic priest, Executive Director of Boys Town (1985–2005).[73]
  • ru (Viktor Proskurin), 68, Russian actor (Belorussian Station, Big School-Break, The Queen of Spades).[74]
  • J. Nagbe Sloh, 55, Liberian politician and media executive, member of the House of Representatives.[75]
  • Xiao Bilian, 96, Chinese endocrinologist.[76]


  • Bode Akindele, 87, Nigerian industrialist.[77]
  • Tatyana Aleynikova, 89, Russian neurophysiologist, psychophysiologist and psychoanalyst.[78]
  • Efraín Barquero, 89, Chilean poet.[79]
  • Abdullah al Mohsin Chowdhury, 57, Bangladeshi politician, COVID-19.[80]
  • James Paul Churchill, 96, American jurist, Judge of the U.S. District Court for Eastern Michigan (since 1974).[81]
  • Gernot Endemann, 77, German actor (Sesamstraße).[82]
  • Juliana Fariña González, 73–74, Spanish physician.[83]
  • Tridib Ghosh, 68, Indian actor.[84]
  • Stepa J. Groggs, 32, American rapper (Injury Reserve).[85]
  • Hachalu Hundessa, 34, Ethiopian singer-songwriter, shot.[86]
  • Jan Krajenbrink, 78, Dutch politician (House of Representatives, mayor of Woudenberg).[87]
  • Johnny Mandel, 94, American composer ("Suicide Is Painless", "The Shadow of Your Smile", "Emily"), Grammy winner (1966).[88]
  • Ernesto Marcel, 72, Panamanian boxer, WBA featherweight champion (1972–1974).[89]
  • Paula Marckx, 94, Belgian model, journalist and pilot (Marckx v Belgium).[90]
  • Benny Mardones, 73, American singer-songwriter ("Into the Night"), Parkinson's disease.[91]
  • Svend Aage Rask, 84, Danish footballer (B 1909, national team).[92]
  • Carl Reiner, 98, American actor, film director and writer (The Dick Van Dyke Show, Ocean's Eleven, The Jerk), Grammy winner (1999), nine-time Emmy winner.[93]
  • Albert Sulon, 82, Belgian footballer (Club Liège, national team).[94]
  • Anthony Terlato, 86, American winemaker.[95]
  • Willie Wright, 80, American soul singer.[96]


  • Nasir Ajanah, 64, Nigerian judge, Chief Judge of Kogi State (since 2004), COVID-19.[97]
  • Rudolfo Anaya, 82, American author (Bless Me, Ultima).[98]
  • Kim Bridgford, 60, American poet and professor, cancer.[99]
  • Joe Bugel, 80, American football coach (Phoenix Cardinals, Oakland Raiders, Washington Redskins).[100]
  • Zuriñe del Cerro, 64, Spanish feminist activist.[101]
  • Marián Čišovský, 40, Slovak footballer (Inter Bratislava, Viktoria Plzeň, national team), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.[102]
  • Manuel Donley, 92, Mexican-born American Tejano singer and musician.[103]
  • Klaus Francke, 83, German politician, member of the Bundestag (1976–1998, 2001–2002).[104]
  • John Kneebone, 84, New Zealand farming leader.[105]
  • Silvia Lazarte, 56, Bolivian politician, President of the Constituent Assembly (2006–2008).[106]
  • Louis Mahoney, 81, Gambian-born British actor (Omen III: The Final Conflict, Doctor Who, Captain Phillips).[107]
  • Félix de Almeida Mendonça, 92, Brazilian politician, Deputy (1983–1987, 1991–2011), COVID-19.[108]
  • Matthew Morris, 51, Australian politician, New South Wales MP (2003–2011).[109]
  • Geetha Nagabhushan, 78, Indian writer, cardiac arrest.[110]
  • Luciano Rondinella, 86, Italian singer and actor.[111]
  • Dame Ingrid Roscoe, 76, English writer, Lord Lieutenant of West Yorkshire (2004–2018).[112]
  • Jim Ross, 90, New Zealand educationalist and public servant.[113]
  • Shen Jilan, 90, Chinese politician, delegate to the National People's Congress (since 1954), stomach cancer.[114]
  • Mimi Soltysik, 45, American socialist activist, co-chair of the Socialist Party USA (2013–2015), liver cancer.[115]
  • Yu Lan, 99, Chinese actress (A Revolutionary Family).[116]


  • Belaid Abdessalam, 91, Algerian politician, Prime Minister (1992–1993).[117]
  • Belén Bermejo, 50–51, Spanish publisher, cancer.[118]
  • Pete Carr, 70, American guitarist (LeBlanc and Carr, Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section).[119]
  • Freddy Cole, 88, American jazz singer and pianist, complications from cardiovascular disease.[120]
  • Dumitru Comănescu, 111, Romanian supercentenarian, oldest living man (since 2020).[121]
  • Linda Cristal, 89, Argentine actress (The Perfect Furlough, The High Chaparral, Mr. Majestyk).[122]
  • Antonio Cuenco, 84, Filipino politician, member of the House of Representatives (1965–1969, 1987–1998, 2001–2010), COVID-19.[123]
  • Julian Curry, 82, English actor (Rumpole of the Bailey, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Escape to Victory).[124]
  • Adrian Devine, 68, American baseball player (Atlanta Braves, Texas Rangers), cancer.[125]
  • Tom Finn, 71, American musician (The Left Banke) and DJ.[126]
  • Eva Galvache, 57, Spanish journalist.[127]
  • Bert Lubin, 81, American physician, medical researcher, and philanthropist, president and CEO of UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital.[128]
  • Giuseppe Matarrese, 86, Italian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Frascati (1989–2009).[129]
  • Maulana Naseeruddin, 70, Pakistani Islamic cleric and political leader.[130]
  • Nwam Jar Thaing, 67, Burmese writer, heart failure.[131]
  • Ilija Petković, 74, Serbian football player (OFK Beograd, Yugoslavia national team) and manager (national team), COVID-19.[132]
  • Nicola Quarta, 92, Italian politician, Deputy (1978–1983).[133]
  • Mats Rådberg, 72, Swedish singer.[134]
  • Mihai Romilă, 69, Romanian footballer (Politehnica Iași, Dunărea Galați, national team).[135]
  • Sander Schnitger, 61, Dutch air force general, Commander of the Royal Netherlands Air Force (2012–2016).[136]
  • David Stronach, 89, Scottish archaeologist.[137]
  • de (Erich Tecka), 71, Austrian basketball player (national team).[138]
  • Khalid Wazir, 84, Pakistani cricketer (national team).[139]
  • Jack Whittaker, 72, American Powerball lottery winner.[140]


  • Abdoulatifou Aly, 60, Malagasy-born French politician, Deputy (2007–2012).[141]
  • Kelly Asbury, 60, American animator and film director (Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, Shrek 2, Gnomeo & Juliet), abdominal cancer.[142]
  • Pierre-Antoine-Jean Bach, 87, French-born Laotian Roman Catholic prelate, Vicar Apostolic of Savannakhet (1971–1975).[143]
  • Katrin Beinroth, 38, German judoka, European open class champion (2003).[144]
  • Hermes Binner, 77, Argentine politician, Governor of Santa Fe (2007–2011) and Mayor of Rosario (1995–2003), pneumonia.[145]
  • Thomas Edwin Blanton Jr., 82, American terrorist and convicted murderer (16th Street Baptist Church bombing).[146]
  • Cees de Bruin, 74, Dutch financier and investor.[147] (death announced on this date)
  • Francis Carnwath, 80, British banker and charity executive.[148]
  • Chen Peiqiu, 97, Chinese painter and calligrapher.[149]
  • Choi Suk-hyeon, 22, South Korean triathlete, suicide.[150]
  • Ed Conroy, 73, Canadian politician, MLA for Rossland-Trail (1991–2001).[151]
  • Stuart Cornfeld, 67, American film producer (Zoolander, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, Tropic Thunder), cancer.[152]
  • Marcela Costales, 68, Ecuadorian historian and politician.[153]
  • Robert Donnelly, 58, Scottish footballer (Clyde).[154] (death announced on this date)
  • James Dunn, 80, British theologian.[155]
  • Sandra Feva, 73, American soul singer.[156]
  • Theo Foley, 83, Irish football player (Burnley, Northampton Town, national team).[157]
  • ro (Octavian Fulger), 91, Romanian director.[158]
  • Arnie Ginsburg, 93, American disc jockey (WMEX).[159]
  • Milton Glaser, 91, American graphic designer, creator of the I ❤ NY slogan and co-founder of New York magazine, stroke and renal failure.[160]
  • Bernhard van Haersma Buma, 88, Dutch politician, mayor of Workum (1962–1970) and Sneek (1970–1993).[161]
  • Syed Munawar Hasan, 78, Pakistani politician, Emir of Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan (2009–2014), COVID-19.[162]
  • Charles Lawton Jiles, 90, American musician (Buck Owens) and songwriter (Patsy Cline, Porter Wagoner).[163] (death announced on this date)
  • Buck Johnson, 94, American sportswriter (Chattanooga Times Free Press, BBWAA).[164]
  • Madeleine Juneau, 74, Canadian museologist (Congregation of Notre Dame of Montreal).[165]
  • Margaret Jurgensmeier, 85, American baseball player (Rockford Peaches).[166]
  • Tami Lynn, 77–78, American soul singer.[167]
  • Diana Maddock, Baroness Maddock, 75, British politician, MP (1993–1997), Lord Temporal (since 1997) and President of the Liberal Democrats (1999–2000).[168]
  • Yusuf Memon, Indian terrorist (1993 Bombay bombings), heart attack.[169]
  • Rosemarie Müller-Streisand, 96, German church historian and theologian.[170]
  • Faqir Nabi, 67, Afghan actor, COVID-19.[171]
  • ru (Maria Nanaeva), 93, Kyrgyz pharmacologist.[172]
  • William Negri, 84, Italian footballer (Mantova, Bologna, national team).[173]
  • Tony Pidgley, 72, British property developer and financier (Berkeley Group).[174]
  • Jaroslav Pollák, 72, Slovak footballer (Sparta Prague, Austria Salzburg, national team).[175]
  • Taryn Power, 66, American actress (The Count of Monte Cristo, Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger, Eating), leukemia.[176]
  • Ramon Revilla Sr., 93, Filipino actor (Iyo ang Tondo Kanya ang Cavite, Arrest: Pat. Rizal Alih, Exodus: Tales from the Enchanted Kingdom) and politician, Senator (1992–2004), heart failure.[177]
  • Don Seymour, 58, Canadian Hall of Fame jockey.[178]
  • Julianus Kemo Sunarko, 78, Indonesian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Purwokerto (2000–2016).[179]
  • Narcisa Toldrà, 96, Spanish musician.[180]


  • Abiola Ajimobi, 70, Nigerian politician, Senator (2004–2007) and Governor of Oyo State (2011–2019), COVID-19.[181]
  • Suzana Amaral, 88, Brazilian film director and screenwriter (Hour of the Star, A Hidden Life).[182]
  • Scott Bessant, 37, Welsh rugby player, pneumonia.[183]
  • Nimai Bhattacharya, 89, Indian writer.[184]
  • Federica Bubba, 27, Italian researcher.[185]
  • Chen Zhaoyuan, 89, Chinese engineer.[186]
  • fr (Jacques Coursil), 82, French jazz trumpeter and composer.[187]
  • Patrice Gélard, 81, French politician, Senator (1995–2014).[188]
  • Lester Grinspoon, 92, American psychiatrist and marijuana advocate (Marihuana Reconsidered).[189]
  • Richard Grove, 64, British environmental historian.[190]
  • Huey, 31, American rapper ("Pop, Lock & Drop It"), shot.[191]
  • Siya Kakkar, 15, Indian social media personality and dancer, suicide by hanging.[192]
  • John Kennedy Sr., 91, Australian Hall of Fame football player and coach (Hawthorn, North Melbourne).[193]
  • Blaine Kern, 93, American parade float and props manufacturer (Kern Studios).[194]
  • Olivier Le Fèvre, 59, French astrophysicist, brain cancer.[195]
  • Liu Guangning, 81, Chinese voice actor.[196]
  • Ogun Majek, Nigerian actor.[197]
  • Emeka Mamale, 42, Congolese footballer (DC Motema Pembe, Kaizer Chiefs, national team).[198]
  • Kilasu Massamba, 69, Congolese footballer (AS Dragons, national team).[199]
  • Art Miller Jr., 73, American politician, member of the Michigan Senate (1977–2002), lung cancer.[200]
  • Juan Ostoic, 89, Chilean Olympic basketball player (1952, 1956), heart failure.[201]
  • Papaléo Paes, 67, Brazilian politician, Senator (2003–2011) and Vice Governor of Amapá (2015–2018), COVID-19.[202]
  • Ionuț Popa, 67, Romanian football player and manager (UTA Arad, Bihor Oradea, Politehnica Iași).[203]
  • Joe Sinnott, 93, American Hall of Fame comic book artist (The Avengers, Thor, Fantastic Four).[204]
  • Hans Sleutelaar, 84, Dutch poet.[205]
  • Tien-Yien Li, 75, Chinese-born American mathematician.[206]
  • Peter E. Toschek, 87, German physicist.[207]
  • Maya Ulanovskaya, 87, American-born Russian-Israeli political dissident, writer and translator.[208]
  • Ivan Utrobin, 86, Russian cross-country skier, Olympic bronze medalist (1964).[209]
  • et (Wendy Wheeler), British literary scholar and semiotician.[210]
  • Graeme Williamson, 71, Scottish rock singer (Pukka Orchestra), stroke.[211]


  • Gösta Ågren, 83, Finnish poet.[212]
  • A.J. Beirens, 74, Belgian radio maker and journalist.[213]
  • Alfredo Biondi, 91, Italian politician, MP (1968–1972, 1979–2008), Minister of Justice (1994–1995) and Environment (1983–1984).[214]
  • Harry Britt, 82, American political activist, member (1979–1993) and president (1989–1990) of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.[215]
  • Robert L. Carneiro, 93, American anthropologist.[216]
  • Étienne Cerexhe, 89, Belgian politician and judge, member of the Senate (1985–1987) and Chamber of Representatives (1988–1991).[217]
  • Ding-Shinn Chen, 76, Taiwanese hepatologist, pancreatic cancer.[218]
  • Lester Crystal, 85, American news executive (PBS NewsHour, NBC Nightly News), president of NBC News (1977–1979), stomach cancer and pneumonia.[219]
  • Jacques Demêtre, 96, French blues historian.[220]
  • Shelagh Duffett, 65, Scottish-born Canadian artist, pancreatic cancer.[221]
  • Ralph Dunagin, 83, American cartoonist (The Middletons, Grin and Bear It).[222]
  • Yuriy Dyachuk-Stavytskyi, 73, Ukrainian football player and manager (Spartak Ivano-Frankivsk, Karpaty Lviv).[223]
  • Marc Fumaroli, 88, French historian and essayist.[224]
  • Sir Anthony Hammond, 79, British lawyer and public servant (Treasury Solicitor (1997–2000)).[225]
  • Michael Hawley, 58, American educator, pianist and visual artist, colon cancer.[226]
  • Eddie Kasko, 88, American baseball player (St. Louis Cardinals, Cincinnati Reds, Houston Astros) and manager (Boston Red Sox).[227]
  • Mohammed Yaseen Mohammed, 57, Iraqi Olympic weightlifter (1980, 1984), COVID-19.[228]
  • Jane Parker-Smith, 70, British classical organist.[229]
  • Claude Le Péron, 72, French bass guitarist.[230]
  • Nilamber Dev Sharma, 88, Indian writer and literary scholar.[231]
  • Toni Waho, 59, New Zealand Māori language advocate, drowned.[232]
  • zh (Wan Gengyu), Chinese painter and dunhuangologist.[233]
  • Nigel Weiss, 83, South African mathematician.[234]


  • Shafkat Bose Adewoyin, Nigerian actress.[235]
  • Vehbi Akdağ, 71, Turkish freestyle wrestler, Olympic silver medalist (1972).[236]
  • Nikos Alefantos, 81, Greek football player (Atromitos Piraeus, Panegialios) and manager (Olympiacos), heart attack.[237]
  • Ryan Anthony, 51, American trumpeter (Canadian Brass, Dallas Symphony Orchestra), multiple myeloma.[238]
  • Erminia Bianchini, 112, Italian supercentenarian, nation's oldest woman (since 2020).[239]
  • Jean-Michel Bokamba-Yangouma, Congolese trade unionist and politician, COVID-19.[240]
  • Lawrence Chelin, 61, South African footballer (Arcadia Shepherds, Durban City F.C., Atlanta Chiefs), leukaemia.[241]
  • Nikolai Fadeyechev, 87, Russian ballet dancer and teacher, People's Artist of the USSR (1976).[242]
  • Michael Falzon, 48, Australian musical actor and producer, cancer.[243]
  • Aziz Ur Rahman Hazarvi, 72, Pakistani Islamic scholar.[244]
  • de (Arthur Keaveney), 68, Irish historian.[245]
  • Li Zhensheng, 79, Chinese photojournalist, cerebral hemorrhage.[246]
  • Justin Love, 41, American basketball player (Saint Louis Billikens, Beijing Olympians, BC Odessa).[247]
  • Mike McCool, 68, New Zealand rugby union player (Hawke's Bay, Wairarapa Bush, national team).[248]
  • Margarita Pracatan, 89, Cuban novelty singer.[249]
  • Francisco Javier Prado Aránguiz, 91, Chilean Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Rancagua (1993–2004) and Iquique (1984–1988), cancer.[250]
  • Patricio Rodríguez, 81, Chilean tennis player, cancer.[251]
  • Liam Treadwell, 34, English National Hunt jockey.[252]
  • Luis R. Varela, 82, Cuban-born American Puerto Rican sportswriter (Associated Press), complications from intestinal surgery.[253]
  • César Bosco Vivas Robelo, 78, Nicaraguan Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of León (1991–2019).[254]


  • Shirley Adelson Siegel, 101, American lawyer, complications from a stroke.[255]
  • Vernon Alden, 97, American scholar, president of Ohio University.[256]
  • Witold Baran, 80, Polish Olympic middle-distance runner (1964).[257]
  • Pappukutty Bhagavathar, 107, Indian actor (Sthreehridayam, Sree Guruvayoorappan, Kattukurangu) and playback singer.[258]
  • Steve Bing, 55, American entertainment executive (Shangri-La Entertainment), screenwriter and film producer (Kangaroo Jack, Rules Don't Apply), suicide by jumping.[259]
  • Carlos Bosch, 75, Argentine photojournalist.[260]
  • Dick Buerkle, 72, American Olympic runner (1976).[261]
  • Xavier Buisseret, 79, Belgian politician (Chamber of Representatives, Flemish Parliament).[262]
  • José Cutileiro Jr., 61, Portuguese-Dutch musician, journalist and writer.[263]
  • Nouri Dhiab, 76, Iraqi footballer (national team).[264]
  • Jesus Dosado, 80, Filipino Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of Ozamiz (1981–2016).[265]
  • Annie Goldmann, 89, French cinema sociologist.[266]
  • Phil Krueger, 90, American football player, coach (Utah State Aggies, Fresno State Bulldogs), and general manager (Tampa Bay Buccaneers).[267]
  • Angela Madsen, 60, American athlete, Paralympic bronze medallist (2012), drowned.[268]
  • Ank Marx, 57, Dutch theatre writer.[269] (death announced on this date)
  • Carlos Luis Morales, 55, Ecuadorian footballer (Independiente, Emelec, national team) and politician, cardiocirculatory arrest.[270]
  • Harry Penk, 85, English footballer (Wigan Athletic, Plymouth Argyle, Southampton).[271]
  • Pierino Prati, 73, Italian footballer (Milan, Roma, national team), cancer.[272]
  • Joel Schumacher, 80, American film director (The Lost Boys, Falling Down, Batman Forever), cancer.[273]
  • Karlman Wasserman, 93, American physiologist (Wasserman 9-Panel Plot).[274]
  • Thomas Welder, 80, American Benedictine nun and educator, President of the University of Mary (1978–2009), kidney cancer.[275]
  • ru (Zinovi Yuryev), 94, Russian writer and scriptwriter.[276]


  • Sergio Salvador Aguirre Anguiano, 77, Mexican jurist, associate justice of the Supreme Court (1995–2012), stomach cancer.[277]
  • György Bálint, 100, Hungarian horticulturist and politician, MP (1994–1998), COVID-19.[278]
  • Lucius Barker, 92, American political scientist, complications from Alzheimer's disease.[279]
  • Richárd Bicskey, 83, Hungarian Olympic cyclist (1964).[280]
  • Sheela Borthakur, 84, Indian social worker.[281]
  • Felicity Bryan, 74, British literary agent and journalist, stomach cancer.[282]
  • Pascal Clément, 75, French politician, Minister of Justice (2005–2007), pulmonary infection.[283]
  • Jens van Daele, 48, Belgian-born Dutch dancer and choreographer, esophageal bleeding.[284]
  • Catherine Fol, 54, Canadian film director, cancer.[285]
  • Ben Godfrey, 25, British motorcycle racer, speedway collision.[286]
  • Rajinder Goel, 77, Indian cricketer (Delhi, Haryana, Southern Punjab).[287]
  • Jürgen Holtz, 87, German actor (Rosa Luxemburg, Made in Israel, Good Bye, Lenin!), complications from cancer.[288]
  • Talib Jauhari, 80, Pakistani Islamic scholar, COVID-19.[289]
  • Apinan Kaewpila, 35, Thai footballer (Samutsongkhram, TOT, Samut Sakhon), traffic collision.[290]
  • David Hugh Mellor, 81, British philosopher.[291]
  • Anthony J. Naldrett, 86, Canadian geologist.[292]
  • Mile Nedelkoski, 84, Macedonian writer and poet.[293]
  • Jeet Singh Negi, 95, Indian folk singer and composer.[294]
  • Bernardino Piñera, 104, Chilean Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Temuco (1960–1977) and Archbishop of La Serena (1983–1990), COVID-19.[295]
  • Ahmed Radhi, 56, Iraqi football player (Al-Zawraa, national team) and manager (Al-Shorta), COVID-19.[296]
  • Manny Santos, 85, Australian Olympic weightlifter (1956, 1960).[297]
  • Ken Snow, 50, American soccer player (Chicago Power, St. Louis Steamers, national team), COVID-19.[298]
  • Zeev Sternhell, 85, Polish-born Israeli historian and political scientist.[299]
  • Bobby Storey, 63–64, Irish republican (IRA).[300]
  • Badiuzzaman Tunu, 91, Bangladeshi military officer.[301]
  • Bobana Veličković, 30, Serbian Olympic sport shooter (2012, 2016), complications from childbirth.[302]
  • Joan Pau Verdier, 73, French singer.[303]
  • Dennis Young, 90, New Zealand rugby union player (Canterbury, national team), cancer.[304]


  • Nick Acocella, 77, American baseball and political writer, cancer.[305]
  • Ema Derossi-Bjelajac, 94, Croatian politician, President of the Presidency of SR Croatia (1985–1986).[306]
  • Svein Arne Hansen, 74, Norwegian sports official, president of the European Athletic Association (since 2015).[307]
  • Angur Baba Joshi, 87, Nepali educationist and social activist, throat and breast cancer.[308]
  • Bettina Falckenberg, 93, German actress.[309]
  • Jim Kiick, 73, American football player (Miami Dolphins, Denver Broncos), Super Bowl champion (1972, 1973), Alzheimer's disease.[310]
  • Philip Latham, 91, British actor (The Troubleshooters, Dracula: Prince of Darkness, Ring of Spies).[311]
  • Pedro Lima, 49, Portuguese actor (Ilha dos Amores, Second Life) and Olympic swimmer (1988, 1992).[312]
  • Kamal Lohani, 85, Bangladeshi journalist, Director General of the Shilpakala Academy (2009–2011), COVID-19.[313]
  • William Millerson, 67, Aruban-born Curaçaoan karateka and politician, chairman of the Estates of Curaçao (2017–2020).[314]
  • Mufti Muhammad Naeem, 64, Pakistani Islamic scholar, co-founder of Jamia Binoria, COVID-19.[315]
  • Joseph D. Patero, 88, American politician, member of the New Jersey General Assembly (1974–1986, 1988–1991).[316]
  • Maria Lluïsa Oliveda Puig, 97, Spanish actress.[317]
  • Aaron Tokona, 45, New Zealand guitarist and singer (Weta, Cairo Knife Fight, Fly My Pretties), heart attack.[318]
  • no (Frank Tømmervåg), 69, Norwegian footballer (Lillestrøm).[319]
  • Max Tuerk, 26, American football player (Los Angeles Chargers, Arizona Cardinals, USC Trojans).[320]
  • Usharani, 62, Indian actress (Puthiya Vaarpugal, Oru Oorla Oru Rajakumari, Millennium Stars), kidney failure.[321]


  • Cho Hae-il, 79, South Korean writer.[322]
  • Mario Corso, 78, Italian football player (Inter, national team) and manager (Mantova).[323]
  • Svetlana Efremova, 73, Russian ballerina and teacher (Mikhailovsky Theatre Company), People's Artist of Russia.[324]
  • Feng Lijun, 55, Chinese politician.[325] (death announced on this date)
  • Ramchand Goala, 79, Bangladeshi cricket player (national team) and coach.[326]
  • Ralph Haas, 87, Canadian engineer and academic.[327]
  • Sir Ian Holm, 88, English actor (Alien, Chariots of Fire, The Lord of the Rings), BAFTA winner (1982), complications from Parkinson's disease.[328]
  • Nora Kutti, 97, Estonian swimmer and masters athlete.[329]
  • Tandi Mpambo-Sibhukwana, South African politician, MP (since 2019).[330]
  • Dumitru Munteanu, 87, Romanian footballer (Petrolul Ploiești, Steaua București, national team).[331]
  • David Perlman, 101, American science journalist (San Francisco Chronicle), cancer.[332]
  • Karin Peschel, 84, German economist.[333]
  • A. L. Raghavan, 87, Indian playback singer (Pona Machaan Thirumbi Vandhan, Kudumba Gouravam, Azhagarmalai Kalvan).[334]
  • Carlos Ruiz Zafón, 55, Spanish novelist (The Prince of Mist, The Shadow of the Wind, The Prisoner of Heaven), colon cancer.[335]
  • Vidyaben Shah, 97, Indian social worker.[336]
  • Nana Adjei Sikapa, 55, Ghanaian broadcaster.[337]
  • Harry Smith, 69, British journalist.[338]
  • Pat Stark, 90, American football player (Syracuse Orange) and coach (Rochester Yellowjackets).[339]
  • René Alphonse van den Berghe, 80, Belgian art dealer and convicted art thief, complications during surgery.[340]
  • Noël Vandernotte, 96, French coxswain, Olympic bronze medallist (1936).[341]


  • Tibor Benedek, 47, Hungarian water polo player, Olympic champion (2000, 2004, 2008), pancreatic cancer.[342]
  • Claus Biederstaedt, 91, German actor (The Great Temptation, Don't Worry About Your Mother-in-Law, Before Sundown).[343]
  • Anna Blume, 83, German art photographer (Anna and Bernhard Blume).[344]
  • John Bredenkamp, 79, Zimbabwean rugby union player and businessman.[345]
  • Hux Brown, 75, Jamaican guitarist (Toots and the Maytals).[346]
  • Arturo Chaires, 83, Mexican footballer (C.D. Guadalajara, national team).[347]
  • Galina Dashevskaya, 79, Russian actress (July Rain, An Incident that no one noticed), railway collision.[348]
  • Malim Ghozali PK, 71, Malaysian writer, cancer.[349]
  • Breene Harimoto, 66, American politician, member of the Hawaii Senate (since 2015), pancreatic cancer.[350]
  • Mikhail Ignatyev, 58, Russian politician, Head of the Chuvash Republic (2010–2020), COVID-19.[351]
  • Nicolas Joel, 67, French opera director, GM of Paris Opera (2009–2014), complications from a stroke.[352]
  • Ellington Jordan, 80, American songwriter (I'd Rather Go Blind).[353]
  • Sergei Khrushchev, 84, Russian-American engineer.[354]
  • Kossi Koudagba, 24, Togolese footballer (Espoir Tsevie, ASC Kara, national team).[355]
  • Endre Lépold, 64, Hungarian Olympic sprinter (1976).[356]
  • Dame Vera Lynn, 103, British singer ("We'll Meet Again", "The White Cliffs of Dover").[357]
  • Lawrence McCann, 75, Canadian geographer.[358]
  • Ada Rapoport-Albert, 74, Israeli historian.[359]
  • fr (Georges Octors), 97, Belgian violist and conductor.[360]
  • Sachy, 48, Indian screenwriter (Makeup Man) and film director (Anarkali, Ayyappanum Koshiyum), cardiac arrest.[361]
  • Milo Sarens, 82, Belgian Olympic boxer (1960).[362]
  • Jules Sedney, 97, Surinamese economist and politician, Prime Minister (1969–1973) and Governor of the Central Bank of Suriname (1980–1983).[363]
  • Antonio Veciana, 91, Cuban spy (CIA, Alpha 66).[364]
  • Kees Wiese, 84, Dutch journalist.[365]
  • Jim Young, 95, New Zealand boat builder and designer.[366]


  • Marlene Ahrens, 86, Chilean javelin thrower and equestrian, Olympic silver medallist (1956), heart failure.[367]
  • Tariq Aziz, 84, Pakistani actor, television show host (Bazm E Tariq Aziz) and politician, MP (1997–1999).[368]
  • Gordon H. Bower, 87, American cognitive psychologist.[369]
  • Jean Brousseau (Jean Brousseau (actor)), 90, Canadian actor (Black Robe).[370]
  • Lewis John Carlino, 88, American screenwriter (I Never Promised You a Rose Garden) and director (The Great Santini), blood cancer.[371]
  • William C. Dement, 91, American psychiatrist and sleep researcher, cardiovascular disease.[372]
  • Terry Dicks, 83, British politician, MP (1983–1997).[373]
  • K. Anders Ericsson, 72, Swedish psychologist and scholar.[374]
  • Victor Feldbrill, 96, Canadian conductor and violinist.[375]
  • Dan Foster, American radio broadcaster, COVID-19.[376]
  • Hugh Fraser, 62, Canadian jazz musician, cancer.[377]
  • Vic Gilliam, 66, American politician, member of the Oregon House of Representatives (2007–2017), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.[378]
  • Astrid Gjertsen, 91, Danish-born Norwegian politician, MP (1973–1989).[379]
  • ru (Galina Grigor'yevna Galadzheva), Russian art history editor, painter, and costume designer.[380]
  • Bill Groman, 83, American football player (Houston Oilers, Denver Broncos, Buffalo Bills).[381]
  • Magda Kandil, 62, Egyptian economist.[382]
  • György Kárpáti, 84, Hungarian water polo player, Olympic champion (1952, 1956, 1964).[383]
  • Petr Král, 78, Czech poet.[384]
  • Reavis L. Mitchell Jr., 72, American historian and academic administrator (Fisk University).[385]
  • Fabrice Philipot, 54, French racing cyclist.[386]
  • Roberto Salmeron, 98, Brazilian electrical engineer.[387]
  • Jean Kennedy Smith, 92, American diplomat, ambassador to Ireland (1993–1998), Presidential Medal of Freedom winner, founder of VSA.[388]
  • Michael E. Soulé, 84, American biologist, co-founder of the Society for Conservation Biology.[389]
  • Jerry Sturm, 83, American football player (Calgary Stampeders, Denver Broncos, New Orleans Saints).[390]
  • Willie Thorne, 66, English snooker player and commentator, leukaemia.[391]
  • Ronny Van Sweevelt, 57, Belgian Olympic racing cyclist (1984), food poisoning.[392]
  • Vatanyar Yagyua, 81, Russian politician, Saint Petersburg MLA (1994–2011).[393]
  • Pietro Zoppas, 86, Italian racing cyclist.[394]


  • Yuji Adachi, 56, Japanese guitarist and songwriter (Dead End), sepsis.[395]
  • Delbert Africa, 74, American black liberation activist (MOVE), prostate and bone cancer.[396]
  • ru (Mikhail Alekseenko), 72, Russian ice hockey player (HC Dynamo Moscow).[397]
  • Lidija Pavlovna Arseneva, 79, Russian textile worker, Hero of Socialist Labour (1981).[398]
  • Mohammad Asghar, 74, Welsh politician, member of the Senedd (since 2007).[399]
  • Knut Bohwim, 89, Norwegian film director (Olsen Gang).[400]
  • Roger Borniche, 101, French author and police detective.[401]
  • Tamar Bornstein-Lazar, 93, Israeli children's writer.[402]
  • Valério Breda, 75, Italian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Penedo, Brazil (since 1997).[403]
  • Eduardo Cojuangco Jr., 85, Filipino food and beverage executive and politician, member of the House of Representatives (1969–1972), CEO and chairman of San Miguel Corporation.[404]
  • es (Federico Corriente Córdoba), 79, Spanish Arabist, lexicographer and academic (Royal Spanish Academy).[405]
  • ro (Victor Drumi), 70, Moldovan actor.[406]
  • Haribhau Jawale, 66, Indian politician, MP (2009–2019), COVID-19.[407]
  • Paul Kramer, 86, American politician, member of the New Jersey General Assembly (1992–2000).[408]
  • John Madigan, 53, Australian politician, Senator (2011–2016), liver and bowel cancer.[409]
  • pt (Nivaldo Manoel), 74, Brazilian politician, member of the Legislative Assembly of Paraíba (2004–2011), pancreatic cancer.[410]
  • John J. Mooney, 90, American chemical engineer, stroke.[411]
  • Gerda Mylle, 67, Belgian politician, mayor of Izegem (2007–2012) and MP (2013–2014).[412]
  • Peter Nguyen, 76, Hong Kong judge, Director of Public Prosecutions (1994–1997).[413]
  • Omondi Long'lilo, 37, Kenyan Benga musician, cancer.[414]
  • Edén Pastora, 83, Nicaraguan revolutionary and politician, respiratory failure.[415]
  • Paulinho Paiakan, 67, Brazilian indigenous leader, COVID-19.[416]
  • Patrick Poivey, 72, French actor (Loulou, Mune: Guardian of the Moon) and voiceover artist.[417]
  • Oleksiy Poroshenko (Oleksiy Poroshenko (born 1936)), 84, Ukrainian agricultural machine engineer, stroke.[418]
  • Ernest Poruthota, 88, Sri Lankan Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of Colombo (1987–1991).[419]
  • Juan Floreal Recabarren, 93, Chilean historian and politician, Deputy (1969–1973) and mayor of Antofagasta (1964–1967, 1990–1992).[420]
  • John G. Richardson, 62, American politician, member and Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives (1998–2006), heart attack.[421]
  • Robert D. Richardson, 86, American historian and biographer, complications from a fall.[422]
  • Georgi Ryabov, 81, Estonian-born Russian footballer (Tallinna Dünamo, Dynamo Moscow, USSR national team).[423]
  • John Joe Sheehan, 90, Irish Gaelic footballer (Kerry).[424]
  • Alistair Soper, 83, New Zealand rugby union player (national team, Southland, Blackheath).[425]
  • A. K. S. Usgaonkar, 92, Indian politician, Goa MLA.[426]
  • Eusebio Vélez, 85, Spanish racing cyclist.[427]
  • Charles Webb, 81, American novelist (The Graduate).[428]
  • Yohan, 28, South Korean pop singer (TST).[429]


  • Winston Backus, 99, Canadian politician, Alberta MLA (1971–1979).[430]
  • Morgan Burke, 68, American athletic director (Purdue Boilermakers).[431]
  • Juan Díaz, 84, Chilean Olympic boxer (1960).[432]
  • Lilia Dizon, 91, Filipino actress (The Moises Padilla Story).[433]
  • Paul Fortune, 69, British-American interior designer.[434]
  • José Gentil Rosa, 80, Brazilian politician, Maranhão MLA (1987–1991, 1995–1999, since 2019), COVID-19.[435]
  • Giulio Giorello, 75, Italian philosopher, COVID-19.[436]
  • Fred Jarvis, 95, British trade union leader, President of the Trades Union Congress (1987).[437]
  • Renato de Jesus, 67, Brazilian politician, Rio de Janeiro MLA (1995–2011), COVID-19.[438]
  • Nagendra Nath Jha, 85, Indian diplomat, Lieutenant Governor of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands (2001–2004).[439]
  • Janne Bondi Johannessen, 59, Norwegian linguist.[440]
  • Badar Uddin Ahmed Kamran, 69, Bangladeshi politician, mayor of Sylhet (2003–2013), COVID-19.[441]
  • Beth Levine, 60, American physician, cancer.[442]
  • Wolfram Lorenzen, 68, German pianist.[443]
  • Seifu Makonnen, 68, Ethiopian Olympic boxer (1972).[444]
  • Marinho, 63, Brazilian footballer (Atlético Mineiro, América, national team), pancreatitis and prostate cancer.[445]
  • Robert S. Molaro, 69, American politician, member of the Illinois Senate (1993–2003) and Illinois House of Representatives (2003–2009).[446]
  • Adebayo Osinowo, 64, Nigerian politician, member of the Senate (since 2019) and Lagos State House of Assembly (2003–2019), COVID-19.[447]
  • Michel Roquebert, 91, French historian and writer.[448]
  • Frederic Rosati, 70, American restaurateur (Rosati's Authentic Chicago Pizza).[449]
  • Jorge Rubio, 75, Mexican baseball player (California Angels).[450]
  • Anton Schlembach, 88, German Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Speyer (1983–2007).[451]
  • Kirk R. Smith, 73, American climatologist.[452]
  • Phil Takahashi, 63, Canadian Olympic judoka (1984, 1988).[453]
  • Nana Tuffour, 66, Ghanaian highlife singer.[454]


  • Saiful Azam, 79, Bangladeshi air force pilot.[455]
  • Sally Banes, 69, American dance historian and critic, ovarian cancer.[456]
  • Luce Douady, 16, French climber, world youth champion and European championships bronze medalist (2019), fall.[457]
  • Bill Fox, 94, American sports franchise owner (Los Angeles Chargers), president of the San Diego Zoo Global.[458]
  • William Gildea, 81, American sportswriter (The Washington Post), complications from Parkinson's disease.[459]
  • Betty Goudsmit-Oudkerk, 96, Dutch resistance member.[460]
  • Virgínia Hagge, 56, Brazilian pedagogue and politician, member of Legislative Assembly of Bahia (2007–2011).[461]
  • Sarah Hegazi, 30, Egyptian LGBT rights activist, suicide.[462]
  • Elsa Joubert, 97, South African Sestigers writer, COVID-19.[463]
  • Noel Kelly, 84, Australian rugby league player (Ipswich, Western Suburbs Magpies, national team).[464]
  • Helena van der Kraan, 80, Dutch artist and photographer, cancer.[465]
  • Mohammad-Ali Keshavarz, 90, Iranian actor (The Desert of the Tartars, The Fateful Day, Through the Olive Trees).[466]
  • Eva Kristínová, 91, Slovak actress.[467]
  • Nguea Laroute, 59–60, Cameroonian Makossa singer, diabetes.[468]
  • Pierre Lumbi, 70, Congolese politician, Senator (since 2016), COVID-19.[469]
  • Arunkumar Mehta, 80, Indian diamond and gem executive, CEO of Rosy Blue.[470]
  • Maret Olvet, 89, Estonian printmaker.[471]
  • Aarón Padilla Gutiérrez, 77, Mexican footballer (Pumas, Atlante, national team), COVID-19.[472]
  • Sushant Singh Rajput, 34, Indian actor (M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story, Chhichhore, Detective Byomkesh Bakshy!), suicide by hanging.[473]
  • Haroldo Rodas, 74, Guatemalan diplomat and politician, Minister of Foreign Affairs (2008–2012), COVID-19.[474]
  • Claude Samuel, 88, French music critic and radio executive.[475]
  • Lucy Scarbrough, 92, American classical pianist and teacher.[476]
  • Keith Tippett, 72, British jazz pianist (King Crimson, Centipede) and composer.[477]
  • Raj Mohan Vohra, 88, Indian military officer, COVID-19.[478]
  • Kerbino Wol, 37–38, South Sudanese businessman and founder of the 7 October Movement.[479]
  • Tawfiq al-Yasiri, Iraqi politician, member of the IRDC, COVID-19.[480]


  • Sheikh Md Abdullah, 74, Bangladeshi politician, Minister of Religious Affairs (since 2019), COVID-19.[481]
  • Théophile Philippe Barakat, 67, Syrian Syriac Catholic hierarch, Archbishop of Homs (since 2016).[482]
  • Leslie Cohen Berlowitz, 76, American academic administrator (American Academy of Arts and Sciences).[483]
  • Eula Bingham, 90, American scientist.[484]
  • Marj Carpenter, 93, American Presbyterian leader, missionary and reporter, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (1995–1996).[485]
  • Jamie Drummond, 64, Australian racing shock designer and rally car parts executive, traffic collision.[486]
  • Pepe el Ferreiro, 78, Spanish archaeologist.[487]
  • Kirvan Fortuin, 28, South African dancer and choreographer, stabbed.[488]
  • Dick Garmaker, 87, American basketball player (Minneapolis Lakers, New York Knicks, Minnesota Golden Gophers).[489]
  • Jim Grelle, 83, American Olympic middle-distance runner (1960).[490]
  • Denise Jallais, 89, French journalist and poet.[491]
  • Nic Jorge, 78, Filipino basketball coach (national team) and secretary general of the Basketball Association of the Philippines.[492]
  • B. Kannan, 69, Indian cinematographer (Oru Nadigai Natakam Parkiral, Kadalora Kavithaigal, Solla Thudikuthu Manasu).[493]
  • Sabiha Khanum, 84, Pakistani actress (Do Ansoo, Mukhra, Anjuman), kidney disease.[494]
  • Bram Kloppert, 73, Dutch boxer.[495]
  • Rabi Lenke, 65–66, Hungarian librarian and historian.[496]
  • Mike McCormick, 81, American baseball player (San Francisco Giants, Baltimore Orioles, Kansas City Royals), Cy Young Award (1967), Parkinson's disease.[497]
  • Donald W. Meinig, 95, American geographer.[498]
  • Mags Murray, 58, Irish politician.[499]
  • Mohammed Nasim, 72, Bangladeshi politician, MP (1986–1987, 1991–2006, since 2014), Minister of Home Affairs (1999–2001) and Health (2014–2019), stroke.[500]
  • Kent E. Portney, 69, American political scientist.[501]
  • Luther Price, 58, American experimental filmmaker and visual artist.[502]
  • Angélique Pourreyron, 36, French singer.[503]
  • Vasant Raiji, 100, Indian cricketer (Bombay, Baroda).[504]
  • Maurice Rajsfus, 92, French writer and historian.[505]
  • Jean Raspail, 94, French author (The Camp of the Saints, Moi, Antoine de Tounens, roi de Patagonie).[506]
  • Helge Rykkja, 76, Norwegian writer and poet.[507]
  • Colo Tavernier, 75, British-French screenwriter (A Week's Vacation, Beatrice, Story of Women), cancer.[508]
  • Vasile Traghira, 66, Moldovan football coach and president (Nistru Otaci).[509]
  • Tineke Verburg, 64, Dutch journalist and TV presenter.[510]
  • Pramono Edhie Wibowo, 64, Indonesian military officer, Army Chief of Staff (2011–2013), heart attack.[511]
  • Marc Zermati, 75, French record producer and promoter.[512]


  • pl (Włodzimierz Bednarski), 85, Polish actor (The Deluge, With Fire and Sword).[513]
  • Claude A. Bray, Jr., 88, American politician, member of the Georgia House of Representatives (1967–1987).[514]
  • Carl Brewer, 63, American politician, mayor of Wichita (2007–2015).[515]
  • Rayshard Brooks, 27, American police detainee, shot.[516]
  • Aileen Christianson, 75, Scottish academic and writer.[517]
  • Anand Mohan Zutshi Gulzar Dehlvi, 93, Indian Urdu poet.[518]
  • Dodo Doris, 71, Congolese musician (Orchestra Super Mazembe), chest complications.[519]
  • Ursula Fuchs, 87, German author.[520]
  • Lino Esterino Garavaglia, 92, Italian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Tivoli (1987–1991) and Cesena-Sarsina (1991–2003).[521]
  • Ali Hadi, 53, Iraqi football player (Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya, Al-Zawraa) and manager (Zakho), COVID-19.[522]
  • Abani Mohan Joardar, 79, Indian politician, West Bengal MLA (since 2011).[523]
  • Ilona Lucassen, 23, Dutch judoka, suicide.[524]
  • Malcolm Mabry, 86, American politician, member of the Mississippi House of Representatives (1964–1980) and Senate (1980–1988).[525]
  • Claude Ndam, 65, Cameroonian singer-songwriter.[526]
  • pt (Porca Véia), 68, Brazilian Gaúcho music singer and accordionist, heart attack.[527]
  • ca (Juli Sanclimens i Genescà), 84, Spanish politician, mayor of Manresa (1984–1995) and member of the Catalan Parliament (1988–1995).[528]
  • Emmy Schörg, 90, Austrian actress.[529]
  • William S. Sessions, 90, American civil servant, Director of the FBI (1987–1993) and member and chief judge of the US District Court for Western Texas (1974–1987).[530]
  • Arthur Spatt, 94, American federal judge, member of the US District Court for Eastern New York (since 1989).[531]
  • Ricky Valance, 84, Welsh singer ("Tell Laura I Love Her").[532]
  • Albert Vitali, 64, Swiss politician, member of the National Council (since 2011), cancer.[533]
  • Parasnath Yadav, 71, Indian politician, Uttar Pradesh MLA, bladder cancer.[534]
  • Perfecto Yasay Jr., 73, Filipino politician, Secretary of Foreign Affairs (2016–2017), pneumonia complicated by cancer.[535]


  • Mahjoub Ben Bella, 73, Algerian-born French painter.[536]
  • Silke Blumbach, 49, German poet.[537]
  • Kraisak Choonhavan, 72, Thai politician, Senator (2000–2006), tongue cancer.[538]
  • Katsuhisa Hattori, 83, Japanese composer (Fist of the North Star), heart failure.[539]
  • Marjorie G. Horning, 102, American biochemist and pharmacologist.[540]
  • Emmanuel Issoze-Ngondet, 59, Gabonese politician, Prime Minister (2016–2019) and Minister of Foreign Affairs (2012–2016), asthma.[541]
  • Abenny Jachiga, 33, Kenyan Ohangla musician.[542]
  • Yūko Kagiwada, 88, Japanese poet.[543]
  • Earnie Killum, 72, American basketball player (Los Angeles Lakers).[544]
  • Nina Leilani Deering, 34, American musician, traffic collision.[545]
  • Roy Little Chief, 81, Canadian First Nations rights activist and politician, Chief of the Siksika Nation (1981–1983).[546]
  • Rodolfo Machado, 82, Argentinian actor (Bajo el signo de la patria, Let's Play in the World, El Picnic de los Campanelli).[547]
  • Marcel Maréchal, 82, French actor (I as in Icarus, Fanfan, Julien Fontanes, magistrat) and film director.[548]
  • Geoffrey Martin, 92, Australian footballer (Launceston, Ulverstone, Burnie).[549]
  • Bernard J. Matkowsky, 80, American mathematician.[550]
  • Basil Meeking, 90, New Zealand Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Christchurch (1987–1995).[551]
  • Burton Natarus, 86, American politician, Chicago alderman (1971–2007).[552]
  • Dennis O'Neil, 81, American comic book writer (Batman, Iron Man) and editor (Marvel Comics).[553]
  • Stella Pevsner, 98, American author.[554]
  • Matt Poore, 90, New Zealand cricketer (Canterbury, national team).[555]
  • Nanci Ryder, 67, American publicist (Renée Zellweger, Reese Witherspoon, Viggo Mortensen), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.[556]
  • Hermann Salomon, 82, German Olympic athlete (1960, 1964, 1968).[557]
  • Rosa Maria Sardà, 78, Spanish actress (Alegre ma non troppo, Carol's Journey, My Mother Likes Women) and comedian, Goya winner (1994, 2002), lymphoma.[558]
  • Cy Strulovitch, 94, Canadian Olympic basketball player (1948).[559]
  • Elly Stone, 93, American singer and actress.[560]
  • Hosbet Suresh, 90, Indian jurist and human rights activist.[561]
  • vi (Trần Quốc Hương), 95, Vietnamese politician.[562]
  • Mel Winkler, 78, American voice actor (Crash Bandicoot) and actor (Devil in a Blue Dress, The Doctors).[563]


  • J. Anbazhagan, 62, Indian politician, MLA (2001–2006, since 2011), COVID-19.[564]
  • Duilio Arigoni, 91, Swiss chemist.[565]
  • Naresh Aula, 34, Indian footballer (ONGC).[566]
  • Michel Bellen, 74, Belgian serial killer, heart failure.[567]
  • Justin Champion, 59, British historian.[568]
  • Hans Cieslarczyk, 83, German football player (Borussia Dortmund, national team) and manager (SpVgg Fürth).[569]
  • Richard Damen, 55, Dutch radio presenter.[570]
  • Joan Ferner, 87, Canadian-born New Zealand women's rights advocate.[571]
  • Rosita Fornés, 97, Cuban-American actress (Musical Romance, The Desire, The Unknown Mariachi) and singer, complications from emphysema.[572]
  • Vera Gancheva, 77, Bulgarian translator, publisher and author.[573]
  • Charlotte Gardner, 88, American politician, member of the North Carolina House of Representatives (1985–2001).[574]
  • Harry Glickman, 96, American Hall of Fame sports executive (Portland Trail Blazers) and journalist (The Oregonian).[575]
  • Antonio González Orozco, 87, Mexican muralist, cancer.[576]
  • William Hale, 88, American film and television director (Gunfight in Abilene, Red Alert, Murder in Texas).[577]
  • Araceli Herrero Figueroa, 71, Spanish writer, COVID-19.[578]
  • Murray Hill, 80, New Zealand seed technologist.[579]
  • James Holland, 81, American politician, member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives (1975–1977).[580]
  • Maria José, 91, Portuguese actress.[581]
  • Dorothy Kovalchick, 94, American baseball player (Fort Wayne Daisies).[582]
  • Anita Linda, 95, Filipino actress (Weighed But Found Wanting, Jaguar, Temptation Island).[583]
  • Elizabeth-Ann de Massy, 73, Monegasque aristocrat.[584]
  • Hans Mezger, 90, German automotive engineer (Porsche).[585]
  • Miliky MiCool, 53, Ghanaian actress, complications from high blood pressure.[586]
  • Mr. Wrestling II, 85, American professional wrestler (GCW, Mid-South, CWF).[587]
  • Murray Olderman, 98, American sports columnist, cartoonist and author.[588]
  • Paul Owen, 51, Canadian cricketer (Gloucestershire).[589]
  • Talat Özkarslı, 82, Turkish football player (Galatasaray, national team) and manager (Gaziantepspor).[590]
  • William Russell Robinson, 78, American politician, member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives (1989–2002).[591]
  • Stuart Lyon Smith, 82, Canadian politician, Ontario MPP (1975–1982), leader of the Ontario Liberal Party (1976–1982).[592]
  • William Tietz, 92–93, American veterinarian and academic administrator, president of Montana State University (1977–1990).[593]
  • Aad van den Heuvel, 84, Dutch television presenter and writer.[594]
  • Claudell Washington, 65, American baseball player (Atlanta Braves, New York Yankees, Oakland Athletics), World Series champion (1974), prostate cancer.[595]
  • Eppie Wietzes, 82, Dutch-born Canadian racing driver, heart failure.[596]
  • Sarunyoo Wongkrachang, 59, Thai actor (13 Beloved, Ong Bak 2) and film director (Kon Khon), liver cancer.[597]
  • Zoogin, 30, Swedish racehorse.[598]


  • Parviz Aboutaleb, 78, Iranian football player (Rah Ahan, Esteghlal) and manager (national team), complications from Alzheimer's disease.[599]
  • Ayşegül Atik, 72, Turkish actress.[600]
  • Joseph Mohsen Béchara, 85, Lebanese Maronite Catholic hierarch, Archbishop of Cyprus (1986–1988) and Antelias (1988–2012).[601]
  • Paul Chapman, 66, Welsh rock guitarist (UFO, Lone Star).[602]
  • Pau Donés, 53, Spanish singer-songwriter (Jarabe de Palo) and guitarist, cancer.[603]
  • Michael Drosnin, 74, American author and journalist.[604]
  • Ödön Földessy, 90, Hungarian long jumper, Olympic bronze medallist (1952).[605]
  • Kasirye Ggwanga, 68, Ugandan military officer, complications from brain surgery.[606]
  • de (William J. Hall), 94, American civil engineer.[607]
  • Luo Xiaowei, 94, Chinese architect.[608]
  • Simon Henshaw, American diplomat, Ambassador to Guinea (since 2019).[609]
  • Dick Johnson, 66, American news reporter (WMAQ-TV).[610]
  • Noel Johnson, 47 American college basketball coach (Midwestern State), ovarian cancer.[611]
  • Ain Kaalep, 94, Estonian writer and poet.[612]
  • Kim Chang-sop, 74, North Korean politician, Vice Minister of the State Security Department (since 2015).[613]
  • Nemir Kirdar, 83, Iraqi-British investment banker and financier, founder of Investcorp.[614]
  • Krystyna Krupska-Wysocka, 84, Polish film director.[615]
  • Francis Lagan, 85, Irish Roman Catholic prelate, Auxiliary Bishop of Derry (1988–2010).[616]
  • id (Benny Likumahuwa), 73, Indonesian musician.[617]
  • Gigi Marga, 91, Romanian-American singer.[618]
  • Gwen Margolis, 85, American politician, member (1980–1992, 2002–2008, 2010–2016) and president (1990–1992) of the Florida Senate.[619]
  • Gheorghe Motricală, 54, Moldovan journalist.[620]
  • Jean-Philippe Reverdot, 67, French photographer.[621]
  • Morris Schnitzer, 98, German-born Canadian agricultural scientist, Wolf Prize recipient (1995).[622]
  • Ajay Singh, 69, Indian diplomat and politician.[623]
  • ru (Anatoliy Trushkin), 78, Russian writer, COVID-19.[624]
  • Wang Dingguo, 108, Chinese politician, member of the Political Consultative Conference (1978–1993).[625]
  • Jas Waters, 39, American television writer (This Is Us, Kidding) and columnist (Vibe), suicide by hanging.[626]
  • Lonnie Wheeler, 68, American sports columnist (USA Today, Cincinnati Post, Cincinnati Enquirer) and baseball biographer.[627]
  • Adam Wodnicki, 89, Polish translator and writer.[628]


  • Klaus Berger, 79, German academic theologian.[629]
  • Tobias Berggren, 80, Swedish poet.[630]
  • Renzo Bulgarello, 72, Italian Olympic rower (1972).[631]
  • R. L. Clark, 89, American politician, member of the North Carolina Senate (1995–1998).[632]
  • Nicholas Cummings, 95, American psychologist and author.[633]
  • Tony Dunne, 78, Irish football player (Manchester United, Bolton Wanderers, national team) and manager.[634]
  • Manuel Felguérez, 91, Mexican abstract artist (Generación de la Ruptura), COVID-19.[635]
  • Maggie Fitzgibbon, 91, Australian actress (Sunstruck).[636]
  • James Hand, 67, American country music singer-songwriter.[637]
  • Marion Hänsel, 71, French-born Belgian film director and screenwriter (Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea).[638]
  • Rosemary Hollis, 68, British political scientist.[639]
  • G. C. Jennings, 81, American politician, member of the Virginia House of Delegates (1982–1994).[640]
  • Sedley Joseph, 80, Trinidadian footballer (national team), kidney disease.[641]
  • Stan London, 94, American physician (St. Louis Cardinals).[642]
  • ro (Costin Mărculescu), 50, Romanian actor, heart attack.[643]
  • Fabrizio Mioni, 89, Italian actor (Roland the Mighty, Hercules).[644]
  • Tavares Moreira, 75, Portuguese economist, governor of the Bank of Portugal (1986–1992).[645]
  • Basen Murmu, 33, Indian singer, cardiac arrest.[646]
  • Sardar Dur Muhammad Nasir, 61, Pakistani politician, Balochistan MPA (2013–2018), COVID-19.[647]
  • Pierre Nkurunziza, 55, Burundian politician, President (since 2005), heart attack.[648]
  • Lillemor Östlin, 79, Swedish writer and criminal.[649]
  • Aspasia Papathanasiou, 101, Greek stage actress.[650]
  • Uta Pilling, 71, German musician, songwriter and painter.[651]
  • Bonnie Pointer, 69, American singer (The Pointer Sisters), cardiac arrest.[652]
  • Arjun Charan Sethi, 79, Indian politician, MP (1971–1977, 1980–1984, 1991–1996, since 1998).[653]
  • Daniel Stolper, 85, American oboist.[654]
  • Heli Susi, 90, Estonian teacher and translator.[655]
  • Ian Taylor, 64, British commodity trading executive, chairman and CEO of Vitol, pneumonia.[656]
  • Shim Wan-koo, 81, South Korean politician, MP (1985–1992) and mayor of Ulsan (1997–2002).[657]
  • Stefan Vodenicharov, 75, Bulgarian academic, President of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (2012–2016) and Minister of Education (2013).[658]


  • Sir Michael Beavis, 90, British Royal Air Force officer.[659]
  • Frank Bey, 74, American blues singer.[660]
  • Marina Blagojević, 62, Serbian sociologist.[661]
  • Jean Bolinder, 84, Swedish author.[662]
  • Paul Boundoukou-Latha, 67, Gabonese diplomat and politician.[663]
  • Hubert Gagnon, 73, Canadian actor (Nic and Pic) and voice dubber (Homer Simpson), cancer.[664]
  • Józef Gruszka, 73, Polish politician, member of the Sejm (1993–2005) and chairman of the PKN Orlen investigation commission (2004–2005).[665]
  • Bettina Heinen-Ayech, 82, German painter.[666]
  • Bohdana Kostyuk, 55, Ukrainian journalist.[667]
  • Floyd Lee, 86, American blues musician (Music Under New York), heart failure.[668]
  • Liu Aiqin, 92, Chinese educator.[669]
  • Paul Lombard, 92, French politician, mayor of Martigues (1968–2009).[670]
  • Péter Marót, 75, Hungarian fencer, Olympic silver medallist (1972), traffic collision.[671]
  • James D. Meindl, 87, American engineer.[672]
  • th (Vichoke Mukdamanee), 67, Thai art professor, lymphoma.[673]
  • Alan Metter, 77, American film director (Back to School, Girls Just Want to Have Fun), heart attack.[674]
  • Ken Riley, 72, American football player (Cincinnati Bengals) and coach (Florida A&M Rattlers), heart attack.[675]
  • Paul Rochester, 81, American football player (New York Jets, Dallas Texans), Super Bowl champion (1969).[676]
  • Chiranjeevi Sarja, 39, Indian actor (Vayuputra, Varadhanayaka, Aatagara), heart attack.[677]
  • Olʹga Semenovna Ostroĭ, 91, Russian bibliographer.[678]
  • Lynika Strozier, 35, American biologist and researcher, COVID-19.[679]
  • Terêza Tenório, 70, Brazilian writer and poet.[680]
  • Edith Thallaug, 90, Norwegian actress and operatic singer.[681]
  • vi (Trần Quang Lộc), 70–71, Vietnamese musician, cancer.[682]
  • Peter Weiss, 84, Australian fashion designer and philanthropist, lung cancer.[683]
  • Ralph Wright, 72, English footballer (Bolton Wanderers, New York Cosmos, Miami Toros).[684]


  • Leo A. Behie, 76, Canadian biomedical engineer.[685]
  • Arthur Berman, 85, American politician, member of the Illinois House of Representatives (1969–1976) and Senate (1977–2000).[686]
  • Reche Caldwell, 41, American football player (San Diego Chargers, New England Patriots, Washington Redskins), shot.[687]
  • Jean-Marc Chaput, 89, Canadian author and public speaker, bone cancer.[688]
  • Domingo Choc Che, 55, Guatemalan Mayan healer, immolated.[689]
  • Dan Danglo, 95, American cartoonist (Felix the Cat).[690]
  • Christel DeHaan, 77, German-born American timeshare exchange executive and philanthropist, founder of RCI and Christel House International.[691]
  • Milt Earnhart, 102, American politician, member of the Arkansas House of Representatives (1959–1966) and Senate (1967–1980).[692]
  • Alain Erlande-Brandenburg, 82, French art historian.[693]
  • Allan Evans, 64, American record producer and musicologist.[694]
  • Corey Fischer, 75, American actor (M*A*S*H, Brewster McCloud, McCabe & Mrs. Miller), complications from a brain aneurysm.[695]
  • Thomas Freeman, 100, American educator and debate coach.[696]
  • Chandrakanta Goyal, 88, Indian politician, Maharashtra MLA (1990–1995).[697]
  • Hsu Kun-yuan, 63, Taiwanese politician, speaker of the Kaohsiung City Council (since 2018), suicide by jumping.[698]
  • Marjan, 72, Iranian singer and actress.[699]
  • Jordi Mestre, 38, Spanish actor (Sé lo que hicisteis...) and model, traffic collision.[700]
  • Bill Oster, 87, American baseball player (Philadelphia Athletics).[701]
  • Zambrose Abdul Rahman, 76, Malaysian Olympic hurdler (1968).[702]
  • Lester Ryan, 61, Irish hurler (Clara, Kilkenny), traffic collision.[703]
  • T. Terrell Sessums, 89, American politician, member (1963–1974) and speaker (1972–1974) of the Florida House of Representatives.[704]
  • Dietmar Seyferth, 91, German-born American chemist, COVID-19.[705]
  • Eduard Shaihullin, 45, Russian motorcycle speedway rider.[706]
  • Ramadan Shalah, 62, Palestinian Islamic militant, Secretary-general of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine (1995–2018), complications from heart surgery.[707]
  • it (Francesco Squillace), 94, Italian lawyer and politician, president of the Province of Catanzaro (1975).[708]
  • Robert Straus, 97, American medical sociologist.[709]
  • Jayamohan Thampi, 64, Indian cricketer (Kerala).[710]
  • Andrea Veggio, 96, Italian Roman Catholic prelate, Auxiliary Bishop of Verona (1983–2001).[711]
  • Constantin Xenakis, 88, Egyptian-born Greek painter.[712]
  • John Zook, 72, American football player (Atlanta Falcons, St. Louis Cardinals), cancer.[713]


  • Sir Anthony Bryan, Barbadian publisher (Barbados Advocate) and media executive.[714]
  • Andrée Champagne, 80, Canadian actress (Les Belles Histoires des pays d'en haut) and politician, MP (1984–1993, 2005–2014).[715]
  • Jonathan Dowling, 65, Irish-American theoretical physicist.[716]
  • Gerald Duke, 92, American racing driver (NASCAR Cup Series).[717]
  • Jim Fryatt, 79, English footballer (Bradford Park Avenue, Oldham Athletic, Southport).[718]
  • Boris Gaganelov, 78, Bulgarian football player (Belasita Petrich, CSKA Sofia, national team) and manager.[719]
  • Doris Goodale, 71, American politician, member of the Arizona House of Representatives (2009–2015).[720]
  • Jiří Hanák, 82, Czech journalist and dissident, Charter 77 signatory.[721]
  • Keiko Itō, 85, Japanese haiku poet.[722]
  • A. Dale Kaiser, 92, American biochemist and developmental biologist, complications from Parkinson's disease.[723]
  • Hanna Kamieniecki, 95, French resistance member.[724]
  • Tomisaku Kawasaki, 95, Japanese pediatrician, discoverer of Kawasaki disease.[725]
  • Vilhelm Kraus, 71, Bulgarian politician, Minister of Transport (1997–1999).[726]
  • Carlos Lessa, 83, Brazilian economist, COVID-19.[727]
  • Kristin Linklater, 84, Scottish actress, acting and vocal coach.[728]
  • Ved Marwah, 85, Indian police officer, governor of Mizoram (2000–2001), Manipur (1999–2003) and Jharkhand (2000–2004).[729]
  • Christian Meyer, 77, German-born American civil engineer.[730]
  • John Miller, 79, American baseball player (Baltimore Orioles), heart failure.[731]
  • James Albert Murray, 87, American Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Kalamazoo (1998–2009).[732]
  • George V. Murry, 71, American Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Saint Thomas (1999–2007) and Youngstown (since 2007), leukemia.[733]
  • Mary Overlie, 74, American choreographer, dancer and writer (the Six Viewpoints).[734]
  • Brian Robson, 81, British geographer.[735]
  • Edeltraud Roller, 62, German political scientist.[736]
  • Chizu Saeki, 76, Japanese cosmetologist and beauty adviser, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.[737]
  • Friedrich Stelzner, 98, German surgeon and educator.[738]
  • Kurt Thomas, 64, American Hall of Fame gymnast, world champion (1978, 1979), complications from basilar stroke.[739]
  • Ron Thompson, 88, English footballer (Carlisle United), bowel cancer.[740]
  • Marian Tomaszewski, 97, Polish scout leader, officer and tank commander (2nd Polish Corps).[741]
  • Liliya Tugusheva, 89, Russian scientist.[742]
  • Vicki Wood, 101, American racing driver (NASCAR).[743]
  • Xu Sihai, 74, Chinese teapot creator, collector and curator.[744]
  • Shigeru Yokota, 87, Japanese author and human rights activist, founder of National Association for the Rescue of Japanese Kidnapped by North Korea.[745]


  • Marcello Abbado, 93, Italian pianist and composer.[746]
  • Fabiana Anastácio, 45, Brazilian CCM singer, COVID-19.[747]
  • Milena Benini, 54, Croatian science fiction writer and translator (SFERA Award).[748]
  • Ralph Caplan, 95, American design consultant and writer.[749]
  • Basu Chatterjee, 93, Indian film director (Us Paar, Piya Ka Ghar, Chameli Ki Shaadi).[750]
  • Kathryn Hach-Darrow, 97, American businesswoman.[751]
  • Laura Hillman, 96, German-born American Holocaust survivor.[752]
  • Rupert Hine, 72, English musician (Quantum Jump), songwriter and record producer (The Fixx, Howard Jones), cancer.[753]
  • Mikhail Kokshenov, 83, Russian actor (Zhenya, Zhenechka and Katyusha, The Garage, Sportloto-82), film director and producer.[754]
  • Faina Kotkova, 87, Russian weaver.[755]
  • Pieter van der Kruk, 78, Dutch Olympic weightlifter (1968) and shot putter.[756]
  • Jean Link, 80, Luxembourgian Olympic fencer (1960).[757]
  • Bobby Locke, 86, American baseball player (Cleveland Indians, Philadelphia Phillies).[758]
  • Roberto Faraone Mennella, 48, Italian jewelry designer, cancer.[759]
  • Dulce Nunes, 90, Brazilian artist, composer, singer and music producer, COVID-19.[760]
  • Bamidele Olumilua, 80, Nigerian politician, Governor of Ondo State (1992–1993).[761]
  • Giyannedra Prasad, Fijian lawyer and politician, member and Deputy Speaker of Parliament (1999–2000).[762] (death announced on this date)
  • Steve Priest, 72, British bassist and singer (The Sweet).[763]
  • James P. Quirk, 93, American economist.[764]
  • Pete Rademacher, 91, American boxer, Olympic champion (1956).[765]
  • Antonio Rodríguez de las Heras, 72, Spanish historian and academic, COVID-19.[766]
  • Isabel Sánchez Montenegro, 58, Spanish politician.[767]
  • Bixente Serrano Izko, 72, Spanish historian and politician, Deputy (2015).[768]
  • Albert N. Whiting, 102, American academic administrator, President of North Carolina Central University (1966–1983).[769]


  • Oscar Brown, 74, American baseball player (Atlanta Braves).[770]
  • Shaukat Manzoor Cheema, 66, Pakistani politician, Punjab MPA (since 2008), COVID-19.[771]
  • Abdelmalek Droukdel, 50, Algerian Islamic militant, founder of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, shot.[772]
  • Bruce Jay Friedman, 90, American author and screenwriter (Splash, Doctor Detroit, Stir Crazy).[773]
  • Jeanne Goosen, 81, South African writer.[774]
  • Marc de Hond, 42, Dutch television presenter and wheelchair basketball player, cancer.[775]
  • Mohsen Ibrahim, 85, Lebanese politician.[776]
  • Mian Jamshed Uddin Kakakhel, 65, Pakistani politician, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa MPA (since 2018), COVID-19.[777]
  • István Kausz, 87, Hungarian fencer, Olympic champion (1964).[778]
  • Veli Lehtelä, 84, Finnish rower, Olympic bronze medalist (1956, 1960).[779]
  • Jerzy Łukaszewski, 95, Polish diplomat and academic, Rector of the College of Europe (1972–1990).[780]
  • Donald Macgregor, 81, Scottish Olympic runner (1972).[781]
  • Johnny Majors, 85, American Hall of Fame football player (Tennessee Volunteers) and coach (Pitt Panthers, Iowa State Cyclones), national championship (1976).[782]
  • Héctor Ortega, 81, Mexican actor (Las fuerzas vivas, Santa sangre, Lucía, Lucía).[783]
  • Pleasantly Perfect, 22, American racehorse and sire, Breeders' Cup Classic (2003) and Dubai World Cup (2004) winner.[784]
  • Gary Potts, 75, Canadian Temagami First Nation chief.[785]
  • Mário Rino Sivieri, 78, Italian-born Brazilian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Propriá (1997–2017).[786]
  • Sheikh Muhammad Tahir Rasheed, 66, Pakistani politician, MP (1993–1999) and Punjab MPA (1990–1993), liver cancer.[787]
  • Rosalia Tarnavska, 87, Ukrainian poet.[788]
  • Valentina Tăzlăuanu, 70, Moldovan essayist, journalist and theatre critic.[789]
  • Maria Alice Vergueiro, 85, Brazilian actress (O Corpo, Cronicamente Inviável), pneumonia.[790]
  • Lawrence M. Walsh Sr., 72, American politician, member of the Illinois State Senate (1997–2005), prostate cancer.[791]
  • Midge Ware, 92, American actress (Gunslinger, The Phil Silvers Show).[792]
  • Conrad Worrill, 78, American writer and political activist.[793]


  • Arrogate, 7, American Thoroughbred racehorse, Breeders' Cup Classic winner (2016) and American Champion Three-Year-Old Male Horse (2016), euthanized.[794]
  • Brad Babcock, 81, American college baseball coach (James Madison).[795]
  • Ghulam Murtaza Baloch, 55, Pakistani politician, member of the Provincial Assembly of Sindh (since 2016), COVID-19.[796]
  • Werner Böhm, 78, German singer and musician.[797]
  • Geoffrey Burnstock, 91, English-born Australian neuroscientist.[798]
  • Rosa Canales, 46, Ecuadorian football referee, Hodgkin lymphoma.[799]
  • John Cuneo, 91, Australian sailor, Olympic champion (1972).[800]
  • David Dorn, 77, American police officer, shot.[801]
  • Inga Edwards, 82, Swedish actress (Raggare!, Wallander).[802]
  • James F. English Jr., 93, American bank executive (Connecticut Bank and Trust Company) and academic administrator, president of Trinity College (Connecticut) (1981–1989).[803]
  • Paolo Fabbri, 81, Italian semiotician.[804]
  • Lugi Gizenga, 54, Congolese politician.[805]
  • Roberto Gervaso, 82, Italian writer and journalist, cancer.[806]
  • Mary Pat Gleason, 70, American actress (Guiding Light, A Cinderella Story, Mom), Emmy winner (1986), cancer.[807]
  • Jean-Claude Hamel, 90, French football executive, President of Auxerre (1963–2009).[808]
  • Tarq Hoekstra, 81, Dutch archeologist.[809]
  • Rusty Kidd, 74, American politician, member of the Georgia House of Representatives (2009–2017).[810]
  • Yvon Lamarre, 85, Canadian politician.[811]
  • John Luk Jok, 68, South Sudanese politician, Minister of Justice (2011–2013).[812]
  • Henadz Mardas, 49, Belarusian footballer (Neman Grodno, BATE Borisov), bowel cancer.[813]
  • Amalia Megapanou, 91, Greek writer and politician.[814]
  • Sean Monterrosa, 22, American protester, shot.[815]
  • Desmond Charles Moore, 94, Australian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Alotau-Sideia (1970–2001).[816]
  • Jacques Noyer, 93, French Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Amiens (1987–2003).[817]
  • Munir Khan Orakzai, 60, Pakistani politician, MP (2002–2013, since 2018), heart attack.[818]
  • Jean Pineau, 97, French politician, Deputy (1978–1981).[819]
  • Markéta Procházková-Lutková, 56, Czech composer and poet.[820]
  • Janine Reiss, 99, French vocal coach and harpsichordist.[821]
  • Muriel Kent Roy, 98, Canadian demographer.[822]
  • Riaz Sheikh, 51, Pakistani cricketer (Pakistan National Shipping Corporation).[823]
  • Héctor Suárez, 81, Mexican actor (National Mechanics, El buscabullas, El derecho de nacer) and comedian.[824]
  • Lindsay Townsend, 86, New Zealand rugby union player (Otago, national team).[825]
  • Chris Trousdale, 34, American actor and singer (Dream Street), COVID-19.[826]
  • Carlo Ubbiali, 90, Italian motorcycle road racer, nine-time world champion, respiratory failure.[827]
  • Wes Unseld, 74, American Hall of Fame basketball player and coach (Washington Bullets), pneumonia.[828]
  • Floyd Zaiger, 94, American fruit breeder.[829]
  • Jan Zeeman, 78, Dutch businessman, founder of Zeeman.[830]


  • Javier Alva Orlandini, 92, Peruvian politician, Vice President (1980–1985), President of the Senate (1981–1982).[831]
  • Jean-Michel Cadiot, 67, French writer and journalist.[832]
  • Silver Donald Cameron, 82, Canadian journalist and author.[833]
  • Pat Dye, 80, American Hall of Fame college football player (Georgia Bulldogs), athletic director and coach (East Carolina Pirates, Auburn Tigers).[834]
  • Asif Farrukhi, 60, Pakistani writer.[835]
  • Majek Fashek, 57, Nigerian reggae singer and songwriter.[836]
  • Marian Filar, 77, Polish lawyer, academic and politician, member of the Sejm (2007–2011).[837]
  • Lee Grosscup, 83, American football player (New York Giants) and broadcaster (ABC).[838]
  • Joey Image, 63, American drummer (Misfits), liver cancer.[839]
  • Dave Kelly, 64, American darts player.[840]
  • Janez Kocijančič, 78, Slovenian politician and lawyer, Deputy (1993–1996).[841]
  • K. N. Lakshmanan, 89, Indian politician, Tamil Nadu MLA (since 2001).[842]
  • Ron Larrieu, 83, American Olympic athlete (1964).[843]
  • David McAtee, 53, American barbecue stand owner, shot.[844]
  • Roberto Peccei, 78, Italian physicist, co-formulator of the Peccei–Quinn theory.[845]
  • Nicolas Rea, 3rd Baron Rea, 91, British hereditary peer and politician.[846]
  • Piotr Rocki, 46, Polish footballer (Polonia Warsaw, Górnik Zabrze, Dyskobolia Grodzisk Wielkopolski), ruptured aneurysm.[847]
  • Mariya Shtepa, 95, Ukrainian writer.[848]
  • Pedro Ercílio Simon, 78, Brazilian Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of Passo Fundo (2011–2012) and Bishop of Uruguaiana (1995–1998).[849]
  • Myroslav Skoryk, 81, Ukrainian composer.[850]
  • Josef Smolka, 81, Czech volleyball player, Olympic bronze medalist (1968).[851]
  • Christoph Sydow, 35, German journalist (Der Spiegel), suicide.[852]
  • Marion Zarzeczna, 89, American pianist.[853]

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  57. Bishop Pedro Luis Ronchino
  58. Hong Kong director Billy Tang dead at age 69
  59. Mūžībā devies bijušais Daugavpils mērs un Saeimas deputāts Aleksejs Vidavskis (in Latvian)
  60. Cricket legend Sir Everton passes
  61. Veteran children’s author, Kala Keerthi Sybil Wettasinghe passed away at the age of 93
  62. Jenazah Hilmi Aminuddin Akan Dimakamkan Sesuai Protokol Covid-19 (in Indonesian)
  63. Omaha University's first NFL player Joe Arenas dies at age 94
  64. Croatie : Disparition de l’historien et homme politique Ivo Banac (in French)
  65. Killer Tim Brooks Dies
  66. „Este o pierdere pentru cultura noastră”. Poetul, prozatorul și dramaturgul Andrei Burac s-a stins din viață (in Romanian)
  67. Zum Tod des Musikwissenschaftlers Ludwig Finscher (in German)
  68. Ida Haendel obituary
  69. ‘Evil Dead II’ and ‘Intruder’ Star Danny Hicks Has Passed Away
  70. Ушел из жизни Великий игрок, тренер Александр Сергеевич Кабанов (in Russian)
  71. Henry Martin: 1925- 2020
  72. Maastrichtse zanger Walter Nita overleden (in Limburgish)
  73. Former longtime Boys Town leader who oversaw expansion dies
  74. Умер актер Виктор Проскурин (in Russian)
  75. Liberia: Rep. J. Nagbe Sloh of Sinoe County District 2 Has Died
  76. 生殖内分泌专家、中国工程院院士肖碧莲逝世 (in Chinese)
  77. Parakoyi Of Ibadanland, Bode Akindele, Dies At 87
  78. Ушла из жизни профессор Татьяна Алейникова (in Russian)
  79. Fallece el poeta Efraín Barquero a los 89 años (in Spanish)
  80. Bangladesh defence secretary dies of coronavirus
  81. James P. Churchill, longtime federal judge, dead at 96
  82. Schauspieler Gernot Endemann ist tot (in German)
  83. Juliana Fariña González (in Spanish)
  84. Popular actor of Bengali folk theatre 'jatra' Tridib Ghosh passes away at 68
  85. Jordan Groggs Of Injury Reserve Dead At 32
  86. Oromo Music Star Hachalu Hundessa Reportedly Killed
  87. Oud-CDA-Tweede Kamerlid Jan Krajenbrink overleden (in Dutch)
  88. Johnny Mandel, Composer Who Wrote ‘MASH’ Theme Song, Dies at 94
  89. Fallece el boxeador Ernesto “Ñato” Marcel (in Spanish)
  90. Paula Marckx overleden: journaliste, pilote, naaktmodel, maar vooral de vrouw die ongehuwde moeders extra rechten gaf (in Dutch)
  91. Benny Mardones, 'Into the Night' Singer-Songwriter, Dead at 73
  92. En af de største fynske fodboldspillere er død (in Danish)
  93. Carl Reiner, Comedy Legend and ‘Dick Van Dyke Show’ Creator, Dies at 98
  94. L'ancien Diable Rouge Albert Sulon est décédé (in French)
  95. Wine Spectator: Tony Terlato, a Giant in the U.S. Wine Industry, Dies at 86
  96. Willie Wright, American Soul Singer and Songwriter, Dead at 80
  97. Kogi Chief Judge dies in Abuja COVID-19 isolation centre
  98. Famed Chicano author Rudolfo Anaya dies at age 82
  99. Kim Bridgford
  100. Joe Bugel Passes Away at 80
  101. Zuriñe del Cerro Martinez (in Spanish)
  102. Ex-Slovakia defender Marian Cisovsky dies at 40
  103. Tejano Innovator Manuel “Cowboy” Donley Passes at 92
  104. Klaus Francke, Vorsitzender des Fördervereins Mahnmal St. Nikolai, im Alter von 83 Jahren verstorben (in German)
  105. John Thomas (CMG) Kneebone
  106. Muere Silvia Lazarte, la presidenta de la Asamblea de Bolivia que lideró la redacción de la nueva Constitución (in Spanish)
  107. Louis Mahoney: Trailblazing actor and activist dies at 81
  108. Ex-deputado federal Félix Mendonça morre aos 92 anos, em Salvador (in Portuguese)
  109. Lake Macquarie mayor Kay Fraser pays tribute to former councillor and state MP Matthew Morris
  110. Kalaburagi: Noted Kannada writer Geetha Nagabhushan passes away at 78
  111. Musica napoletana in lutto, si è spento Luciano Rondinella (in Italian)
  112. Tributes to long-serving former Lord-Lieutenant of West Yorkshire, Dame Ingrid Roscoe
  113. James Ross
  114. China's longest-serving lawmaker Shen Jilan passes away at 91
  115. An Interview With Mimi Soltysik, 1974-2020
  116. Forever "Jiang Jiang" Yu Lan died at the age of 99
  117. Décès de l'ancien chef du gouvernement Belaïd Abdesselam (in French)
  118. Muere Belén Bermejo, la editora generosa (in Spanish)
  119. Legendary Muscle Shoals guitarist Pete Carr dead at 70
  120. Pianist Freddy Cole has died at 88
  121. Dumitru Comănescu, declarat cel mai vârstnic bărbat al Planetei, a murit, la 111 ani (in Romanian)
  122. Linda Cristal, Who Starred in ‘High Chaparral,’ Dies at 89
  123. Cebu City Councilor and ex-solon Antonio Cuenco dies of COVID-19
  124. Tribute to Shakespeare in Italy Co-Founder Actor Julian Curry
  125. Former Atlanta Braves reliever Adrian Devine dies at 68
  126. The Left Banke’s Tom Finn is 2nd Member to Die in 2020
  127. Fallece la periodista de Cope Eva Galvache (in Spanish)
  128. Ex-UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital CEO Bert Lubin dies at 81
  129. E' morto il Vescovo emerito Mons. Giuseppe Matarrese (in Italian)
  130. President of Wahadat-e-Islam Maulana Naseeruddin dies at 70
  131. စာရေးဆရာ နွမ်ဂျာသိုင်း ၏ စျာပနကို ရန်ကုန်မြို့ ရေဝေးသုဿန်တွင် ပြုလုပ် (in Burmese)
  132. Preminuo Ilija Petković (in Serbian)
  133. Addio a Ninì Quarta, già presidente della Regione e parlamentare della Dc: aveva 93 anni (in Italian)
  134. Artisten Mats Rådberg är död (in Swedish)
  135. O nouă lovitură dură pentru fotbalul ieşean: s-a stins Romilă II (in Romanian)
  136. Voormalig Luchtmacht commandant Sander Schnitger overleden (in Dutch)
  137. Scottish archaeologist David Stronach, famed for intensive Iranian studies, dies at 89
  138. Österreichische Basketball-Legende Erich Tecka gestorben (in German)
  139. Former Pakistan cricketer Khalid Wazir dies at 84
  140. Famous Powerball winner has died
  141. L'ancien député de Mayotte Abdoulatifou Aly est décédé (in French)
  142. Kelly Asbury, Director of 'Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron,' 'Shrek 2' and 'Gnomeo & Juliet,' Dies at 60
  143. Bishop Pierre-Antoine-Jean Bach
  144. European Champion Katrin Beinroth passes away (38)
  145. Murió Hermes Binner (in Spanish)
  146. Thomas Blanton, 16th Street Baptist Church bomber, dies in prison
  147. Rotterdamse miljardair Cees de Bruin (74) overleden (in Dutch)
  148. Carnwath
  149. 書畫大師陳佩秋逝世 (in Chinese)
  150. 무면허 팀닥터가 최숙현 폭행, 감독은 쩔쩔맨 '이상한 관계' (in Korean)
  151. Ed Conroy, former B.C. cabinet minister, dies at 73
  152. Stuart Cornfeld, 'Zoolander' and 'Tropic Thunder' Producer, Dies at 67
  153. Falleció la exviceprefecta de Pichincha, Marcela Costales (in Spanish)
  154. Robert Donnelly
  155. Rest in Peace, Jimmy
  156. R.I.P. soul singer and Aretha backup Sandra Feva
  157. Theo Foley dead: Title-winning Arsenal legend passes away aged 83
  158. Nora regizorului Octavian Fulger acuză Spitalul Floreasca de moartea bărbatului. Infirmierii l-ar fi scăpat de pe targă (in Romanian)
  159. Boston radio legend Arnie ‘Woo Woo’ Ginsburg dead at 93
  160. Milton Glaser, Co-Founder of New York Magazine and Creator of ‘I❤NY,’ Dies at 91
  161. Oud-burgemeester Bernhard van Haersma Buma (88) overleden (in Dutch)
  162. CM Murad Reveals Munawar Hassan, Talib Jauhari, Mufti Naeem Died From Coronavirus
  163. Charles Lawton Jiles, longtime Upland resident and singer/songwriter, dies at 90
  164. Buck Johnson, Beloved Principal, Teacher, Coach And Award-Winning Sports Writer, Dies At 94
  165. Sœur Madeleine Juneau est décédée (in French)
  166. Margaret A Carroll
  167. Tami Lynn R.I.P
  168. Baroness Diana Maddock dead: Liberal Democrat peer dies aged 75, party confirms
  169. 1993 serial blasts convict Yusuf Memon dies at Nashik Jail
  170. Müller-Streisand gestorben (in German)
  171. Veteran Afghan Actor Faqeer Nabi, 67, Dies of COVID-19
  172. Профессор Мария Нанаева 93 жашында дүйнөдөн өттү (in Russian)
  173. Bologna in lutto, è morto William Negri: il portiere dello scudetto del 1964 (in Italian)
  174. Berkeley Group chairman Tony Pidgley dies
  175. Zemřel československý fotbalový mistr Evropy Pollák, hvězda Košic i Sparty (in Czech)
  176. Morta Taryn Power, l’addio di Romina: «Non potevo avere una sorella migliore» (in Italian)
  177. Filipino film star and former senator Ramon Revilla Sr. dies at 93
  178. Don Seymour 1961 2020
  179. Selamat Jalan Uskup Emeritus Purwokerto: Mgr. Julianus Kemo Sunarko SJ (in Indonesian)
  180. Narcisa Toldrà : Fallecimiento (in Spanish)
  181. Ajimobi: Former Oyo state governor dies at 70 after battling COVID-19
  182. Suzana Amaral, diretora de 'A Hora da Estrela', morre em São Paulo (in Portuguese)
  183. Rugby player Scott Bessant dies three years after horror incident that left him unable to walk or talk
  184. সাহিত্যিক নিমাই ভট্টাচার্য প্রয়াত (in Hindi)
  185. Il genio matematico e le ricerche sui tumori: Federica, morta nella residenza universitaria a Milano (in Italian)
  186. 清华大学教授陈肇元,2020年6月25日因病于北京逝世。 (in Chinese)
  187. Mort de Jacques Coursil, Jazzman Génial et Figure Méconnue de la Modernité Noire (in French)
  188. L’ancien sénateur de la Seine-Maritime Patrice Gélard est décédé à l’âge de 81 ans (in French)
  189. Marijuana Legalization Legend Dr. Lester Grinspoon Passes Away
  190. Richard Grove raised questions about empire and ecology that are relevant today
  191. ‘Pop, Lock & Drop It’ rapper Huey killed in St. Louis double shooting
  192. Siya Kakkar Tiktoker dies aged 16
  193. Vale John Kennedy snr: Hawthorn's 'greatest figure' passes away
  194. Blaine Kern Sr., 'Mr. Mardi Gras,' Dies At 93
  195. Olivier Le Fèvre
  196. 配音艺术家刘广宁在沪逝世 译声情怀融入上千作品 (in Chinese)
  197. Veteran Nollywood Actor Ogun Majek Is Dead
  198. RDC: décès d’Emeka Mamale (in French)
  199. RDC : Champion d'Afrique 1974 et mondialiste la même année, Victor Kilasu Massamba est décédé ce jeudi à Kinshasa (in French)
  200. Former longtime Democratic state Sen. Art Miller dies
  201. Fallece Juan Ostoic, Jota O, mítico basquetbolista chileno y maestro de los puzzles de La Tercera (in Spanish)
  202. Papaléo Paes, ex-vice-governador e ex-senador do Amapá, morre aos 67 anos (in Portuguese)
  203. Mărturisirea lui Marius Șumudică în momentul în care a aflat că Ionuț Popa a murit (in Romanian)
  204. Marvel Comics Artist Joe Sinnott Dies at Age 93
  205. Rotterdamse dichter Hans Sleutelaar overleden (in Dutch)
  206. Dr. Tien-Yien Li
  207. Der Fachbereich Physik trauert um Prof. Dr. Peter E. Toschek (in German)
  208. Умерла боровшаяся против Сталина диссидентка Майя Улановская (in Russian)
  209. Ivan Utrobin
  210. Remembering Wendy Wheeler
  211. R.I.P. Graeme Williamson of Toronto's Pukka Orchestra
  212. Gösta Ågren är död (in Swedish)
  213. Radiopionier AJ Beirens (73) overleden (in Dutch)
  214. E’ morto Alfredo Biondi, decano dei liberali italiani (in Italian)
  215. Breaking: Gay former SF supervisor Harry Britt dies
  216. Robert L. Carneiro
  217. Le baron Etienne Cerexhe est décédé à l'âge de 89 ans (in Dutch)
  218. Renowned Taiwanese liver specialist Chen Ding-shinn dies at 76
  219. Les Crystal, Who Led NBC News And PBS’s ‘NewsHour,’ Dies At 85
  220. Décès de Jacques Demêtre (in French)
  221. Shelagh Ann McNab-Duffett
  222. Ralph Dunagin – RIP
  223. Cумуємо... Не стало Юрія Дячука-Ставицького (in Ukrainian)
  224. È morto Marc Fumaroli, maestro di retorica (in Italian)
  225. Hammond
  226. Michael Hawley, former professor of media arts and sciences, dies at 58
  227. Eddie Kasko, former Red Sox player, manager and executive, dies at 88
  228. وفاة رباع العراق وأربيل محمد ياسين متأثراً بفيروس كورونا (in Arabic)
  229. Jane Parker-Smith Death Dead – Jane Parker-Smith Obituary: Cause of Death
  230. Claude Le Péron, bassiste de Jean-Jacques Goldman, est décédé (in French)
  231. Prof Nilamber Dev Sharma passes away
  232. Te reo Māori champion Toni Waho dies after being swept down river
  233. 敦煌研究学者 万庚育逝世 (in Chinese)
  234. Professor Nigel Weiss (1936-2020)
  235. Nollywood Actress Bose Adewoyin ‘Madam Tinubu’ Is Dead
  236. Vehbi Akdağ
  237. Legendary Greek footballer passes away aged 81
  238. Ryan Anthony, nationally acclaimed Dallas Symphony trumpeter, dies at 51
  239. Addio alla nonna più longeva d'Italia: a 112 anni morta Erminia Bianchini (in Italian)
  240. Jean Michel Bokamba Yangouma a tiré sa révérence ; un des pères la démocratie au Congo s’en est allé (in French)
  241. South African football legend Lawrence Chelin has died
  242. Died People's Artist of the USSR Nikolai Fadeechev
  243. Australian musical theatre star Michael Falzon dies aged 48
  244. مولانا فضل الرحمان کا پیر عزیز الرحمن ہزاروی کے انتقال پر اظہار تعزیت (in Urdu)
  245. In memoriam: Arthur Keaveney
  246. Li Zhensheng, photographer of China's Cultural Revolution, dies
  247. Mascoutah boys basketball coach Justin Love found dead on high school campus
  248. Michael John (Colonel) McCool
  249. Margarita Pracatan dead: Clive James show singer dies aged 89
  250. Fallece ex obispo de la Diócesis de Iquique Monseñor Javier Prado Aránguiz (in Spanish)
  251. Muere en Miami el extenista y entrenador chileno Patricio 'Pato' Rodríguez (in Spanish)
  252. Liam Treadwell dead: Grand National winning jockey passes away aged 34
  253. Luis Varela, former AP sports correspondent, dies at 82
  254. Fallece monseñor Bosco Vivas, obispo emérito de León (in Spanish)
  255. Shirley Siegel
  256. Vernon Roger Alden
  257. Wielu Polaków pogrążyło się w żałobie. Związek przekazał najgorsze wieści, nie żyje Witold Baran (in Polish)
  258. Veteran Kerala singer and actor Pappukutty Bhagavathar dies at 107
  259. Steve Bing Dies: Film Financier & Philanthropist Jumped From Century City Building, Authorities Say
  260. Murió Carlos Bosch, figura del fotoperiodismo argentino Murió Carlos Bosch, figura del fotoperiodismo argentino (in Spanish)
  261. Aquinas grad and two-time U.S. Olympian Dick Buerkle dies at age 72
  262. Omstreden Vlaams Blok-politicus Xavier Buisseret overleden (in Dutch)
  263. Muzikant en schrijver José Cutileiro (61) overleden (in Dutch)
  264. وفاة نجم الكرة العراقية السابق نوري ذياب (in Arabic)
  265. Former Ozamiz archbishop Jesus Dosado; 80
  266. Annie Goldmann, sociologue du cinéma, auteure de « Cinéma et société moderne », est morte (in French)
  267. [1]
  268. Paralympic Medalist Angela Madsen Dies On Solo Rowing Trip Across Pacific Ocean
  269. Flint-programmeur Ank Marx overleden; ‘Een schat van een vrouw’ (in Dutch)
  270. Falleció Carlos Morales, leyenda del fútbol ecuatoriano (in Spanish)
  271. Wigan Athletic old boy passes away aged 85
  272. RIP: Pierino Prati dead at 73
  273. Joel Schumacher Dies: Director Of Two Batman Pics, ‘St. Elmo’s Fire’ & Others Was 80
  274. Karlman Wasserman
  275. Sister Thomas Welder passes away
  276. За неделю до своего 95-летия скончался знаменитый писатель-фантаст Зиновий Юрьев (in Russian)
  277. Fallece el ministro en retiro Sergio Salvador Aguirre Anguiano (in Spanish)
  278. Meghalt Bálint gazda (in Hungarian)
  279. Lucius J. Barker, Trailblazing Scholar, of Constitutional Law, Civil Liberties and African American Politics and Former APSA President, Dies At 92
  280. Elhunyt Bicskey Richárd olimpikon kerékpáros (in Hungarian)
  281. Padma Shri Dr. Sheela Borthakur passes away in Guwahati
  282. Felicity Bryan dies, aged 74
  283. L'ancien ministre de la Justice Pascal Clément est mort (in French)
  284. Jens van Daele was als kunstenaar compromisloos, in dans en in choreografie (in Dutch)
  285. La cinéaste Catherine Fol emportée par le cancer (in French)
  286. British Superbike rider Ben Godfrey dies after crash on track day
  287. Legendary Indian left-arm spinner Rajinder Goel dies aged 77
  288. Berliner Schauspieler Jürgen Holtz gestorben (in German)
  289. CM Murad Reveals Munawar Hassan, Talib Jauhari, Mufti Naeem Died From Coronavirus
  290. "อภินันท์ แก้วปีลา" อดีตแข้งไทยลีกเสียชีวิตแล้วหลังประสบอุบัติเหตุรถชน (in Thai)
  291. David Hugh Mellor (1938-2020)
  292. Anthony (Tony) Naldrett, Univeristy Professor Emeritus, has passed away at age 86
  293. Почина македонският писател и драматург Миле Неделковски (in Bulgarian)
  294. Doyen of Uttarakhandi folk music Jeet Singh Negi passes away
  295. Fallece Monseñor Bernardino Piñera Carvallo (in Spanish)
  296. Iraqi football great Ahmed Radhi dies after contracting coronavirus
  297. Manny Santos
  298. Goodbye, Ken: Snow, former Indiana standout, 2-time Hermann Trophy winner, passes away
  299. Zeev Sternhell, Leading Voice of Israeli Left and Renowned Political Scientist, Dies at 85
  300. Bobby Storey: Senior republican dies following illness
  301. Bir Protik Badiuzzaman Tunu no more
  302. Velika tuga! u 31. godini preminula Bobana Momčilović Veličković, reprezentativka Srbije u streljaštvu! (in Serbian)
  303. Dordogne: le chanteur occitan Joan-Pau Verdier est mort à l'âge de 73 ans (in French)
  304. From tap dancing to All Blacks, Dennis Young was one of a kind
  305. Longtime Politifax editor and N.J. politics expert Nick Acocella dies at 77
  306. Umrla Ema Derossi Bjelajac, Istranka i prva predsjednica Hrvatske (in Croatian)
  307. Svein Arne Hansen er død (in Norwegian)
  308. Educationist Angur Baba Joshi passes away
  309. Bettina Titt-Falkenberg : Traueranzeige (in German)
  310. Miami Dolphins great Jim Kiick dies at 73
  311. Latham
  312. Pedro Lima was an Olympic swimmer for Angola. The actor and athlete left a letter before he died
  313. Kamal Lohani succumbs to Covid-19
  314. Voormalig Statenvoorzitter Millerson overleden (in Dutch)
  315. CM Murad Reveals Munawar Hassan, Talib Jauhari, Mufti Naeem Died From Coronavirus
  316. Joseph Patero, former Assembly Labor Committee chairman, dies at 88
  317. María Luisa Oliveda Puig (in Spanish)
  318. NZ musician Aaron Tokona, of Weta and Fly My Pretties, has died
  319. Frank "Frank'en" Tømmervåg (in Norwegian)
  320. Former USC standout OL Max Tuerk dies at 26 while hiking with parents
  321. തെന്നിന്ത്യൻ നടി ഉഷാറാണി അന്തരിച്ചു (in Malayalam)
  322. ‘겨울여자’ 작가 조해일 별세 (in Korean)
  323. È morto Mario Corso, il fenomenale mancino della Grande Inter (in Italian)
  324. Died ballerina Svetlana Efremova
  325. 司法部政治部主任冯力军,近日因病去世,享年55岁 (in Chinese)
  326. Former Bangladesh cricketer Ramchand Goala passes away
  327. Ralph Carl George Haas
  328. Ian Holm, star of Lord of the Rings, Alien and Chariots of Fire, dies aged 88
  329. Kutti, Nora (in Estonian)
  330. DA mourns death of MP Tandi Mpambo-Sibhukwana
  331. A murit Dumitru Munteanu, cel mai vârstnic supraviețuitor din generația de aur de la Petrolul Ploiești (in Romanian)
  332. David Perlman, award-winning Chronicle science writer, dies at age 101
  333. Karin Peschel : Traueranzeige (in German)
  334. Playback singer and actor AL Raghavan dies at 87 in Chennai
  335. Carlos Ruiz Zafón fallece en Los Ángeles a los 55 años (in Spanish)
  336. Social worker Vidyaben Shah passes away
  337. Peace FM's Nana Agyei Sikapa passes on
  338. Harry Smith dead: Beloved Westminster correspondent dies suddenly
  339. Former Syracuse QB and University of Rochester football coach Pat Stark dies
  340. Muere Erik el Belga, el mayor ladrón de arte del mundo (in Spanish)
  341. JO – Noël Vandernotte, plus jeune médaillé olympique français, est décédé (in French)
  342. Three-time Olympic Champion Water Polo Player Benedek Dies Aged 47
  343. Schauspieler Claus Biederstaedt gestorben (in German)
  344. Kölner Fotokünstlerin Anna Blume gestorben: In den Fallen der Gewohnheit (in German)
  345. John Bredenkamp Dies
  346. Classic Jamaican Guitarist Lynford “Hux” Brown Dies Suddenly
  347. Chivas: Fallece Arturo Chaires, miembro del Campeonísimo (in Spanish)
  348. Умерла актриса из фильма «Белое солнце пустыни» Галина Дашевская (in Russian)
  349. Agong conveys condolences to family of Malim Ghozali
  350. State Sen. Breene Harimoto dies after bout with cancer
  351. Экс-глава Чувашии Михаил Игнатьев умер от коронавируса (in Russian)
  352. Disparition de Nicolas Joel (in French)
  353. RIP ‘Fugi’ Jordan, the man behind an Etta James classic and one of Fresno’s first rap anthems
  354. Ex-Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev’s son dies in US
  355. Les Eperviers du Togo en deuil : l’attaquant Koudagba Kossi est mort (in French)
  356. Elhunyt Lépold Endre, az MTE olimpikonja (in Hungarian)
  357. Dame Vera Lynn dies at age 103
  358. Lawrence (Larry) McCann
  359. Tributes paid to Orthodox educator and expert on Chasidism, who dies aged 75
  360. Belgische dirigent Georges Octors overleden (in Dutch)
  361. Malayalam director Sachy dies in Thrissur
  362. Mechelse ex-bokser Milo Sarens overleden op 83-jarige leeftijd (in Dutch)
  363. Oud-premier Jules Sedney overleden (in Dutch)
  364. CIA-trained former Cuban spy Antonio Veciana dies in Miami
  365. In Memoriam: Kees Wiese, de journalist die een tien met een griffel verdiende (in Dutch)
  366. Leading designer, builder and sailor, Jim Young passes away at 95yrs
  367. Falleció Marlene Ahrens, histórica figura del deporte chileno y única medallista olímpica (in Spanish)
  368. Legendary actor and TV host Tariq Aziz has died
  369. Eminent Stanford psychology professor Gordon Bower dies
  370. Le comédien Jean Brousseau n’est plus (in French)
  371. Lewis John Carlino, Writer and Director of 'The Great Santini,' Dies at 88
  372. William Dement, giant in sleep medicine, dies at 91
  373. Remembrance of departed colleagues
  374. Psychology Professor Anders Ericsson — the world’s top expert on expertise — dies
  375. Victor Feldbrill RIP
  376. Prominent broadcaster, Dan Foster, dies
  377. Jazz musician Hugh Fraser has died
  378. Former Oregon lawmaker Vic Gilliam, known for humor and bipartisanship, dies at 66
  379. Tidligere statsråd Astrid Gjertsen er død (in Norwegian)
  380. Авторы - Страница 2 - ЛитМир (in Russian)
  381. Former Oilers receiver Bill Groman dies (subscription required)
  382. وفاة ماجدة قنديل المدير السابق للمركز المصري للدراسات الاقتصادية (in Arabic)
  383. Gyász: elhunyt a háromszoros olimpiai bajnok Kárpáti György (in Hungarian)
  384. Ve věku 78 let zemřel básník Petr Král, psal česky i francouzsky (in Czech)
  385. Nashville historian Dr. Reavis Mitchell dies
  386. Fabrice Philipot est mort (in French)
  387. Morre o Academico Roberto Salmeron (in Portuguese)
  388. Jean Kennedy Smith, last surviving sibling of JFK, dies
  389. Michael Soule, Co-founder of SCB, Dies at 84
  390. Broncos saddened to learn of passing of former OL, Top 100 Team member Jerry Sturm
  391. Willie Thorne obituary
  392. Van amfetamines tot zelfs politieachtervolging: voormalig wielrenner Ronny Van Sweevelt op 57-jarige leeftijd overleden (in Dutch)
  393. Умер петербургский политик и ученый Ватаняр Ягья (in Russian)
  394. Ci ha lasciato Pietro Zoppas (in Italian)
  395. Dead End - Yuji "You" Adachi ist tot (in German)
  396. Delbert Africa, longtime MOVE member recently released from prison, has died
  397. Умер прославленный защитник московского «Динамо» Михаил Алексеенко (in Russian)
  398. В Твери ушла из жизни Герой Соцтруда Лидия Арсеньева (in Russian)
  399. Conservative MS Mohammad Asghar has died after being rushed to hospital
  400. Regissør Knut Bohwim er død (in Norwegian)
  401. Décès de Roger Borniche, flic et romancier à succès (in French)
  402. Beloved Israeli children's author Tamar Bornstein-Lazar dies at 93
  403. Morre dom Valério Breda, bispo de Penedo (AL), aos 75 anos (in Portuguese)
  404. Eduardo ‘Danding’ Cojuangco Jr. dies, 85
  405. Muere Federico Corriente, arabista y miembro de la Real Academia Española (in Spanish)
  406. Cunoscutul actor Victor Drumi s-a stins din viață la vârsta de 70 de ani (in Romanian)
  407. Former Maharashtra MP Haribhau Jawale dies of Covid-19
  408. Paul Kramer, former assemblyman, dies at 86
  409. Tributes flow for down-to-earth former Senator John Madigan
  410. Ex-deputado estadual Nivaldo Manoel morre em João Pessoa (in Portuguese)
  411. John J Mooney
  412. Oud-burgemeester Gerda Mylle (67) onverwacht overleden na kortstondige ziekenhuisopname: “Ze heeft zonder meer haar stempel gedrukt op Izegem” (in Dutch)
  413. 退休高院法官阮雲道寓所昏迷 送院後不治 (in Chinese)
  414. Omondi Long' Lilo: Popular Benga Maestro Succumbs to Cancer
  415. Edén Pastora, Nicaraguan revolutionary, dead at 83
  416. Lídet indígena Paulinho Paiakan morre com Covid-19 no Pará (in Portuguese)
  417. Patrick Poivey, voix française de Bruce Willis, est mort (in French)
  418. Petro Poroshenko's father passes away
  419. Rev. Fr. Ernest Poruthota bids adieu
  420. A los 93 años falleció el historiador y ex Alcalde de Antofagasta Floreal Recabarren (in Spanish)
  421. Former Maine House speaker John Richardson dies at age 62
  422. Prize-winning historian Robert D. Richardson dies at age 86
  423. Ушёл из жизни Георгий Рябов (in Russian)
  424. Former Kerry captain John Joe Sheehan dies
  425. Southland rugby legend Ack Soper's legacy to live on
  426. Former Goa minister Achyut Usgaonkar dies at 92
  427. Fallece Eusebio Vélez de Mendizábal (in Spanish)
  428. Charles Webb, novelist who found fame, if not fortune, with his novel The Graduate – obituary (subscription required)
  429. Yohan of TST is dead at 28
  430. Winston Osler Backus
  431. Longtime Big Ten Athletic Director Has Died At 68
  432. Falleció el ex boxeador Juan “Chucheta” Díaz a los 84 años (in Spanish)
  433. Christopher de Leon's mother, veteran actress Lilia Dizon, passes away
  434. Dashing and debonair design: Remembering the late Paul Fortune
  435. Deputado estadual Zé Gentil, do Maranhão, morre aos 80 anos vítima de Covid-19 (in Portuguese)
  436. È morto il filosofo Giulio Giorello (in Italian)
  437. Fred Jarvis obituary
  438. Ex-Deputado Estadual Renato de Jesus morre aos 67 anos por Covid19 (in Portuguese)
  439. Former Lt. Governor, A&N Islands Shri NN Jha Passes Away, LG Condoles Death
  440. Janne Margrete Bondi Johannessen (in Norwegian)
  441. Former mayor of Sylhet City Badar Uddin Ahmed Kamran dies at 69
  442. In Memoriam: Levine, Beth
  443. Pianist Wolfram Lorenzen gestorben (in German)
  444. Seifu Mekonnen
  445. Morre aos 63 anos Marinho, ex-atacante da seleção (in Portuguese)
  446. Former legislator, horse racing lobbyist Robert Molaro dies
  447. Senator Bayo Osinowo Is Dead
  448. Toulouse. Disparition de Michel Roquebert, le grand spécialiste des cathares (in French)
  449. Rick Rosati, CEO of Rosati's Pizza, dies at 70
  450. Jorge Rubio murió este lunes a los 75 años, confirmó la LMB (in Spanish)
  451. Das Bistum Speyer trauert um Bischof Anton Schlembach (in German)
  452. Memories of Kirk Smith
  453. Philip Masato Takahashi
  454. Highlife Musician Nana Tuffour Has Died
  455. Bangladeshi renowned fighter pilot Saiful Azam dies at 80
  456. In Memoriam: Sally Banes, A New Kind of Dance Writer (1950-2020)
  457. French Rising Star Luce Douady dies aged 16
  458. NFL Team Announces Minority Owner Died On Sunday
  459. R.I.P. William Gildea (1939-2020)
  460. Verzetsstrijdster Betty Goudsmit-Oudkerk overleden (in Dutch)
  461. Morre aos 56 anos a ex-deputada estadual Virgínia Hagge; AL-BA decreta luto oficial (in Portuguese)
  462. Egyptian LGBT rights activist dies by suicide in Canada after 'failing to survive'
  463. Iconic SA author Elsa Joubert, 97, dies of Covid-19
  464. Vale Noel Kelly: Magpies, Australia great dies, aged 84
  465. Fotograaf Helena van der Kraan overleden (in Dutch)
  466. Actor Mohamad Ali Keshavarz passes away at 90
  467. Zomrela Eva Kristinová, posledná štúrovkyňa (in Slovak)
  468. Cameroonian Artist Mama Nguea is No More
  469. Top Congolese Opposition Member Dies of COVID-19
  470. Leading Mumbai diamantaire Arunkumar R. Mehta passes away
  471. Suri Maret Olvet (in Estonian)
  472. Muere Aarón Padilla, exdirectivo de los Pumas de la UNAM, a causa de Covid-19 (in Spanish)
  473. Sushant Singh Rajput commits suicide at Mumbai home
  474. Excanciller Haroldo Rodas falleció de Covid-19 (in Spanish)
  475. Mort de Claude Samuel, inlassable défenseur de la musique contemporaine (in French)
  476. Noted El Paso pianist, Chopin Festival founder Lucy Scarbrough has died
  477. Keith Tippett: British jazz pianist dies age 72
  478. Fallen warrior: A final farewell
  479. South Sudan: Military Kills Rebel Leader
  480. Iraqi politician dies of coronavirus, Al-Yasiri is first politician to die from COVID-19 in Iraq
  481. Bangladesh Minister dies of coronavirus
  482. Archbishop Théophile Philippe Barakat
  483. Leslie Cohen Berlowitz
  484. Former OSHA leader Eula Bingham dies at age 90
  485. Marj Carpenter, reporter who became Presbyterian head, dies
  486. Motor sport pioneer Jamie Drummond one of two to die when FJ Holden hit near Wangaratta airport
  487. Fallece Pepe el Ferreiro (in Spanish)
  488. SA dancer and choreographer Kirvan Fortuin stabbed to death allegedly by 14-year-old girl
  489. Dick Garmaker, former Gophers All-America basketball star, dies at 87
  490. Former Oregon Duck and Olympian Jim Grelle dies
  491. Denise Dubois-Jallais (in French)
  492. BEST Center founder Jorge dies in sleep
  493. Legendary Tamil Cinematographer B. Kannan Passes Away
  494. Famed actress Sabiha Khanum passes away
  495. Oud Huizenaar-bokser Bram Kloppert overleden (in Dutch)
  496. Elhunyt György Károlyné Rabi Lenke (in Hungarian)
  497. Mike McCormick, Giants’ first Cy Young Award winner, dies at 81 (subscription required)
  498. Donald Meinig Ph.D.
  499. Tributes paid to former councillor and mayor Mags Murray
  500. Mohammed Nasim, AL leader and former health minister, dies at 72
  501. Dr. Dr. Kent Edward Portney
  502. Luther Price (1962–2020)
  503. La chanteuse Angélique Pourreyron est décédée (in French)
  504. Vasant Raiji, India’s oldest first-class cricketer, passes away at 100
  505. Disparition de l’écrivain et historien Maurice Rajsfus (in French)
  506. Mort de Jean Raspail, écrivain et explorateur, auteur du «Camp des Saints» (in French)
  507. Forfatter Helge Rykkja er død (in Norwegian)
  508. Colo Tavernier O’Hagan, Screenwriter of ‘Fresh Bait,’ ‘Round Midnight,’ Dies
  509. S-a stins Vasile Traghira, președinte al echipei Nistru Otaci (in Romanian)
  510. Oud-presentatrice Tineke Verburg (64) overleden (in Dutch)
  511. SBY's In-law Pramono Edhie Wibowo Passes Away
  512. Celui qui a fait de Mont-de-Marsan le berceau du punk en France est mort (in French)
  513. Nie żyje Włodzimierz Bednarski, aktor głosowy Freda Flintstone'a (in Polish)
  514. Claude A. Bray, Jr
  515. Former Wichita mayor, candidate for governor Carl Brewer has died
  516. Atlanta officer who fatally shot Rayshard Brooks has been terminated
  517. Aileen Christianson obituary
  518. Urdu poet Gulzar Dehlvi dies days after recovering from COVID-19
  519. Another Super Mazembe star Dodo Doris dies
  520. Kinderbuchautorin Ursula Fuchs in Darmstadt gestorben (in German)
  521. Cesena, morto il vescovo emerito Lino Garavaglia (in Italian)
  522. Muere director técnico en Irak por coronavirus (in Spanish)
  523. Former Bengal minister Abani Joardar passes away
  524. Nederlandse judoka Ilona Lucassen (23) overleden (in Dutch)
  525. Malcolm Mabry Jr.
  526. Musique: L'artiste Claude Ndam a joué ses dernières notes (in French)
  527. Cantor e gaiteiro Porca Véia morre aos 68 anos (in Portuguese)
  528. Mor als 84 anys Juli Sanclimens, alcalde de Manresa entre 1987 i 1995 (in Catalan)
  529. Emmy Schörg gestorben (in German)
  530. William S. Sessions, who led the FBI during a turbulent time and was fired, dies at 90
  531. Federal District Judge Arthur Spatt dies at 94
  532. Seventies star Ricky Valance passes away in Spain
  533. Der Luzerner FDP-Nationalrat Albert Vitali ist verstorben (in German)
  534. जौनपुर: पूर्व मंत्री और मल्हनी विधायक पारसनाथ यादव का निधन (in Hindi)
  535. Former DFA chief Perfecto Yasay Jr. dies
  536. Tourcoing : le peintre Mahjoub Ben Bella est mort (in French)
  537. In Memoriam Silke Liria Blumbach (1970-2020) (in Macedonian)
  538. Kraisak Choonhavan dies at 72
  539. 服部克久さんが死去 作編曲家 (in Japanese)
  540. Marjorie Horning
  541. Gabon: l’ancien premier ministre Issoze Ngondet est mort ! (in French)
  542. Police probe death of singer Abenny Jachiga
  543. 俳人の鍵和田ゆう子さん死去:時事ドットコム (in Japanese)
  544. Basketball Great Earnest Killum Passes at 72
  545. Deadly Car Crash Silences Voices of Our City Choir’s Co-founder
  546. Siksika elder and well-known activist for Indigenous communities dies
  547. Falleció el actor Rodolfo Machado (in Spanish)
  548. Marcel Maréchal, l'homme qui a révolutionné le théâtre à Marseille, est mort (in French)
  549. Football icon Geoffrey 'Paddy' Martin dies age 92
  550. Emeritus Professor Bernard J. Matkowsky Passes Away
  551. Bishop Basil Meeking, Bishop Emeritus of Christchurch, dies aged 90
  552. Former Ald. Burton Natarus Dies At 86
  553. Legendary Batman writer, Denny O'Neil dies at age 81
  554. Stella Pevsner, influential children’s author who kept writing into her 90s, dead at 98
  555. Obituary: Former New Zealand test cricketer Matt Poore dies at age 90
  556. Hollywood power publicist and pal to stars Nanci Ryder dies
  557. Trauer um Olympia-Teilnehmer und Leichtathletik-Dozent Prof. Hermann Salomon (in German)
  558. Muere la actriz Rosa María Sardà a los 78 años (in Spanish)
  559. Sidney Strulovitch
  560. Elly Stone, Best Known For Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris, Has Died at 93
  561. Former Bombay High Court judge Hosbet Suresh dies at 91
  562. Nhà tình báo Trần Quốc Hương qua đời (in Vietnamese)
  563. Mel Winkler, Actor in 'Devil in a Blue Dress' and 'Doc Hollywood,' Dies at 78
  564. Tamil Nadu MLA J. Anbazhagan succumbs to COVID-19
  565. Prof. em. Duilio Arigoni dies at 91
  566. ONGC player Naresh Aula dies aged 35
  567. Eerste seriemoordenaar van België overleden (in Dutch) (subscription required)
  568. A Radical Spirit: Professor Justin Champion
  569. Trauer um den ehemaligen Fußballnationalspieler Hans "Cissy" Cieslarczyk (in German)
  570. Richard Damen (Rijk), kwajongen op de radio, op 55-jarige leeftijd overleden (in Dutch)
  571. Joan Ferner
  572. Fallece Rosita Fornés, la vedette de Cuba, a los 97 años (in Spanish)
  573. Почина проф. Вера Ганчева (in Bulgarian)
  574. Charlotte Ancher Gardner
  575. Harry Glickman, Portland Trail Blazers founder and championship GM, dies at 96
  576. Fallece el muralista Antonio González Orozco (in Spanish)
  577. William "Billy" Hale
  578. Morre a catedrática e escritora lucense Araceli Herrero Figueroa (in Galician)
  579. Remembering Murray Hill
  580. Obituary for James F. Holland
  581. Morreu a atriz Maria José, uma carreira de mais de 80 anos dos palcos de teatro à televisão (in Portuguese)
  582. Dorothy Kovalchick Roark
  583. Anita Linda passes away at 95
  584. Death announced of Baroness Elisabeth-Anne de Massy
  585. Legendary Porsche Engine Designer Hans Mezger Dies at 90
  586. Veteran actress ‘Miliky MiCool’ has died
  587. Johnny “Mr. Wrestling II” Walker dead at age 85
  588. Murray Olderman – RIP
  589. Paul Owen 1969-2020
  590. Talat Özkarslı son yolculuğuna uğurlandı (in Turkish)
  591. Longtime Pittsburgh politician Bill Robinson remembered as advocate for minority rights
  592. Del Dr. Stuart Lyon Smith
  593. Former MSU president dies
  594. Voormalig televisiemaker Aad van den Heuvel overleden (in Dutch)
  595. Ex-A’s star Claudell Washington of Berkeley dead at 65
  596. ‘Superstar’ Canadian Racing Champion Eppie Wietzes Dead at 82
  597. Actor Saranyu Wongkrachang dies at 59
  598. Svenska ikonhästen är död – blev 30 år (in Swedish)
  599. Ex-Iran coach Parviz Aboutaleb passes away
  600. Ayşegül Atik hayatını kaybetti (in Turkish)
  601. Archbishop Joseph Mohsen Béchara
  602. Former UFO Guitarist Paul Chapman Dead At 66
  603. Muere Pau Donés, líder de Jarabe de Palo, a los 53 años (in Spanish)
  604. Michael Drosnin, Who Found Clues in the Bible, Is Dead at 74
  605. Meghalt Földessy Ödön olimpiai bronzérmes távolugró (in Hungarian)
  606. Remembering Maj. Gen. Kasirye Ggwanga
  607. William Hall
  608. 上海近代建筑的“保护女神”罗小未因病逝世 (in Chinese)
  609. L’ambassadeur des Etats-Unis en Guinée, Simon Henshaw, est mort à Conakry (in French)
  610. Dick Johnson, longtime Chicago TV news anchor for NBC, ABC stations, has died at 66
  611. Midwestern State women's hoops coach Noel Johnson dies at 47
  612. 94-aastasena suri Ain Kaalep (in Estonian)
  613. Wreath to Bier of Late Kim Chang-sop
  614. Nemir Kirdar, father of private equity globally, dies at 83
  615. Nie żyje Krystyna Krupska-Wysocka (in Polish)
  616. Bishop Francis Lagan
  617. Kabar Duka, Benny Likumahuwa Meninggal Dunia, Industri Musik Indonesia Kehilangan Musisi Terbaiknya (in Indonesian)
  618. A murit Gigi Marga (in Romanian)
  619. Florida’s first woman Senate president, Gwen Margolis, dies at 85
  620. In Memoriam: Gheorghe Motricală (in Romanian)
  621. In Memoriam : Jean Philippe Reverdot by Bernard Plossu
  622. Morris Schnitzer
  623. फीजी में वरिष्ठ उपसंपादक से भारत के उपरेलमंत्री तक, कुछ ऐसा रहा अजय सिंह चाहर का सफर (in Hindi)
  624. Писатель-сатирик Анатолий Трушкин умер от коронавируса (in Russian)
  625. 王定国同志逝世 (in Chinese)
  626. Jas Waters: Cause Of Death Revealed For ‘This Is Us’ Writer Who Was 39 – Update
  627. Lonnie Wheeler, Cincinnati Sportswriter And Author, Has Died
  628. Nie żyje Adam Wodnicki (in Polish)
  629. Klaus Berger ist tot (in German)
  630. Poeten Tobias Berggren är död (in Swedish)
  631. Addio a Renzo, re del canottaggio (in Italian)
  632. R L Clark
  633. Nicholas A. Cummings
  634. Tony Dunne dead: Legendary former Man Utd defender passes away aged 78
  635. Muere Manuel Felguérez, un grande del arte abstracto mexicano (in Spanish)
  636. Maggie Fitzgibbon obituary
  637. Central Texas musician James "Slim" Hand passes away Monday morning
  638. La cinéaste belge Marion Hänsel est décédée (in French)
  639. Professor Rosemary Hollis: 1952 - 2020
  640. Grover Cullen "G.C." Jennings
  641. Local football Hall of Famer, Sedley Joseph, dies at 80
  642. Longtime Cardinals' Team Physician Dr. Stan London Dies At 94
  643. Legiștii au stabilit cauza morții actorului Costin Mărculescu (in Romanian)
  644. Fabrizio Mioni
  645. Morreu Tavares Moreira, antigo governador do Banco de Portugal (in Portuguese)
  646. Odisha based Santhali singer Basen Murmu passes away at 33
  647. Ex-Balochistan minister succumbs to Covid-19
  648. Burundi president dies of 'heart attack' at 55
  649. Lillemor ”Hinsehäxan” Östlin är död (in Swedish)
  650. LiFO: "Πέθανε η ηθοποιός Ασπασία Παπαθανασίου" 08/04/2020 (in Greek)
  651. »Ich bin ländlich-sittlich, aufrecht, ein Idiot eben« (in German)
  652. Bonnie Pointer of the Pointer Sisters Dies at 69
  653. Former Union minister Arjun Sethi passes away
  654. Interlochen Center for the Arts mourns the passing of Daniel Stolper
  655. In memoriam Heli Susi 1929--2020 (in Estonian)
  656. Vitol veteran Ian Taylor dies after long cancer illness
  657. 심완구 민선 초대 울산시장 지병으로 별세 (in Korean)
  658. Stefan Vodenicharov, formerly Bulgaria’s Education Minister, dies aged 75
  659. Beavis
  660. Soul Blues Man Frank Bey Dead at 74
  661. Preminula Marina Blagojević Hjuson (in Serbian)
  662. Deckarförfattare är död (in Swedish)
  663. Gabon: décès de l’ancien ministre Paul Bunduku-Latha (in French)
  664. Hubert Gagnon, la voix d'Homer Simpson, est décédé (in French)
  665. Nie żyje Józef Gruszka, wieloletni poseł na Sejm PSL (in Polish)
  666. Malerin Bettina Heinen-Ayech ist mit 82 Jahren gestorben (in German)
  667. Друзі про журналістку Радіо Свобода Богдану Костюк: «З нею можна було поговорити, і все одразу ставало на свої місця» (in Ukrainian)
  668. Floyd Lee
  669. 媒体:刘少奇长女刘爱琴逝世享年92岁 遗体将捐献 (in Chinese)
  670. Martigues : l'ancien maire Paul Lombard est décédé à l'âge de 92 ans (in French)
  671. Gyász: elhunyt vb-aranyérmes kardvívónk, Marót Péter (in Hungarian)
  672. James D. Meindl, master of integrated circuits, dies at 87
  673. สิ้นศิลปินแห่งชาติ "ศ.วิโชค มุกดามณี" ถึงแก่อนิจกรรมด้วยวัย 67 ปี (in Thai)
  674. Alan Metter, Director of Rodney Dangerfield's 'Back to School,' Dies at 77
  675. FAMU, NFL legend Ken Riley passes away
  676. Paul Rochester, Jets DT and Super Bowl Contributor, Dies at 81
  677. Kannada actor Chiranjeevi Sarja passes away
  678. Сегодня ночью скончалась Ольга Семёновна Острой (in Russian)
  679. Biologist Lynika Strozier Dies
  680. Morre a poeta Terêza Tenório, musa da Geração 65 (in Portuguese)
  681. Operasångaren Edith Thallaug-Benczy är död (in Norwegian)
  682. Trần Quang Lộc - một đời tài hoa, lận đận (in Vietnamese)
  683. 'Paid it forward before it was fashionable': Peter Weiss dies aged 84
  684. Goodbye, Ralph: Ex-Cosmos defender-midfielder Wright dies
  685. Leo Augustus Behie
  686. Honorable Arthur L. Berman
  687. Former NFL receiver Reche Caldwell killed in Florida
  688. Le conférencier Jean-Marc Chaput meurt d'un cancer (in French)
  689. Outrage as Guatemalan Maya spiritual guide is tortured and burned alive
  690. Dan Danglo – RIP
  691. Christel DeHaan, prominent Indianapolis philanthropist, dies at age 77
  692. Milt Earnhart
  693. Disparition d’Alain Erlande-Brandenburg (in French)
  694. June 2020 Obituaries
  695. Jewish Theatre co-founder Corey Fischer dies at 75
  696. Texas Southern says goodbye to longtime debate coach Thomas Freeman
  697. Piyush Goyal"s mother Chandrakanta Goyal passes away
  698. Kaohsiung council speaker jumps to death after Han recall election
  699. مرجان؛ صدای معترضی که خاموش شد (in Persian)
  700. Muere el actor Jordi Mestre tras chocar con su moto contra un semáforo en el centro de Madrid (in Spanish)
  701. William Oster
  702. Hurdles champion Zambrose dies of cancer at 76
  703. Former Kilkenny hurler Ryan dies in road accident
  704. Thomas Terrell Sessums, former Florida House speaker, dead at 89
  705. Dietmar Seyferth, professor emeritus of chemistry, dies at 91
  706. Eduard Szajchulin nie żyje. Były zawodnik Koziołków miał 46 lat (in Polish)
  707. Former Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Ramadan Shalah dies at 62
  708. Morto Francesco Squillace, ex presidente della Provincia di Catanzaro (in Italian)
  709. Robert Straus
  710. Police suspect former Kerala Ranji player’s death a murder, son detained
  711. Addio a monsignor Veggio: originario di Manerba, è stato vescovo ausiliare di Verona (in Italian)
  712. Greek Painter Constantin Xenakis Dies at the Age of 89
  713. Longtime Atlanta Falcons DE John Zook dies at age 72
  714. Barbados Advocate owner, Sir Anthony Bryan has died
  715. L'ex-comédienne Andrée Champagne n’est plus (in French)
  716. LSU mourns loss of internationally recognized professor of theoretical physics
  717. Sad News – Gerald Duke
  718. Jim Fryatt (1940-2020)
  719. CSKA legend Boris Gaganelov died suddenly!
  720. Former state lawmaker Doris Goodale dies at age 71
  721. Ve věku 82 let zemřel Jiří Hanák, novinář a komentátor Lidových novin Template:LL
  722. 伊藤敬子さんが死去 俳人 (in Japanese)
  723. Gene Splicing Pioneer Dale Kaiser Dies
  724. Hanna Kamieniecki, résistante juive et communiste de Paris, est morte à 95 ans (in French)
  725. 「川崎病」発見した小児科医・川崎富作さん死去 95歳 (in Japanese)
  726. Former Minister of Transport and Deputy Mayor of Sofia Wilhelm Kraus has Passed Away
  727. Economista Carlos Lessa morre aos 83 anos de Covid-19 (in Portuguese)
  728. Tributes paid to voice teacher Kristin Linklater
  729. Ved Marwah, former chief of Delhi Police, passes away in Goa
  730. In Memoriam, Christian Meyer
  731. Mariners Moose Tracks, 6/7/20: Marco & Monica Gonzales, Buster Olney, and Pokémon
  732. Catholics mourning death of Kalamazoo Bishop Emeritus James A. Murray
  733. Bishop Murry of Youngstown dies after stepping down due to leukemia
  734. Mary Overlie death
  735. Professor Brian Robson OBE
  736. Zum Tod von Prof. Dr. Edeltraud Roller (in German)
  737. 美容家の佐伯チズさん死去 76歳 筋萎縮性側索硬化症のため (in Japanese)
  738. Friedrich Stelzner : Traueranzeige (in German)
  739. Kurt Thomas, first US man to win world gym title, dies at 64
  740. Tributes paid to Carlisle United and Carlisle City legend Ron 'Ginger' Thompson
  741. Zmarł płk Marian Tomaszewski. Walczył pod Monte Cassino
  742. Скончалась Л.Ю.Тугушева (in Russian)
  743. Vicki Wood (1919–2020), record-setting woman NASCAR driver
  744. Purple clay teapot expert dies at age of 74
  745. Shigeru Yokota, father of N Korea abductee, dies at 87
  746. Addio al maestro Marcello Abbado (in Italian)
  747. Morre a cantora gospel Fabiana Anastácio, por complicações do coronavírus (in Portuguese)
  748. Nakon teške bolesti preminula književnica i prevoditeljica Milena Benini (in Serbo-Croatian)
  749. Design writer Ralph Caplan dies at 95
  750. Filmmaker Basu Chatterjee passes away
  751. Kitty Hach-Darrow dies at age 97
  752. Laura Hillman, Holocaust survivor, dies at 96
  753. Rock Producer Rupert Hine, Who Worked Alongside Tina Turner, The Fixx and Rush, Dies at 72
  754. Скончался актёр Михаил Кокшенов (in Russian)
  755. Коткова Фаина Васильевна (in Russian)
  756. Piet van der Kruk (78), laatste gewichtheffer op de Spelen, overleden (in Dutch)
  757. Jean Link, légende de l’escrime luxembourgeoise et “Meilleur sportif” 1959, nous quitte à l’âge de 81 ans. (in French)
  758. Lawrence Donald "Bobby" Locke
  759. Roberto Faraone Mennella, Jewelry Designer, Dies at Age 48
  760. Dulce Nunes, voz de 'Pobre menina rica' e dos anos 1960, morre no Rio (in Portuguese)
  761. Ex-Ondo governor, Bamidele Olumilua, is dead
  762. Former Fiji deputy speaker and coup hostage dies
  763. Steve Priest Dies: Bassist Who Co-Founded Sweet Was 72
  764. James Quirk
  765. Pete Rademacher, 1956 Olympic boxing champion, dies at 91
  766. Fallece Antonio Rodríguez de las Heras, experto de Levanta la cabeza (in Spanish)
  767. Morre aos 58 anos a mestra e exdeputada Isabel Sánchez Montenegro (in Galician)
  768. Muere en Pamplona el político e historiador Bixente Serrano Izko (in Spanish)
  769. Dr. Albert N. Whiting, Fourth President and First Chancellor of NCCU, Passes Away at 102
  770. Oscar Brown, last surviving brother of great Long Beach sports family, dies at 74
  771. Punjab MPA Shaukat Cheema dies due to coronavirus
  772. French forces kill al-Qaida's North Africa chief in Mali
  773. Bruce Jay Friedman, Oscar-Nominated Screenwriter of ‘Splash,’ Dies at 90
  774. Jeanne Goosen sterf op 81 (in Afrikaans)
  775. Theatermaker en rolstoelsporter Marc de Hond (42) overleden (in Dutch)
  776. Mohsen Ibrahim, l’une des dernières figures historiques de la gauche libanaise, n’est plus (in French)
  777. PTI MPA Jamshed ud Din passes away from coronavirus
  778. Elhunyt Kausz István olimpiai bajnok párbajtőröző (in Hungarian)
  779. Olympic hero Veli Lehtelä died at the age of 84 - lost his sight in the past: "I'm pretty sokee and the world pimee"
  780. Zmarł Jerzy Łukaszewski, były rektor College of Europe w Brugii (in Polish)
  781. Donald Macgregor
  782. Legendary Tennessee football player, coach Johnny Majors dies
  783. Muere el actor mexicano Héctor Ortega a los 81 años (in Spanish)
  784. Breeders’ Cup Classic Hero Pleasantly Perfect Dies in Turkey
  785. Gary Potts, Temagami First Nation Chief who led road blockades in 80s, dead
  786. Bishop Mário Rino Sivieri
  787. Former Parliamentarian Sh Tahir Rasheed Passes Away
  788. Тарнавська Розалія (in Ukrainian)
  789. Scriitoarea și jurnalista Valentina Tăzlăuanu s-a stins din viață (in Romanian)
  790. Atriz e diretora Maria Alice Vergueiro morre em SP aos 85 anos (in Portuguese)
  791. Lawrence M. Walsh
  792. Midge Ware Colton
  793. Professor Emeritus, former Carruthers Center Director Conrad Worrill dies at 78
  794. Juddmonte Champion Arrogate Dies at 7
  795. JMU Hall of Fame baseball coach Brad Babcock passes away
  796. Sindh minister Ghulam Murtaza Baloch dies of Covid-19
  797. Werner Böhm alias Gottlieb Wendehals gestorben (in German)
  798. Burnstock
  799. Murió Rosa Canales, referente del arbitraje femenino en Ecuador (in Spanish)
  800. John Cuneo
  801. Retired St. Louis police captain killed by looters while trying to protect friend's shop
  802. Progglegendaren Inga Edwards är död (in Swedish)
  803. James Fairfield English Jr.
  804. Addio al semiologo Paolo Fabbri, ha svelato i meccanismi del linguaggio e dell'arte (in Italian)
  805. Mort de Lugi Gizenga : quel avenir politique pour le Palu ? (in French)
  806. È morto Roberto Gervaso. Lo scrittore aveva 82 anni (in Italian)
  807. Mary Pat Gleason, ‘A Cinderella Story’ and ‘Mom’ Actor, Dies at 70
  808. Jean-Claude Hamel, une vie de passion (in French)
  809. Utrechtse stadsarcheoloog Tarq Hoekstra op 81-jarige leeftijd overleden (in Dutch)
  810. Rusty Kidd, Georgia’s last independent state lawmaker, dies
  811. Yvon Lamarre - Avis de décès (in French)
  812. South Sudan's East African Affairs minister dies at 68
  813. Из жизни ушел Геннадий Мардас… (in Russian)
  814. Εφυγε από τη ζωή η Αμαλία Μεγαπάνου, η πρώην σύζυγος του Κωνσταντίνου Καραμανλή (in Greek)
  815. Vallejo officer who killed SF man had three prior shootings as a policeman
  816. Bishop Desmond Charles Moore
  817. Monseigneur Jacques Noyer, ancien évêque d'Amiens, est mort (in French)
  818. MNA Munir Khan Orakzai passes away
  819. Deux-Sèvres : ancien député et maire de Châtillon-sur-Thouet, Jean Pineau n'est plus (in French)
  820. Czech Composer, Poet, and Improviser Markéta Procházková-Lutková Passes Away Too Soon
  821. Décès de Janine Reiss (in French)
  822. Muriel Kent Roy est décédée, l'Acadie rend hommage à une bâtisseuse (in French)
  823. Former Pakistan first-class cricketer Riaz Sheikh dies at 51
  824. Murió el comediante Héctor Suárez a los 81 años (in Spanish)
  825. Southern All Black Lindsay Townsend dies
  826. Chris Trousdale Dead, Former Dream Street Singer Dies Of Coronavirus At 34
  827. Addio a Carlo Ubbiali, leggenda del motociclismo italiano (in Italian)
  828. Wizards, NBA mourn passing of Wes Unseld
  829. Floyd Zaiger, prolific fruit breeder who brought new flavors to our lives, dies at 94
  830. Oprichter textielsupermarkt Zeeman overleden (in Dutch)
  831. Javier Alva Orlandini, figura histórica de Acción Popular, falleció este lunes (in Spanish)
  832. Décès. Jean-Michel Cadiot, un journaliste de passion (in French)
  833. Acclaimed N.S. writer, environmentalist Silver Donald Cameron dies
  834. Pat Dye, legendary Auburn football coach, dies at 80
  835. Pakistani writer Asif Farrukhi passes away
  836. Nigerian reggae legend Majek Fashek dies at 57
  837. Zmarł prof. Marian Filar, były poseł i prorektor UMK. Miał 77 lat (in Polish)
  838. Cal Football: Beloved, Long-Time Bears Broadcaster Lee Grosscup Dies at 83
  839. Misfits drummer Joey Image reportedly dead at 63
  840. Tributes paid to US ace Dave Kelly
  841. EOC President Kocijančič dies aged 78 following illness
  842. BJP Tamil Nadu former president KN Lakshmanan passes away at 90
  843. Ron Larrieu
  844. Protests, Louisville police chief fired after fatal shooting
  845. Roberto Peccei – In Memoriam
  846. Lord Rea Labour
  847. Piotr Rocki nie żyje. Poruszający wpis jego syna (in Polish)
  848. Померла легендарна зв’язкова УПА Марія Штепа (in Russian)
  849. Archbishop Pedro Ercílio Simon
  850. Помер український композитор Мирослав Скорик (in Ukrainian)
  851. Josef Smolka
  852. Zum Tod von Christoph Sydow: Mensch, Christoph! (in German)
  853. Marion Zarzeczna

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