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Defence Scientific Information & Documentation Centre
Established 29 July 1970
Director Sh.Suresh Kumar Jindal
Address Metcalfe House,
Delhi-110054 [1]
Location Delhi
Operating agency
Website DESIDOC Home Page

Defence Scientific Information & Documentation Centre (DESIDOC) is a division of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). Located in Delhi, its main function is the collection, processing and dissemination of relevant technical information for DRDO scientists. The present director of DESIDOC is Suresh Kumar Jindal.


DESIDOC started functioning in 1958 as the Scientific Information Bureau (SIB) and was a division of the Defence Science Laboratory (DSL) (now called the Defence Science Centre).[2] The DRDO library became a division of SIB in 1959. In 1967, SIB was expanded and renamed DESIDOC. DESIDOC became a DRDO laboratory on 29 July 1970. Originally functioning from the main building of Metcalfe House (a national monument), DESIDOC moved to new five-storeyed building in the same Metcalfe House complex in August 1988.


DESIDOC functions as a central information resource for DRDO, providing DRDO scientists and labs with scientific & technical information, based on its library and other information resources.[3]

It also provides secure e-mail and Internet connectivity to DRDO labs through the networks of ERNET (of Dept of Electronics) and NICNET (of the Planning Commission).


DESIDOC maintains the Defence Science Library (DSL), a well-equipped library housing 262,000 documents. It also provides access to various databases, as well as newspaper archives and other reference material. Additionally, DESIDOC has taken up the initiative of digitizing complete research papers of DRDO scientists, as well as preparing presentation material and promtional material for DRDO scientists. DESIDOC has Library software which is developed by Dr. Anil Kumar Tyagi and uses a seven module integrated library management software called "SUCHIKA". DESIDOC also has web application software for information retrieval, "Patrika" (newspaper clippings software) and search software.

Currently latest version of Suchika is running in DIAT DRDO Pune.


DESIDOC functions as the publication wing of DRDO, providing scientific and technical information via specialised publications, monographs, technical bulletins, online journals and popular science publications. These cover current developments in Indian Defence R&D. The publications are unclassified and available free of charge online. Monographs and other publications are available on payment. The periodicals published are:[4]

Training Programs[]

Short term training programmes and workshops are conducted every year for DRDO personnel, mainly in the areas of library automation, Internet use, DTP, multimedia development, communication skills, stress management, etc.[5]


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