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Deng Longguang (traditional Chinese: 鄧龍光; simplified Chinese: 邓龙光; pinyin: Dèng Lóngguāng) was a KMT general from Guangdong.

1923 Commanding Officer 11th Regiment, 6th Brigade, 3rd Division, Guangdong Army

1927 General Officer Commanding 1st Instructional Division, 4th Army

1930 General Officer Commanding 12th Division, 4th Army

1930 Chief of Staff, 12th Division, 4th Army

1931 Deputy General Officer Commanding 1st Instructional Division, 1st Army Group

1936 General Officer Commanding 156th Division

1937 General Officer Commanding 83rd Army

1938 Deputy Commander in Chief 29th Army Corps

1938 - 1941 General Officer Commanding 64th Army

1939 Deputy Commander in Chief 35th Army Group

1939 - 1945 Commander in Chief 35th Army Group

1945 Deputy Commander in Chief 2nd Area Army

1946 Deputy Director, Guangzhou Field Headquarters

1948 Deputy Director, Guangzhou pacification Office

1949 Advisor, Presidential Strategy Commission, Taiwan

1950 Member, Planning Commission for the Recovery of the Mainland

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