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Diggi Palace now known as The Diggi Palace Hotel is an Indian royal palace located in Jaipur, Rajasthan.[1][2] It was converted into a heritage hotel, but a part is still occupied by the royal family, which also runs the hotel.[3] The annual Jaipur Literature Festival is held here since 2006.[4][5]


The former haveli belongs to the Thakurs (Khangarot Rajputs) of Diggi, a thikana or estate 40 km south-west from Jaipur, earlier part of the Jaipur state.[6] Each of the thakurs since its construction in 1980s, added to the present structure, which in 1991 was partly converted to a heritage hotel by the present owners Thakur Ram Pratap Singh Diggi and his wife, Jyotika Kumari Diggi.[7]


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