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Divisional admiral or division admiral is a commissioned officer rank in several navies. It is a two-star flag rank, equivalent to the rank of rear admiral in the Royal Navy and the rank of rear admiral (upper half) in the United States Navy.

Belgium[edit | edit source]

In the Naval Component of the Belgian Armed Forces, the rank of division admiral (Dutch language: divisieadmiraal , French language: amiral de division) ranks directly above a flotilla admiral and immediately below a vice-admiral. Its equivalent rank in the Belgian Land Component, Air Component and Medical Component is major-general.

Italy[edit | edit source]

In the Marina Militare, the Italian Navy, the rank of ammiraglio di divisione ranks directly above a counter admiral and immediately below a squadron admiral. Its equivalents in the Italian Army and the Italian Air Force are generale di divisione (divisional general) and generale di divisione aerea (air divisional general).

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