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Don-class submarine tender
Fyodor Vidyaev
Class overview
Builders: Nikolayev shipyard
Operators: Soviet Navy, Indonesian Navy
Succeeded by: Ugra-class submarine tender
Built: 1958-61
In commission: 1961-89?
Completed: 7
Retired: 7
General characteristics
Type: Submarine tender
Displacement: 6730 tons standard, 9000 tons full load
Length: 140 m
Beam: 17.7 m
Draught: 6.4 m
Propulsion: 4 Diesel engines, 8000 hp
Speed: 17 knots
Range: 21,000 km / at 10 knots
Complement: 300 to 450
Sensors and
processing systems:
Radar: Hawk Screech, Slim Net
Electronic warfare
& decoys:
2 Watch dog ECM systems, Vee cone communication system
Armament: 4 - 100mm guns (4x1), 4 - 57mm guns,

The Don class submarine tender was the NATO reporting name for a group of submarine tenders built for the Soviet Navy in the late 1950s. The Soviet designation was Project 310 Batur.


The class were designed to support Soviet submarines on distant operations. They had significant self-defence armament and contained numerous workshops


7 ships were built for the Soviet Navy and one ship was exported to Indonesia

The Soviet ships were mostly named after submarine commanders killed in World War II:

  • Dmitriy Galkin, named after Dmitriy Galkin
  • Fyodor Vidyaev, named after Fyodor Vidyayev
  • Kamchatskiy Komsomolets
  • Magomed Gadzhiev, named after Magomet Gadzhiyev
  • Magdanskiy Komsomolets
  • Viktor Kotelnikov named after Viktor Kotelnikov

Magomed Gadzhiev with Frigate Bezzavetny and cruiser Zhdanov


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