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Dubovac Castle
Utvrđeni grad Dubovac
Karlovac, in Karlovac County
Dubovac Castle in Karlovac11, Croatia.jpg
Dubovac Castle
Type Castle
Coordinates Latitude: 45.495
Longitude: 15.528
Built 13th-15th century
Controlled by Frankopan and Zrinski

Dubovac Castle is a castle in Karlovac, Croatia.[1]

The Dubovac Castle overlooks the Croatian city Karlovac. Square tower was probably built during the 13th century. In 15th century the castle is rebuilt in renaissance manner. The owners of the castle were various – from Slavonian nobleman family Sudar to famous Croatian counts and dukes Frankopan and Zrinski. From 1671 until 1809 the owners of Dubovac were the Karlovac generals. In 1837, a new owner, Count Laval Nugent, rebuilt the castle in the spirit of romanticism. Dubovac was once again renovated in 1952 in relation to graphics from the end of 18th century." There is a photograph of the castle at that site.[1]

The castle was used for several years recently as a hotel, and the damage done to the interior to accommodate rooms, is now being repaired. There are museum exhibits and a large model of the countryside. Guide materials indicate that the fortress was built on a hill constructed by the people in order to maximize defenses and views of the surrounding areas.[1] The castle recently was featured on a commemorative Croatian postage stamp, complete with photograph.[2]



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