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The EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle is a fictional top secret U.S. Army project led by General Barnicke in the 1981 movie Stripes, starring Bill Murray and Harold Ramis.[1]

Based on a GMC 1976 GMC 26' Palm Beach motorhome, it was heavily armored (including roll-away shutters to protect the windows and other sensitive areas from weapons fire) and armed with machine-guns, a cannon, flamethrowers, a multiple rocket launcher, and assorted infantry weapons.[2][3] It also featured a fully equipped communications and navigation suite and it could operate as an armored personnel carrier where personnel could enter and exit the vehicle by a power operated ramp at the back. The vehicle was shown to be impervious to cannon fire when it was shot at by a cannon mounted in a tower. Designed to prowl urban areas without attracting attention, the EM-50 could quickly deploy its weapons before an enemy knew it was there or realized what it was.[4]

In 2014, Mattel released a Hot Wheels replica model of the EM-50 on a Stripes themed backing card.


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