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Egypt Command
Active 1882–1956
Country Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom
Branch Flag of the British Army British Army
Type Command
Garrison/HQ Cairo

Egypt Command was a British military command.


The command was established in the late 19th century after the Anglo-Egyptian War in 1882.[1] The British Army remained in Egypt throughout the First World War and, after the War, remained there to protect the Suez Canal.[1] Following Egypt's independence in 1922, the United Kingdom and Egypt entered into a treaty in 1936 whereby British troops remained to protect the canal and to train the Egyptian Army.[1] After the Second World War anti-British resentment escalated and there was rioting in the streets in February 1946.[1] British troops left Egypt in June 1956 shortly before the Suez Crisis.[2]


Commanders were as follows:[3]


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