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Eighth Army Corps
Active 1898–1900
Country United States
Branch United States Army
Type Corps
Size 10,844

Spanish–American War

Philippine–American War

Wesley Merritt
Elwell Stephen Otis
Arthur MacArthur

The Eighth Army Corps was formed on June 21, 1898, shortly after the outbreak of the Spanish–American War, in order to provide a ground contingent to exploit Commodore George Dewey's success in defeating the Spanish fleet in Manila Bay on May 1, 1898. Under the command of Major General Wesley Merritt, Eighth Corps had only one division, curiously numbered as the Second Division. The Second Division was under the command of Brigadier General Thomas M. Anderson.

Eighth Corps defeated the Spanish forces under the command of Governor-General of the Philippines Fermín Jáudenes in the Battle of Manila on August 14, 1898. At the end of March 1900, the complexities involved in dealing with guerrilla warfare and governing the islands led to the transformation of what had been the Department of the Pacific into the Division of the Philippines with four geographical departments, each of which was in turn divided into military districts. This step brought an end to the Eighth Corps.[1] Units of the former Eighth Corps also fought to an eventual victory in the Philippine–American War in July 1902.

Command structure[]

Following is the Order of battle for the Eighth Army Corps:[2]

Commanding General, Eighth Army Corps: Major General Wesley Merritt

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