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Elephant Pass Military Bas
Elephant Pass, Northern Province
Type Military Base
Coordinates Latitude:
In use 19?? – present
Garrison 55 Division
Commanders Major General Sanath Karunaratne,
Major General Percy P. Fernando

Elephant Pass Military Bas is a military base located in strategic Elephant Pass, Northern Province of Sri Lanka. Elephant Pass is the gateway of the Jaffna Peninsula, that connects it to the mainland.

As far back as 1760 the Portuguese built a fort, which was later rebuilt and garrisoned by the Dutch in 1776[1] and later by the British. After independence in 1948 the newly formed Ceylon Army built a base. This base was expand and troops garrisoning it increased during the 1980s with the out set of terrorist activity in Jaffna Peninsula and the start of the Sri Lankan Civil War. By 1990 it was garrisoned by a full battalion with support units. By July the 6th battalion of the Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment was stationed. That month the First Battle of Elephant Pass took place for the control of the base and the area around it. The garrison held out until the siege was broken by Operation Balavegaya. By the 2000 the base was home to the 54 Division of the Sri Lanka Army. That year the Second Battle of Elephant Pass in which the army was forced to withdraw from the base. Before the troops withdrew they destroyed much of the base including its communication tower to prevent it from falling into enemy hands. The LTTE occurred the area fortifying it. The Sri Lankan Army recaptured the Elephant Pass in late 2008. It has reestablished its base and is home to the 55 Division.


Coordinates: 9°32′50″N 80°24′32″E / 9.54722°N 80.40889°E / 9.54722; 80.40889

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