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Casparsson at the 1912 Olympics
Born 15 November 1886
Krokek, Norrköping, Sweden
Died 7 September 1973 (aged 86)
Kolmården, Norrköping, Sweden

Ernst Gustaf Casparsson (15 November 1886 – 7 September 1973) was a Swedish equestrian who competed in the 1912 Summer Olympics. He and his horse Irmelin finished fifth in the individual eventing competition and won a gold medal with the Swedish eventing team. He also finished sixth in the individual jumping event on the horse Kiriki.[1]

Casparsson was born in a family of seven siblings and grew up on his father's farm in Kolmården. One of his brothers, Otto, became a prominent actor, and sister Elsa was an artist. In 1921 Casparsson purchased the farm, which by then was in a financial trouble, and managed to repay its debt by working both as a farmer and a military officer. In 1924 he married a woman 14 years his junior; the couple had four boys.[2]


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