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Etrich Luft-Limousine
Role Reconnaissance aircraft
National origin Austria-Hungary
Manufacturer Etrich
Designer Igo Etrich
First flight 1912
Primary user KuKLFT
Number built 2

The Luft-Limousine or Luftlimousine, also known as Etrich VIII Luft-Limousine, was a single engine monoplane built by the Etrich company in Silesia in 1912.


The Luft-Limousine was designed by Igo Etrich, the builder of the Etrich Taube.[1]

The plane was built in the 'Etrich Fliegerwerke' factory in Liebau (today Lubawka, Poland). It was an aircraft with a cabin for one pilot and a single passenger that was enclosed with wire gauze and celluloid windows, the reason for which Igo Etrich named it Luft-Limousine.[2]

The Luft-Limousine was the first military monoplane with an enclosed cabin. It was powered by a 60 hp Austro-Daimler engine.[3]

Operational history[]

The maiden flight of this plane took place in Josefstadt, only few kilometres south of Trautenau on 7 May 1912.[4] During World War I the Luft-Limousine was used by the Austro-Hungarian army.[5]




Data from [5]

General characteristics

  • Crew: Two, pilot and observer
  • Length: 8 m ( ft in)
  • Wingspan: 9.5 m ( ft in)
  • Wing area: 26 m2 ( ft2) each

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