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Planning for global territorial expansion of the Axis Powers; Germany, Italy and Japan, progressed before and during the Second World War. This included some special strike plans against the Allied nations (with similar intentions to the James Doolittle raid special Allied Strike).

Operational plans of Germany and Italy[]



Original German Barbarossa plan

Operational plans of Japan[]

Listed below are operations and invasion plans of the Japanese Empire from 1929-1942:



  • Control of all of Indochina
  • Advances in the China Mainland, Second Sino-Japanese War
  • Pearl Harbor strike
  • Invasion of the Philippines
  • Invasion of Thailand
  • Invasion of the Dutch Indies (now Indonesia)
  • Japanese Invasion of Burma
  • Invasion of Guam and Wake Island
  • Invasion of New Guinea/Solomons
  • Christmas Island invasion
  • Projected Invasion to Cocos (Keeling) Island
  • Japanese Invasion of the Gilbert Islands
  • Japanese Invasion of Nauru and Ocean island
  • Imphal and Kohima strikes ("Operation U") (attempts to India Invasion,"21 Operation")
  • Planned occupation of Ceylon ("Invasion of Ceylon")[citation needed]
  • Occupation of Andaman and Nicobar Islands
  • Capture of the Attu/Kiska islands (alternative operation together with the Midway operation)
  • Intent for Hawaii Invasion (Battle of Midway)[citation needed]
  • Renewed plans for Siberian invasion (Kantouken Operation)[citation needed]
  • Western China invasion (Szechwan Invasion or "Operation 5")
  • Indian Invasion[citation needed]
  • Planned invasion of the island of Madagascar[citation needed]
  • Planned total conquest of all New Guinea and Solomon Islands
  • extension of south square of defensive perimeter: (Melanesia/Polynesia Areas)
    • Santa Cruz Island
    • New Hebrides
    • New Caledonia/Loyalty archipelago
    • Fiji
    • Samoa
    • Tuvalu
    • Tokelau
    • Tonga
  • Rejected proposal to invade Australia
  • Projected Japanese administrative divisions in occupied Asian and Pacific territories:

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