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The FV300 series was a series of tanks produced by the United Kingdom between 1947–50, a few years after World War II. The project was cancelled in the latter year, during the prototype stage. It was produced by Vickers.

Variants[edit | edit source]

  • FV301 21 ton tank with 77mm gun (based on A46)
  • FV302 GPO/CPO Command Vehicle
  • FV303 20pdr Self Propelled Gun
  • FV304 25pdr Self Propelled Gun
  • FV305 5.5 inch Self Propelled Gun
  • FV306 Light Armoured Recovery Vehicle
  • FV307 Radar Vehicle
  • FV308 Field Artillery Tractor
  • FV309 RA section vehicle
  • FV310 Armoured Personnel Carrier
  • FV311 Armoured Load Carrier

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