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Fahad Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah
الشيخ فهد الأحمد الجابر الصباح
Born August 10th ,1945

Defending Dasman Palace

August 2nd, 1990
Place of birth Kuwait
Place of death


Flag of Kuwait (1915-1956)
Emblem of Kuwait
Service/branch Kuwaiti Armed Forces
Rank Colonel
Commands held
  • Six Day War (1967)
  • Invasion of Kuwait (1990)
  • Battle of Dasman Palace
  • Awards Arab and non-Arab Military awards and decorations

    Monarch Shahid His Excellency Colonel Sheikh Fahad Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah (10 August 1945 – 2 August 1990)(Arabic language: الشيخ فهد الأحمد الجابر الصباح ‎) was a member of the House of Sabah and the founder of the Kuwait Olympic Committee. His elder brother is the Emir of Kuwait.[1] He was killed by elements of the Iraqi Armed Forces during the Invasion of Kuwait at Dasman Palace.

    Early Life and EducationEdit

    Sheikh Fahad was one of the younger sons of His Highness Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and was educated in Kuwait for his primary and secondary schooling.

    Military careerEdit

    Sheikh Fahad enlisted in the Kuwaiti Armed Forces on April 22, 1963 as an aspirant.[2] On July 30, 1964; he was sent to train and graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in the UK.[1] On July 19, 1967; he was promoted to the rank of second lieutenant and then later attained the rank of first lieutenant on March 1, 1968.[2]

    Six Day WarEdit

    In June 1967 the Kuwaiti Armed Forces participated in a war and fought outside the borders of Kuwait, for the first time. It was during the Six-Day War between four Arab countries Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Jordan against the State of Israel. From the principle of Arab solidarity; aspirant Sheikh Fahad took part in the Six Day War and was attached to the "Yarmouk Brigade" of the Kuwaiti Army deployed on the Egyptian front, in alliance with the Iraqi Armed Forces from May 29, 1967 to September 1, 1967.[2][3] On November 25, 1968; Sheikh Fahad was promoted to a first lieutenant in the Kuwaiti Emiri Guard.[2]

    Battle of Dasman PalaceEdit

    In August 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait with a massive crushing force against the outnumbered Military of Kuwait.[2] While Kuwait was being overrun; the Emir of Kuwait was exiled out of the country. In the meantime, Sheikh Fahad rushed to the defense of Dasman Palace and stood his ground heavily outnumbered battling the invading Iraqi forces. His Excellency was shot and killed and his body was placed in front of a tank and run over, according to an Iraqi soldier who was present and deserted after the assault.[4]

    International Athletics AccomplishmentsEdit

    1982 World cup incidentEdit

    During the match against France at the 1982 FIFA World Cup, France scored a goal while some of the Kuwaiti players had stopped, having heard a whistle. The goal was initially awarded by the referee, who had not blown, but Kuwait walked off the pitch in protest. They eventually resumed playing only after the intervention of Sheikh Fahad and the referee's changing his mind to disallow the French goal.

    Sports affiliationsEdit

    His Excellency led the Kuwaiti Sporting Delegation for the following Championships:

    His Excellency led the Organizing Committees for the following Championships:

    • 1st Arabian Basketball Championship, 1974
    • 2nd Arabian Basketball Championship, 1975
    • 1st Arabian Handball Championship, 1975
    • 3rd Arabian Handball Championship, (Palestinian Cup), 1979
    • 7th Football Asian Nations Cup, 1980
    • Volleyball Arabic-African Friendship Championship, 1981
    • 1st Open International Athlete Championship, 1981
    • 1st Handball Friendship Championship, 1981
    • 2nd Open International Athlete Championship, 1982
    • 2nd Fencing International Championship, 1982
    • 2nd Handball Friendship Championship, 1982
    • Basketball International Friendship Championship, 1982
    • 1st Godo International Friendship Championship, 1982
    • 3rd Open International Athlete Championship, 1983
    • 3rd Arabian Gymnastic Championship, 1983
    • 5th Asian Athlete Championship, 1983
    • 4th Asian Godo Championship, 1984
    • 3rd Gulf Basketball Championship, 1986
    • Asian Boxing Championship, 1978
    • Friendship and Peace Championship, 1989
    • 1st Gulf Nations Handball Championship, 1989
    • 10th Arabic Fencing Championship, 1989
    • 10th Gulf Football Championship, 1990

    Championships bearing His Excellency's name:

    Personal lifeEdit

    Sheikh Fahad was married and was succeeded by five sons and one daughter.

    Ahmed Al-Fahad Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah - President of the Olympic Council of Asia, as well as a member of the International Olympic Committee. Also President of Kuwait Olympic Committee and Kuwait Football Association.

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