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Kolar mausoleum1794

Sketch of Fateh Muhammad's mausoleum in Kolar

Born as Sayyid walShareef Fateh Muhammad Ali Khan Kolari[citation needed] (6 May 1704 – 9 September 1725), Fateh Muhammad or Nadim Sahib was a General of Mysore. he was the father of Hyder Ali his fifth child, who was born in the year 1720, from his third wife.[1][2]

At an early age he served as a commander of 50 men in the Rocket artillery of the army of the Nawab of Carnatic, It is believed that he served alongside Zulfiqar Ali Khan the first Nawab of the Carnatic during the Siege of Jinji, which was maintained under the command of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in order to kill or capture a renegade Maratha leader named Rajaram.[3]


  • Syed walShareef Wali Ahmed Khan (Wali Sahib)
  • Syed walShareef Ali Ahmed Khan (Ali Sahib)
  • Syed walShareef Bihlul Khan (Bihiluli Sahib)
  • Syed walShareef Shahbaz Ali Khan (Ismail Sahib)
  • Syed walShareef Wali Muhammad Khan (Muhammad Sahib
  • Syed walShareef Hyder Ali Khan also known as ( Hyder Ali Sahib)

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