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Japanese Fifty-Fifth Army
Active April 8, 1945 - August 15, 1945 
Country Empire of Japan
Branch Imperial Japanese Army
Type Infantry
Role Corps
Engagements Operation Downfall

The Japanese 55th Army (第55軍 Dai-gojyūgo gun?) was an army of the Imperial Japanese Army during the final days of World War II.


The Japanese 55th Army was formed on April 8, 1945 under the Japanese 15th Area Army as part of the last desperate defense effort by the Empire of Japan to deter possible landings of Allied forces in Shikoku during Operation Downfall. From June 15, the commander of the 55th Army was also commander in chief of all Japanese forces on Shikoku, and received his appointment directly from Emperor Hirohito.

The Japanese 55th Army was based in Kōchi city, Kochi Prefecture. Despite its prestigious status of reporting directly to the emperor, as with other emergency army corps raised during this time, it consisted mostly of poorly trained and poorly armed reservists, conscripted students and Volunteer Fighting Corps home guard militia. It was demobilized at the surrender of Japan on August 15, 1945 without having seen combat.

List of Commanders[]

Name From To
Commanding officer Lieutenant General Kumakichi Harada 7 April 1945 15 August 1945
Chief of Staff Major General Koshiro Terakura 6 April 1945 21 June 1945
Chief of Staff Major General Masataka Kaburagi 21 June 1945 20 September 1945


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