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Fleetwings PQ-12
Role Manned aerial-target
National origin United States
Manufacturer Fleetwings
Primary user United States Army Air Corps
Number built 9

The Fleetwings PQ-12 was a 1940s American manned aerial-target designed and built by Fleetwings for the United States Army Air Corps.[1]

The PQ-12 was a single-engined monoplane with a 225 hp (168 kW) Lycoming O-435 piston engine.[2] It had a fixed nose-wheel landing gear, twin vertical tails and an open-cockpit was provided for manned flight.[2] Instead of the optional pilot a 500 lb (225 kg) bomb could be carried in the cockpit.[2] The original prototype was cancelled but a modified variant was built followed by eight test aircraft, although an order for 40 production aircraft was placed it was subsequently cancelled.[1]

Variants[edit | edit source]

Prototype, not built.[1]
Modified prototype, one-built.[1]
Test and evaluation aircraft, eight-built.[1]
Production variant, 40 ordered but none were built.[1]

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