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The Fliegerstaffel 2 (Fightersquadron 2) was using Hawker Hunter aircraft equipped with Swiss Air Force pilots from French-speaking Switzerland. Their home base at the dissolution was the military airfield Turtmann. As a coat of arms, the Fliegerstaffel 2 had a badge with a white Greyerzer Bird on a red background surrounded by a black inscription on a white background with the words "En Avant, Advienne Que Pourra". 2ème Escadrille .


The founding was 1925 under the designation Fliegerkompanie 2 with the airplane type Fokker CV. In 1942 was the change to the C-3603. In 1945, during a reorganization, the Flying Staff of the Fliegerkompanie 2 was transferred to the newly created Fliegerstaffel 2 and from then until 1949 also used the Fliegerstaffel 2 the aircrafttyp Morane D-3801. The old squadron badge was the same as the new squadron badge, but the Gruyerian bird was in front of a copper background, the outside area was black instead of white and the font was depicted on a yellow ribbon. From 1949 to 1951, the Fliegerstaffel 2 used jet aircraft of the type De Havilland D.H. 100 vampires, as well as from 1955 to 1982 the De Havilland D.H. 112 Venom and was based at the Military Airfield Ulrichen. In 1983, also on the military airfield Ulrichen, changed the Fliegerstaffel 2 to the Hawker Hunter. The Fliegerstaffel 2 operated the Hunter up to their end. During this time, the Fliegerstaffel 2 relocates its flight operations to the (Hardened aircraft shelter) U-20 on the Payerne Air Base. In 1992 the military airfield Turtmann in Canton Valais, from where the aircraft operation took place out of the Aircraft cavern , became the new home base of the Fliegerstaffel 2. The Fliegerstaffel 2 was disbanded 1994 with the withdrawal of the Hawker Hunter in the Swiss Air Force. During the last service in 1993 a Hawker Hunter with the registration J-4138 was marked with white color on the left side and on the right side with red color as reference to the Canton Valais.Since the color was not water resistant, the aircraft was not allowed to stand outside in this painting because of the rain at that time.



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