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Flood Disaster Medal
The bronze medal
Awarded by Flag of the Netherlands.svg Kingdom of the Netherlands
Type Civil decoration,
with degrees silver and bronze
Status Not currently awarded
Established 27 March 1855
Next (higher) Museum Medal
Next (lower) Medal of the Red Cross
Baton Watersnoodmedaille in Brons.jpg
The ribbon bar of a bronze medal

The Decoration for acknowledgement of excellent deeds performed during a flood disaster (Dutch language: Onderscheidingsteken ter erkenning van uitstekende daden bij watersnood verricht ), usually called Flood disaster Medal (Dutch language: Watersnoodmedaille ), was created by royal decree on 27 March 1855 by King William III of the Netherlands. The medal is intended for those civilians who have shown zeal, courage, leadership, and self-sacrifice during the event of a flood disaster

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