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Role Military trainer aircraft
Manufacturer Fokker
Produced 21

The Fokker S.III was a biplane trainer aircraft of the 1920s. It was of conventional configuration, seating the pilot and instructor in tandem, open cockpits. The single-bay wings were staggered and of unequal span.

Fokker's US subsidiary, Atlantic Aircraft imported a single example in 1927 in an attempt to interest the US Army in the type, but this did not result in a sale. The aircraft was eventually purchased by the Wright Aeronautical Corporation and used as an engine testbed until broken up in 1929.



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Specifications (S.III)Edit

General characteristics

  • Crew: 2
  • Length: 8.03 m (26 ft 4 in)
  • Wingspan: 10.67 m (35 ft 0 in)
  • Powerplant: 1 × Hispano-Suiza 8 V-8 water-cooled piston engine, 134 kW (180 hp)


  • Maximum speed: 217 km/h (135 mph; 117 kn)


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