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FOB Abu Ghraib was a United States Army Forward Operating Base in the city of Abu Ghraib, Iraq. The FOB housed the Abu Ghraib prison, holding over 7,000 detainees during its peak in 2004. FOB Abu Ghraib (BGN/PCGN romanization: Abū Ghurayb; أبو غريب in Arabic) in the Anbar Governorate of Iraq is located 32 kilometres (20 mi) west of Baghdad's city center, or 15 km northwest of Baghdad International Airport. FOB Abu Gharaib was closed as a U.S. Military facility in September 2006, in the aftermath of the Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse scandal, in which prisoners were subjected to physical, psychological, and sexual abuse, including torture, rape, sodomy, and homicide by personnel of the 372nd Military Police Company of the United States Army together with additional US governmental agencies.

Units that have deployed to FOB Abu Ghraib[]

F Co. 425 Inf Div.

Coordinates: 33°17′30″N 44°03′56″E / 33.291667°N 44.065556°E / 33.291667; 44.065556

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